Shiva Temples of Tamil Nadu

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Lord Shiva has innumerable temples dedicated to him throughout the length and breadth of India. The most temples are most likely[citation needed] in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where there are 2,500 Shiva temples of importance. There are several kinds of temples in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Pancha Bootha Sthalangal[edit]

Pancha Booth Sthalangal are the temples that are the manifestation of the five elements – land, water, air, sky, and fire.

Pancha Bootha Sthalangal
SI.No Image Temple Element Place
1 Sri Ekambaranathar Temple Land Kanchipuram
2 Tiruvannamalai004.jpg Arunachaleshwarar Temple Fire Thiruvannaamalai
3 Tiruvannaikkaval4.jpg Jambukeswarar Temple Water Trichy
4 Eastgopuram2.jpg Thillai Nataraja Temple Sky Chidambaram
5 SrikalahastiGaligopuram.jpg Srikalahasti Temple Air Kalahasthi (in Andhra Pradesh)

[1] Pancha Bhoota stalam Map

Pancha Sabhai Sthalangal[edit]

Panch Sabhai Sthalangal are the temples where Lord Shiva is believed to have performed the Cosmic Dance.

Pancha Sabhai Sthalangal
SI.No Image Temple Sabhai Place
1 Tiruvalangadu6.jpg Sri Vadaranyeswarar Temple Rathinachabai Thiruvalangadu
2 Eastgopuram2.jpg Chidambaram Temple Porchabai Chidambaram
3 India - Madurai temple - 0781.jpg Sundareswarar Temple Vellichabai Madurai
4 Nellaiappar2.jpg Nellaiappar Temple Thamirachabai Tirunelveli
5 The Kutraleeshwarar temple Gopuram.jpg Kutralanathar Temple Chithirachabai Kutralam

Pancha Sabhai Map

Paadal Petra Sthalangal[edit]

Shiva Temples which are glorified in Tamil Tevaram hymns are the Paadal Petra Sthalangal and have been in existence for more than 1,000 years. References to these temples are found in Tevaram Hymns, composed and authored by the 3 NayanamarsThirunavukarasar, Sambandar and Sundarar who lived between 7th and 9th century A.D.

There is approximately 275 Temples of this kind:

Chennai Paadalpetra Sthalangal[edit]

SI.No Image Temple Name Location Distance / Route
1 Thyagaraswamy4.jpg Thiyagaraja Swamy Temple Thiruvotriyur North Chennai
2 Kapaleeswarar2.jpg Kapaleeswarar temple Thirumayilai Chennai
3 Marundeeswarar5.jpg Marundeeswarar Temple Thiruvanmiyur Chennai
4 Tiruvaleeswarar temple Thiruvalithaayam Chennai
5 Vadathirumullaivoyal.JPG Masilamaniswarar Temple Thirumullaivayil chennai-Avadi road
7 Vedapureeswarar Temple Thiruverkadu chennai-Poonamallee road, 2 km West of Thiruverkadu Karumari Amman Temple
8 Vaacheeswarar Temple Thirupasoor 5 km West of Tiruvallur
9 Idaisuranathar Temple Thiruidaichuram 7 km in ChengalpetTiruporur Road
10 Marundeeshwarar Temple Thirukachoor 2 km North-West of Singaperumalkoil (Tambaram - Chengalpet Road)
11 Vataaranyaeswarar Temple Thiruvaalangadu 16 km from Tiruvallur (Chennai - Tiruvallur - Arakkonam Road)
12 SrikalahastiGaligopuram.jpg Kalahasteeswarar Temple Kalahasthi 110 km from Chennai in Andhra Pradesh (Route: Chennai-Tada-Kalahasthi)
13 Undreeshwarar Temple Thiruvenbakkam Poondi, 12 km North-West of Tiruvallur
14 Arambeswarar Temple Ilambayam Kottur 25 km West of Sriperumbudur (Koovam)
15 Tripuranthakar Temple Thiruvirkolam Koovam (16 km South-West of Tiruvallur), 3 km from Ilambayam kottur
16 Main Gopuram.jpg Vedagiriswarar temple Thirukazhukundram Chennai - Mamallapuram - Chengalpattu Road
17 Acharapakkam15.jpg Aaksheeswarar Temple Achirupaakkam 16 km South of Madurantakam (Chengalpattu - Tindivanam Road)
18 Thirukalleeswarar Temple Tirukandalam (Thirukkallil) 36 km North of Chennai, on the Periyapalayam Road

Coimbatore Paadalpetra Sthalangal[edit]

SI.No Image Temple Name Location Distance / Route
1 Perur Pateeswarar Temple Coimbatore Its just 5Km from Coimbatore near River Bank of Noyyal.
2 Virundeeswarar Temple Coimbatore Its just 10Km From Coimbatore and it is one of the oldest temple in South India with 1300+ years old.

