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Switzerland "Irgendwoher"
Eurovision Song Contest 1959 entry
Country Switzerland
Artist(s) Christa Williams
Language German
Composer(s) Lothar Löffler
Lyricist(s) Lothar Löffler
Conductor Franck Pourcel
Finals performance
Final result 4th
Final points 14
Appearance chronology
◄ "Giorgio" (1958)   
"Cielo e terra" (1960) ►

"Irgendwoher" (From somewhere) was the Swiss entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1959, composed by Lothar Löffler and performed in German by Christa Williams. This was the first Swiss entry to not be performed by Lys Assia, who had performed all Swiss entrants up to this date.

On the night of the contest the song was performed 8th, following Sweden's Brita Borg with "Augustin" and preceding Austria's Ferry Graf with "Der K und K Kalypso aus Wien". At the close of the voting the song had received 14 points, placing fourth in a field of 11.

It was succeeded as Swiss representative at the 1960 Contest by Anita Traversi with "Cielo e terra".