Roze koek

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Roze koek
Roze koek.jpg
A Glacé with a bite taken out
Place of originNetherlands
Main ingredientsCake, pink fondant

A roze koek ("pink cake") is a typical Dutch pastry. It consists of a small flat cake with a layer of pink fondant icing. The best-known brand is Glacé.[citation needed]

In the city of Amsterdam, the cakes are sometimes referred to as moesselientjes ("little Mussolinis"); this name, which is the Dutch adaptation of Benito Mussolini's name, is rooted in the cake's tradition of being sold in Italian ice-cream parlours in Amsterdam prior to the Second World War.[citation needed]


On occasion the cakes are sold in alternative varieties, with the pink icing replaced by a different colour. During Koningsdag (the King's birthday) and football championships the icing is changed to orange (the national colour of The Netherlands), and at Easter time the icing is yellow.[citation needed]