Alinazik kebab

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Alinazik kebab
Alinazik over garlic-eggplant puree with vermicelli rice pilaf, grilled tomato and green bell pepper
Alternative names Alinazik
Place of origin Turkey
Region or state Gaziantep
Main ingredients Eggplant, lamb
Cookbook:Alinazik kebab  Alinazik kebab

Alinazik kebab, or simply alinazik,[1] is a home-style Turkish dish which is a specialty of the Gaziantep province of Turkey.[2] It is made from smoked and spiced eggplant, char-grilled and then pureed, topped with tender, seasoned and marinated cubes of pan-sauteed lamb. This popular dish is traditionally served with rice pilaf, grilled vegetables and melted butter.

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