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Fajja is located in Mandatory Palestine
Arabic فجّة
Subdistrict Jaffa
Coordinates 32°05′18.04″N 34°54′15.98″E / 32.0883444°N 34.9044389°E / 32.0883444; 34.9044389Coordinates: 32°05′18.04″N 34°54′15.98″E / 32.0883444°N 34.9044389°E / 32.0883444; 34.9044389
Population 1,570 (1945)
Area 4,419 dunams

4.4 km²

Date of depopulation May 15, 1948[1]
Cause(s) of depopulation Whispering campaign
Current localities Petah Tikva

Fajja (Arabic: فجّة‎, Hebrew: פג'ה) was a Palestinian Arab town located 15 kilometers northeast of Jaffa.


In the late 19th century, Fajja was described as a small village built of adobe bricks.[2]

In 1945, the town had a population 1,570 inhabitants including 370 Jews and a total land area of 4,419 dunams. The town had one elementary school founded in 1922 and had a student body of 181 students in 1945.[3]

It was conquered by the Haganah and Irgun on May 15, 1948 without any resistance. Most of the Arab inhabitants fled the town prior to its capture by Israeli forces due to alleged attacks by the Irgun on February 17. In June 1948, the town was demolished based on the recommendation of Yosef Weitz of the Jewish National Fund.[4] Most of the town's land is currently a part of the jurisdiction of the city of Petah Tikva.

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