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Belden Incorporated
Traded as NYSEBDC
S&P 400 Component
Industry electronics
Founded 1902
Founder Joseph Belden
Headquarters St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Products Coaxial, power, and signal cables, Connectors
Revenue $2.3 bil 2014[1]
$74.449 mil 2014
Total assets $3,262.83 mil 2014
Total equity $807.186 mil 2014
Number of employees
8,100 2014

Belden Incorporated is an American manufacturer of networking, connectivity, and cable products. The company designs, manufactures, and markets signal transmission products for demanding applications. These products serve the industrial automation, enterprise, security, transportation, infrastructure, and residential markets. Belden is one of the largest U.S.-based manufacturers of high-speed electronic cables primarily used in industrial, enterprise, and broadcast markets.


Belden operates in three regions:

Belden is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Its president and CEO is John Stroup.


  • In early 2007, Belden purchased Hirschmann, an industrial marketing company focused on industrial automation and networking systems, for $260 million.[2]
  • In the summer of 2007, Belden acquired Lumberg Automation, which manufactures connectors used in industrial automation, for an undisclosed price.[3]
  • In June 2008, Belden purchased wireless LAN vendor Trapeze for $113 million.[4]
  • In December 2009, Belden purchased Telecast Fiber Systems, a manufacturer of fiber-optic systems for television broadcast production, for an undisclosed price.[5]
  • In late 2010, Belden acquired GarrettCom, an industrial networking products manufacturer, for $52 million.[6]
  • In late 2010, Belden purchased Thomas & Betts Corporation, a coax connectivity and communications products company, $78 million.[7]
  • In November 2010, Belden purchased broadcast connector manufacturer LRC of Memphis, Tennessee for $78 million.
  • In December 2010, Belden divested its wireless business to Juniper Networks.[8]
  • In April 2011, Belden expanded its presence in South America with the acquisition of Poliron, a Brazilian cable company for $30 million.[9]
  • In September 2011, Belden acquired SCADA, a security solutions provider, and Byres Security, makers of the Tofino brand industrial security solutions, for $7 million.[10]
  • In June 2012, Belden acquired Miranda Technologies, a global provider of hardware and software solutions for the broadcast television, cable, satellite and IPTV industries, for $377 million.[11]
  • In December 2012, Belden purchased PPC, a developer and manufacturer of connectivity solutions for the broadband service provider market, for $515.7 million.[12]
  • In early 2014, Belden acquired Grass Valley, a manufacturer of end-to-end broadcast solutions, for $220 million.[13]
  • In December 2014, Belden said it will buy Tripwire, for $710 million. The deal, which is expected to close in the first quarter of 2015, will allow the companies to deliver cybersecurity solutions across industrial and broadcast markets.[14]
  • In early 2015, Belden purchased Tripwire, a company that develops, markets and sells information technology (IT) solutions that provide security and compliance automation, for $710 million.[15]


PPC logo

PPC is a division of Belden. PPC holds a number of patents for connector technology and has pioneered many advancements which are available to a variety of industries today.[16] PPC’s innovations include the Universal Compression Connector,[17] the wireless compression connector for the wireless industry[18] and a locking HDMI connector.[19]


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