Eggplant papucaki

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Eggplant papucaki
Region or stateTurkey
Serving temperatureHot

Eggplant Papucaki (Turkish: Patlıcan papucaki) is a typical Aegean dish found on both Turkish and Greek[citation needed] sides of the Aegean Sea. "Papuc" or "papuç" is a Persian word "paposh" (پاپٯش) that is used in Turkish and means shoe or slipper.[1] The basic dish consists of eggplants which have been boiled or roasted and the tops cut off lengthwise, (which is why they resemble little shoes). The flesh is scooped out and mixed with other ingredients, sometimes ground beef, sometimes eggs, green peppers or bell peppers, green onions, tomatoes, lemon, and olive oil. It is topped with mozzarella or feta cheese and grilled.

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