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Mother sea otter with rare twin baby pups, in Morro Bay, California. Photo by my friend Mike Baird. This might be my favorite of the many of his photos in use here at Wikipedia & Commons. See for another 425 or so. Nice guy, too.
Fast otter, faster shutter, Kenai Fjords. Love that water!

Bits about me, mostly old[edit]

Joined the Wikipedia project in June 2006. My, how time flies.

After some unpleasant experiences here, mostly to do with the hyper-politicized Climate Change articles at Wikipedia, I am less active here than formerly. Too bad, since I actually know something about that topic.

I review books for print and online publications. Most of my reviews are now at Goodreads: I'm a retired mineral exploration geologist, formerly based in Arizona and New Mexico, now living on the Central Coast of California. Served in the USNR, sometime after Adm. Farragut. Older than dirt.

Other interests/(semi?)-expertise:

  • Science fiction
  • SW US history and prehistory
  • Northern Mexico history and prehistory
  • Ethnographic art
  • Paleoclimates in the geologic record, and implications for modern climate change

The photographs and images featured here are among my favorites of those I've uploaded to Wikipedia. Click on them for the source, more information, and a full-size image.

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Wikipedia articles written[edit]

Camp Bird Mill
SLC, UT 1909. Those hats! That house!
I once lived with a geologist as pretty as this...
Five-sided bridal trapping (Asmalyk) from the Yomut tribe
Angel Peak Scenic Area.jpg
  • Here's this list with the newest article first. Takes a while to load....
  • I'm also an active contributor of photos and other images at Commons. See here for details.

Substantial contributions to:[edit]

Gold dredge in the Klondike River, 1915.
  • This list is (pretty much) updated to 13 September 2009. It was getting too tedious to keep up with it, so I'm not updating it anymore.

Geology, mining, climate change[edit]

Break time underground, ca. 1900
"Picturesque camp made by a lone geologist on the cinders of Inferno," June 1921
Lava Falls, Uinkaret volcanics
Unusual halite crystals
Tafoni at Salt Point, Sonoma Coast, California
Travertine, Thermopolis, Wyoming
Saguaro cactus Aan04.jpg
Trestle, Central Pacific Railroad, c.1869
Control panel, Critical Mass Laboratory, 1970
  • Ongoing Image Project: I'm going through the voluminous Robert Lavinsky mineral photo donation, and adding photos to appropriate articles. It's a big job -- but lots of pretty pictures. See User:Tillman/Favorite minerals for some samples. Pretty much done as of the end of 2021.


Aloe & blue stick succulents, Huntington Desert Garden.jpg
Western bistort
Poppies in the Sunset on Lake Geneva.jpg

Arts, crafts, ethnology, ethnography[edit]

Hotamis Kilim.jpg
1887 silk panel.jpg
Sold for US$188,000, October 1999
Vanity Fair portraits and caricatures[edit]
Working stiffs, 1880

Motor Vehicles, Railroads, Transport[edit]

Roundhouse wipers, 1943. A Featured Picture at Commons
Temple Square, Salt Lake City 1915.The Redman Van and Storage Company changed its name after its storage warehouse burned down in 1907.

Other Science and Engineering[edit]

Spondylus crassisquama.jpg
Trestle CPRR.jpg
Two WAVES and a sailor aboard USS Uhlman (DD-687) at Terminal Island, California (USA), in 1950.jpg
Laser play.jpg

Naval & Maritime[edit]

Other Military, Aerospace[edit]

Helicopter air mail, 1947 .jpg
Tank driver, 1942



Kabotie mural.jpg
Old Main, north view.jpg
Kartchner Big Room.jpg
Pinal County Courthouse in 1938.jpg
Hubbell baskets.jpeg
Topless at the Ray Mine Overlook.jpg
Panorama of East Flagstaff Doney Park (7592206060).jpg


Selig Zoo Archway.jpg
Duke Kahanamoku, 1920
Marilyn & Jane.jpg
Rochester & camel.jpg
Coso sheep


Lace House.jpg


New Mexico[edit]

AIBF Big green cat.jpg
Girls at White Sands.jpg
Tetragrammaton over the main entrance to St. Francis cathedral
Entry, San Francisco de Assisi Mission, Ranchos de Taos.jpg
Santuario de San Lorenzo.jpg
Fall colors at the Brazos Cliffs, near Tierra Amarilla


Old Central.jpg




Armed party deivering the goods, SLC, 1917
Bluff UT - aerial with San Juan River and Comb Ridge.jpg

Washington state[edit]


Wyoming Sinks Canyon 2.jpg

Southwest US[edit]

HPC 000119 (27512883666).jpg



Navajo Nation Council Chambers 6809.jpg
Etchohuaquila, Navajoa, Sonora

South America[edit]

Chan Chan 18.jpg

National parks, public land, conservation[edit]

Daily trips CLNP.jpg
Fossil Butte, Wyoming

Science Fiction[edit]


Casting black cats in 1961.jpg
Wild West 1908.jpg
Marian Anderson christens USS Booker T. Washington
Mosque, Almonaster la Real

Image galleries[edit]

Drafts, in progress, archives[edit]