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For the basketball club sponsored by this company, see Anadolu Efes S.K..
Anadolu Efes
Traded as Borsa İstanbul
Industry Beverage,Brewing
Founded 1969
Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey
Area served
Key people
Robin Goetzsche (CEO)
Products Beers, Malt Drinks, Low Alcohol Drinks
Number of employees
8,000+ (2015)

[1]Anadolu Efes produces and markets beer, malt and non-alcoholic beverages in a wide geographical area consisting of Turkey, Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Anadolu Efes is a member of the Anadolu Group. Anadolu Group was founded in the early 1950s by the Özilhan and Yazıcı families. Exhibiting a rapid and sustainable growth since its inception, the Anadolu Group transformed into a holding company in 1969.

Commencing its operations in Turkey in 1969, Anadolu Efes has been the market leader since the 1980s. From the 1990s onwards the company expanded its operations overseas; this in itself can be considered as a turning point. Anadolu Efes Continuing its operations in order to ensure commercial sustainability in the global market, Anadolu Efes increased its strength in the foreign markets by entering into a strategic partnership with SABMiller. With the agreement signed in 2012, Anadolu Efes hatook over SABMiller's operations in Russia and Ukraine and became the second largest beer manufacturer in Russia.

Shareholder Structure

Anadolu Efes currently continues its operations as a global company, which exports three quarters of its production. In terms of sales volume, it is the 6th largest brewer in Europe, and the 11th largest in the world. Exporting products to over 70 countries, Anadolu Efes is one of the key players in the region with a total of 15 breweries, six malt production facilities and one hops processing facility across Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

Anadolu Efes aims to excel at quality and operational performance while respecting its sustainability priorities. Operating at an international scale and with a hight free float rate, it manages its projects in light of its statement "Sustaining a Better Life" in view of developing its sustainability performance with its transparent and accountable structure. Sharing mutual platforms with initiatives and non-governmental organisations in relation to the aforementioned motives, Anadolu Efes, is an important stakeholder of United Nations Global Compact and a signatory of the UNGC CEO Water Mandate.

Continuing its successful operations for over 45 years, Anadolu Efes has put its name to numerous successful endeavours spanning from sports to art and from culture to music, in the countries it operates. It has also given its name to Anadolu Efes, one of the most successful basketball teams in Turkey.

Vision & Mission:

Anadolu Efes’ Beer Operations Vision: Be the most admired beverage company in our Markets.

Anadolu Efes’ Beer Operations Mission: Bring people together to share moments of life by enjoying our brands responsibly.

Sustainable Growth and Social Responsibility:

Anadolu Efes Sustainability Management

With the motto “To Sustain a Better Life” at its core, the “Anadolu Efes Positive Impact Plan” forms the strategic infrastructure for Anadolu Efes Sustainability Management. Thanks to the practices implemented thus far, the Company has managed its sustainability priorities efficiently.

Anadolu Efes Positive Impact Plan

Supporting the goal of sustaining a better life for future generations, the Anadolu Efes Positive Impact Plan is guided by four main behavioral patterns: emphasizing values, focusing on priorities, energizing stakeholders, and sustaining achievements.

Performance Evaluation

In line with the Anadolu Efes Positive Impact Plan, the Company monitors the performance delivered in its priority areas through objective indicators compatible with GRI Guidelines, and share the results achieved in sustainability reports. Many of these priority areas constitute the fundamental components of its corporate performance evaluation process.

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