Al-Nabi Rubin, Acre

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al-Nabi Rubin
al-Nabi Rubin is located in Mandatory Palestine
al-Nabi Rubin
al-Nabi Rubin
Arabic النبي روبين
Name meaning The prophet Rubin
Also spelled an-Nabi Rubin, Neby Rubin
Subdistrict Acre
Coordinates 33°04′48.72″N 35°17′28.72″E / 33.0802000°N 35.2913111°E / 33.0802000; 35.2913111Coordinates: 33°04′48.72″N 35°17′28.72″E / 33.0802000°N 35.2913111°E / 33.0802000; 35.2913111
Population 1,400 (1945)
Area 18,563 dunams

18.6 km²

Date of depopulation early November 1948[1]
Cause(s) of depopulation Expulsion by Yishuv forces
Current localities Shomera, Even Menachem, Zar'it, Shtula

Al-Nabi Rubin (Arabic: النبي روبين‎) was a Palestinian village located 28 kilometers northeast of Acre. Al-Nabi Rubin students used to attend school in the nearby village of Tarbikha.


In the late 19th century, Al-Nabi Rubin was described as a small village located on a hilltop, around a tomb, or "Neby". There were about 90 Muslim villagers. Arable land, fig and olive trees surrounded the village. Two cisterns and a "birket" was also near.[2]

1948, and afterwards[edit]

IDF soldiers during Operation Hiram, as photographed in Sa'sa' on 30 October 1948

The village was captured by Israel as a result of the Haganah's offensive, Operation Hiram during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and was mostly destroyed with the exception of its shrine. Al-Nabi Rubin inhabitants were expelled to Lebanon in two waves, the aged and infirm were the last to depart when the IDF trucked them to the Lebanese border.[3]

A shrine thought to be dedicated to the prophet Rubin is the only original structure that remains on former village's lands.[4]

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