Kancheepuram Paadalpetra Sthalangal[edit]

SI.No Image Temple Name Location Distance / Route
1 Ekam.jpg Ekambareswarar Temple Kancheepuram The temple tower is the tallest there and visible long before you reach Kancheepuram
2 Maakaraleeswarar Tempmnomnanzjanxkanxkqle Thirumaagaral 16 km South in Kancheepuram - Uthiramerur Road
3 Valeeswarar Temple Kuranganilmuttam 7 km in Kancheepuram - Cheyyar Road.
Reach Thoosi and proceed 2 km East to reach this temple.
4 Thalapurishwarar Temple/Kirubanathiswarar Temple Thiruppanangadu 10 km from Kancheepuram on the south bank of Palar.
5 Vedapureeswarar Temple Thiruvothur 30 km South-West of Kancheepuram. On the banks of Cheyyar river
6 Tirumalper10.jpg Manikandeswarar Temple Thirumarperu 12 km North-West of Kancheepuram
(Kancheepuram - Arakkonam Road, 5 km from Thirumarperu Railway Station)
7 Thiruveeral Temple Thiruveeral 17 km in KancheepuramArakkonam road
8 Vilwanatheswarar Temple Tiruvallam 12 km east of Katpadi, 50 km from Kancheepuram


SI. No Image Temple Name Location Distance / Route
1 Sri Veerattaaneswarar Temple.JPG Veerattaaneswarar Temple Thiruvadigai 2 km from Panruti in Panruti - Cuddalore Road
2 Shishta Gurunathar Temple Thiruthuraiyur 10 km North-West of Panruti


SI.No Image Temple Location Distance / Route
1 Chandramouleeswarar Temple Thiruvakkarai TindivanamMailam – Vaanur – Pondicherry Road. 7 km in the branching road
2 Arasileeswarar Temple Ozhindhiapattu (Thiru Arasili) Tindivanam - Pondicherry - Puthupet Road.
2 km in the branching road from Thailapuram
3 Magakaleswarar Temple Irumbai (Irumbaimagaalam) 30 km South-East of Tindivanam (2 km from Ozhindhiapattu mentioned above)
4 Tiruvamathur01.jpg Nandieswarar Temple Thiruvaamathur Gingee road in the tindivanamvillupuram Road.
Take left a little way and proceed 5 km to reach this temple
5 Puravaar Panangattoor Temple Panangattoor (Panayapuram) Tindivanam-vikravandi-panruti road.
2 km from Vikravandi
6 Srinidheeswarar Temple Annamputhur Tindivanam - Thenpasiyar - Villupuram Road.
Take left from Thenpasiyar and proceed 6 km to reach this temple


SI.No Image Temple Location Distance / Route
1   Veerateswarar Temple Thirukovilur Thirukovilur Town
2   Athulya Nadheswara Temple Arakandanallur (Araiyani Nalloor) Just outside Thirukovilur on the banks of Pennai River on a small hilly mound.
3 Idayar.jpg Marudheeswarar Temple Idaiyaru 16 km southeast of Thirukovilur
4 Tiruvennai.jpg Sri Krupapureeswarar Temple Thiruvennainallur 20 km southeast of Thirukovilur


SI.No Image Temple Name Location Distance / Route
1 Tirunavalur.jpg Sri Bhakthajaneswarar Temple Thirunavalur 15 km North-East of Ulundurpet
2 Nelvennai.jpg Sornakatesvarar Temple Thiruvennainallur 15 km North-West of Ulundurpet
3 Tirumundeecharam.jpg Sivaloganathar Temple Thirumundeecharam 24 km North-East of Ulundurpet


SI.No Image Temple Name Location Distance / Route
1 Vridachaleswarar gopuram.jpg Virudhagiriswarar Temple Virudhachalam Center of Virudhachalam Town
2 Vaithiyanatha Swamy Temple Thittagudi 32 km from Vridhachalam
3   Swedarkkavaneshwarar Temple Erukkathampuliyur 12 km south of Virudhachalam (on the south bank of Vellar)
4   Pralayakaleswarar Temple Pennadam 17 km in the Virudhachalam - Thittakkudi Road
5   Thirunelvayil Arathurai Thiruvarathurai 10 km east of Thittakkudi


