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City Districts of Pakistan are districts in Pakistan that consists primarily of an urban area, such as a small city or large metropolitan area. While there are 149 total districts in Pakistan, only 10 have been designated "city districts". City Districts are assigned administrative boards responsible for certain areas of governance in their respective areas. The degree of administrative autonomy of these districts similarly varies greatly.

Administrative structure[edit]

City districts consist of a three-tier or four-tier system of government. Each city district is subdivided into Tehsils (or Towns), which are further subdivided into Union Councils, which may further be subdivided into Wards.[1]

Subdivision Government
City District City district government
Town Town municipal administration
Union Council Union administration
Ward Ward administration

List of city districts[edit]


Karachi is unique, in that all districts of Karachi Division have essentially become "city districts", which work together under the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.[2][3][4]



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