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Arabic زبعة
Subdistrict Baysan
Population 170[1] (1945)
Date of depopulation May 12, 1948
Cause(s) of depopulation

Zab'a (Arabic: زبعة‎) was a Palestinian Arab village in the District of Baysan. It was depopulated by the Israel Defense Forces during the 1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine on May 12, 1948 as part of Operation Gideon. It was located 5.5 km northeast of Baysan on Wadi Yubla or Wadi al-'Ashsha.[2]


At the time of the 1931 census, Zab'a had 37 occupied houses and a population of 147, 146 Muslims and 1 Jew.[3]

The population of the village in 1945 was 170. The village lands comprised 3,968 dunums, 3,424 owned by Jews, 156 owned by Arabs, and 388 public.[1]


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Coordinates: 32°33′15″N 35°32′55″E / 32.55417°N 35.54861°E / 32.55417; 35.54861