SI.No Image Temple Name Location Distance / Route
1 Thirupadhiripuliyur temple,Cuddalore(2).jpg Pataleeswarar Temple Thirupathiripuliyur Cuddalore
2 Tirumanikuzhi01.jpg Vamanapureeswarar Temple Thirumanikuzhi 10 km West of Cuddalore
3 Thiruthinainagar Thiruthinainagar 18 km Northwest of Cuddalore on the North bank of Ponnaiyar River.
4 Shiva temple at Thiruchopuram.jpg Chopuranathar Temple Thiyagavalli 20 km South of Cuddalore on the seashore.
5 Aandar.jpg Panchanadisvara Temple Thiruvandarkoil VillupuramPondicherry Road
7 Swarnapureeswarar Koil Nallathur 16 km South West of Pondicherry


S.No. Image Temple Location
1. Eastgopuram2.jpg Nataraja center of chidambaram town
2.   Thiruvetkalam 3 km east of chidambaram, inside the Annamalai University campus
3.   Thirunelvayal(Sivapuri) 3 km southeast of Chidambaram, near Thiruvetkalam temple
4.   Thirukkazhippalai 5 km southeast of chidambaram


S.No. Image Temple Location
1.   Koodalaiyatroor 28 km north of Kattumannarkoil. Reach Sree Mushnam on the south bank of Vellar and proceed east 8 km to reach the temple.
2.   Omampuliyur 6 km south of Kattumannarkoil on the north bank of Kollidam river.
3.   Kaanattumullur 5 km south of Kattumannarkoil on the banks of Kollidam river.
4.   Thirunaaraiyur 6 km northeast of Kattumannarkoil on the north bank of Kollidam river.
5.   Thirukkadamboor 5 km southwest of Kattumannarkoil


S.No Image Temple Location
1.   Sirkazhi, Sattainadhar Temple Center of sirkazhi town
2.   Thirukolakka 2 km west of Sirkazhi
3.   Then Thirumullaivayil 12 km east of Sirkazhi
4.   Magendrapalli 19 km northeast of Sirkazhi on the south bank of Kollidam river. 2 km further is the Bay of Bengal.
5.   Thirunalloor Perumaanam (Achaalpuram) 15 km north of Sirkazhi, on the south bank of Kollidam river.
6.   Thirukarugaavoor (Thirukadaavoor) 6 km east of Sirkazhi
7.   Thillaiyadi (Saranaa Ratsagar Temple) 9 km east of Sirkazhi
8.   Kalikaamoor (Annappanpettai) 3 km south of Then thirumullaivayil temple (which is 12 km east of Sirkazhi)
9. Tirupungoor13.jpg Thiruppunkoor 3 km west of Vaitheeswaran Koil on the south bank of Kollidam river
  Thiruvenkadu 10 km southeast of Sirkazhi
11.   Thirukattupalli 0.5 km from Thiruvenkadu (see above)
12.   Thiruchaaikkaadu 3 km south of Thiruvenkaadu(see above) on the road from Sirkazhi to Poompuhar
13.   Pallavaneecharam 4 km south of Thiruvenkadu
14.   Vaidyanatha Swamy Temple or Vaitheeswaran Koil 7 km south of Sirkhazi


