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O: head of river-god Strymon R: trident This coin was struck by Serdi tribe in 187-168 BC or later. It's an overstrike on official Macedonian coin and imitates another Macedonian type.

For the river, see Strymon/Struma

In Greek mythology, Strymon (Ancient Greek: Στρυμών [stryˈmɔːn]), son of Oceanus and Tethys, was a river god[1] and king of Thrace.[2] By the muses Euterpe or Calliope, he became the father of Rhesus[3][4], and possibly of Olynthus[5] and Brangas[2] and by Neaera of Evadne.[6] Strymon was also the father of Tereine who mothered Thrassa by the god Ares.[7] Another daughter, Rhodope became the mother of Athos by Poseidon.[8]


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