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Concours Eurovision is the Swiss Eurovision national selection. This has been held on an irregular basis since 1956. During the 1980s, the contest tended to have ten participating songs - three in French, three in German, three in Italian and one in Romansch.

A number of Swiss entrants have made multiple appearances in the contest, such as Mariella Farré 1981,83,85, Daniela Simmons in 1983,85, 86 and Arlette Zola in 1982,84 and 85. The legendary Peter, Sue & Marc appeared on six occasions - 1973,74,75,76,79 and 81. Céline Dion won the 1988 final by just seven points over her nearest rivals, Furbaz.

In 2005 the show was indefinitely cancelled when SRG SSR started to stage internal selection contests. For the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 a new open selection format called Die grosse Entscheidungs Show was established. This new show is being held annually since then.

The following table lists those entries which finished fifth or higher at Eurovision:

Year Song Artist Position Points
1956 "Refrain" Lys Assia 1st N/A
1959 "Irgendwoher" Christa Williams 4th 14
1961 "Nous aurons demain" Franca Di Rienzo 3rd 16
1963 "T'en va pas" Esther Ofarim 2nd 40
1969 "Bonjour, Bonjour" Paola del Medico 5th 13
1970 "Retour" Henri Dès 4th 8
1976 "Djambo, Djambo" Peter, Sue and Marc 4th 91
1980 "Cinéma" Paola 4th 104
1981 "Io senza te" Peter, Sue and Marc 4th 121
1982 "Amour on t'aime" Arlette Zola 3rd 97
1986 "Pas pour moi" Daniela Simmons 2nd 140
1988 "Ne partez pas sans moi" Céline Dion 1st 137
1991 "Canzone per te" Sandra Simó 5th 118
1993 "Moi, tout simplement" Annie Cotton 3rd 148