Image Temple Location
Kumbeswarar temple7.jpg Adi Kumbeswarar Temple Kumbakonam town
Nageswaran1.jpg Kudanthai Keezhakkottam east of Kumbakonam bus stand
Kasivisvanathar4.jpg Kudanthai Kaaronam near Porthamarai Kulam in Kumbakonam
  Thirunageswaram 5 km east of Kumbakonam, cauvery south bank
Sakkottai02.jpg Thirukkalayanalloor, (sakkottai) 5 km southeast of Kumbakonam, cauvery south bank
Sivapuramsivagurunathasamytemple2.jpg Thiru Sivapuram 2 km northeast of Sakkottai, south bank of Arasalaar
Tirunaraiyursitthanathesvarartemple1.jpg Thirunaraiyoor 10 km southeast of Kumbakonam, adjacent to Nachiyar Koil, cauvery south bank
Tirukarukkudi.jpg Thirukarukkudi (marudhanthanalloor) 8 km southeast of Kumbakonam, cauvery south bank
Tiruppanthuraisivananthesvarartemple1.jpg Thiruppenu Perundhurai (Thiruppanthurai) 3 km northeast of nachiyarkoil/thirunaraiyoor, cauvery south bank
Alagaputturpadikkasunathartemple2.jpg Arisikkarai Puthur (azhagaputhur) 3 km northwest of nachiyarkoil/thirunaraiyur, cauvery south bank
Tirucheraisaraparamesvarartemple1.jpg Thirucherai 5 km south of nachiyar koil, 15 km southeast of Kumbakonam, cauvery south bank
Kudavasalkonesvarartemple2.jpg Kudavasal 15 km from Kumbakonam, cauvery south bank
  Kollampudhur (Thirukkalamboor) 6 km southwest of Kudavasal, cauvery south bank
Kottayurkotiswarar7.JPG Thirukkottaiyur 2 km northwest of kumbakonam, cauvery north bank
Innambar elutharinathar temple vimana.jpg Thiru Innambar 6 km northwest of kumbakonam, cauvery north bank
Tirupurambiam satchinathar temple.jpg Thirupurambayam 9 km northwest of Kumbakonam, 3 km near innambar above, cauvery north bank
Kabardeesvararsecond entrance1.jpg Thiruvalanchuzhi 4 km west of Kumbakonam, cauvery south bank
Denupuriswarar1.jpg Pateeswaram 6 km southwest of Kumbakonam, cauvery south bank
Tirusakthimutram vimanapresidingdeity.jpg Thirusathimutram next to pateeswaram above, cauvery south bank
Palayarai3.jpg Pazhayarai Vadathali 2 km from patteeswaramabove, cauvery south bank


Image Temple Location
Tirupalaitturai palaivananathar temple1.jpg Thiruppalaithurai 1 km northeast of papanasam railway station, cauvery south bank
Tiruvaikavur vilvavanatar4.jpg Thiruvaikavoor 12 km north of Papanasam, south bank of kollidam
Vijayamangai vijayanatheswarar temple entrance.jpg Thiruvisaiyamangai 1 km east of thiruvaikavoor above, cauvery north bank
Vadakurangaduthuraidhayanitheesvarartemple1.jpg Vadakurangaduthurai 4 km north of papanasam, cauvery north bank. not to be mistaken for Then Kurangaduthurai/Aaduthurai
Tirukkarukavur2.jpg Thirukkarugavoor 6 km south of papanasan, cauvery south bank
Tirunallur kalyanasundaravesvarar temple3.jpg Thirunalloor 5 km east of papanasam, cauvery south bank
Avur pasupatisvarar temple.jpg Avoor Pasupatheeswaram 12 km southeast of Papanasam, cauvery south bank
Charakkapalli2.jpg Chakkarapalli 10 km west of papanasam, cauvery south bank
Pullamangai1.jpg Thiruppullamangai (Pasupathikoil) 3 km from the pasupathikoil railway station (kumbakonam-thanjavur line), cauvery south bank
Andarkovil sornapurisvarartemple1.jpg Kaduvaaikkarai Puthur (Aandar Koil) 18 km southeast of papanasam, kudavasal-valangaimaan bus route, cauvery south bank
  Thiru Irumboolai, Aalangudi 6 km south of valangaimaan, cauvery south bank


Image Temple Location
Tirunallardarbaranesvarartemple.jpg Thirunallar 5 km west of Karaikkal on the Kumbakonam road, south bank of cauvery
Karaikkaldharmapuramyalmurinathartemple1.jpg Dharumapuram proceed 2 km on the thirunallaru – karaikal road and take a right to reach temple
south bank of cauvery
Vettakuditirimenialagartemple1.jpg Vettakkudi near Karaikkal, south bank of cauvery
Tirutelicheryparvatheesvarar temple1.jpg Thiruthelicheri, Kovilpathu inside Karaikkal town, Paarvateeswarar Devasthanam, Paadal petra Sthalam, south bank of cauvery


