Mansfield Legacy High School

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Mansfield Legacy High School
070818 Mansfield Legacy HS.jpg
Your Legacy Starts Here!
1263 North Main
Mansfield, Texas
Mansfield, Texas, Tarrant County, 76063
United States
Established 2007
Founded 2007
Opened 2007
Status 2013-2014 School Year
School district Mansfield ISD
Superintendent Dr. Jim Vaszauskas
Principal Dr. Shelly Butler
Vice principal Erin Frye
Vice principal Lenonard Cousins
Vice principal John Contreras
Vice principal Zel Ready
Vice principal Renee Villegas
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 2379 Students in 2009-10[1]
Average class size 20-28
Student to teacher ratio 1:25
Language English
Hours in school day 7:15-2:55
Campus Suburban
Color(s) Red, Black and Silver             
Mascot Broncos Legacybroncos white logo1.jpg
Nickname Legacy
Newspaper 'The Rider'
Yearbook 'The Arena'
Alma Mater Mansfield Legacy
Filled with history-
With heart, we proudly stand by you.
Merit and quality
Our school's destiny-
Black and red, we will be true.
Our heritage well-known
With the future clear-
The Broncos or Legacy
Success starts here!

Mansfield Legacy High School is a public secondary school located in Mansfield, Texas, United States.

The school is a part of the Mansfield Independent School District and serves sections of the city of Mansfield as well as unincorporated sections of Tarrant County. Legacy is built on the location of the historic Kowbell Rodeo. When Mansfield was a small rural community (in the southeast of Ft.Worth), the Kowbell Rodeo was a popular stopping place for cowboys and cowgirls. The land on former US Highway 287, now Business 287, was the place to go for an indoor rodeo experience.

William H. (Bill) Hogg, a lifetime resident of Mansfield, opened the Kowbell Indoor Rodeo in 1959. Rodeos were held each Saturday night, year around. The Arena was built originally with an open roof and a canvas top that could be lowered for shelter during inclement weather.

The Kowbell Rodeo closed and the property was sold to MISD in 2004.Because of Mansfield's fast population growth, MISD administrators purchased the historic location to build the district's fourth high school. After clearing land and deciding on blueprints, newly hired principal, David Wright, formed a committee to create the school's name and mascot. Legacy fit perfectly. Broncos fit even better. In June of 2006, committee members chose red and black as the colors. Legacy High School was turned over to MISD in June of 2007 by the builder and school started, with over 2,100 students, on August 27, 2007.


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