Image Temple Location Padal petra stalam
Kovilvenni.jpg Vennikarumbeeswarar Temple, Thiruvenniyur, Kovilvenni 8 km northwest of Needamangalam on the Tanjore-Tiruvarur road, south bank of cauvery YES
Thirukalar.jpg  Parijatha Vaneswarar Temple, Thirukalar 23 km southeast of Manargudi on the thiruthuraipoondi road,
on the bank of ponnukku undaan river, south bank of cauvery
  Chathuranga vallapanathar Temple, Thirupoovanur 8 km north of Mannargudi (on needamangalam road), south bank of cauvery YES
  Kozhuntheesar Temple, Kottur 15 km southeast of Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery YES
Ogaiperaiyur.jpg Thiruppaereyil, Ogaiperaiyur 16 km northeast of Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery
Nellivana Nathar, Thirunellikaval 23 km east of Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery YEs
Tirunavalur.jpg Manikkavannar Temple, Thirunaattiyathankudi 10 km northeast of Mannargudi is Koothanallur, temple is 12 km southeast of this town,
south bank of cauvery
Agneeswarar Temple, Thirukollikadu 19 km from Mannargudi YES
Sri Ramanatha Swamy Temple, Thirurameshwaram 11 km from Mannargudi ( on thiruthuraipoondi road) NO
  Vendurainathar Temple, Thiruvanduthurai 10 km east of Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery YES
Thiruneelakanteswarar Temple, Mannargudi 1 km East of Rajagopalaswamy temple, Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery NO
Annamalai Nathar Temple, Mannargudi 2 km West of Rajagopalaswamy temple, Mannargudi, South bank of cauvery NO
Kailasa Nathar Temple, Mannargudi 1.5 km East of Rajagopalaswamy temple, Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery NO
Meenakshi Sokkanathar Temple, Mannargudi 4 km South East of Rajagopalaswamy temple, Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery NO
  Jayamkonda Nathar Temple, Mannargudi 2 km North East of Rajagopalaswamy temple, Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery NO
Kasivishwa Nathar Temple, Mannargudi

East Bank of Haridra Nadhi

2 km North East of Rajagopalaswamy temple, Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery NO
Kasivishwa Nathar Temple, Mannargudi 1 Km North of Rajagopalaswamy temple, Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery NO
Kamakshi samedha Ekambareswarar Temple, Mannargudi 1 Km East of Rajagopalaswamy temple, Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery NO
Naganatha Swami Temple Paadaaleeswaram, Pamini, Mannargudi

(Rahu Kethu Parihara Sthalam)

2 km north of Mannargudi, south bank of cauvery & North Bank of Pamaniyar River YES


Image Temple Location
Thandalaineelneri.jpg Thandalai Neelneri 3 km north of Thiruthuraipoondi on the Tiruvarur road, south bank of cauvery
  Kaichinnam 11 km north of Thiruthuraipoondi, south bank of cauvery
  Thiruthengoor 16 km north of Thiruthuraipoondi, 2 km from Thirunellikkaa, south bank of cauvery
  Thirukkollikkadu 15 km north of Thiruthuraipoondi, south bank of cauvery
Kovilvenni.jpg Thiruchitremam 14 km northeast of Thiruthuraipoondi, south bank of cauvery. On the Tiruvarur road take a right at Aalathampadi and drive further skipping 2 bridges across the irrigation canal and cross the third bridge to reach this temple.
  Idumbaavanam 12 km south of Thiruthuraipoondi, south bank of cauvery. 2 km West of Karpaganadharkulam below.
Karpaganadharkulam.jpg Thirukkadikulam, Karpaganadharkulam, Karpaganarkoil 2 km east of Idumbavanam temple above, south bank of cauvery. Take the muthupet road and drive about 10 km to reach this village (karpaganadhar kulam) on the main road. Then take a left and drive about a kilometre to reach this temple. After visiting this temple drive further west from here to reach idumbavanam above.
  Thiruvuchaathanam, Koviloor 2 km north of Muthupettai, which is southwest of thiruthuraipoondi, south bank of cauvery. From the bus stand junction drive north for about 2 km crossing a new by-pass road to reach the temple arch and the temple.


Image Temple Location
  Thirunaagaikaaronam, Nagapatnam Nagapatnam town, south bank of cauvery
  Sikkal 5 km west of Nagapattinam, south bank of cauvery
  Thirukkolili, Thirukuvalai 25 km southwest of nagapatnam, 19 km from Tiruvarur
  Tiruvaimoor 3 km south of Thirukuvalai above. south bank of cauvery
  Thirumaraikkadu, Vedaranyam south of nagapatnam, south of cauvery
  Agathiyanpalli 2 km south of vedaranyam above on the Kodikkarai Road.
  Thirukkodi, Kodikkarai, Point Calimere 9 km south of Thirumaraikkadu above
  vadugoor, Thirukkuvalai south of Nagapattinam, pheravi maruntheeswarar temple vaduga phairavar stalam


Image Temple Location
Tiruvedikudi vimana.jpg Thiruvedikkudi 7 km north of Thanjavur, 1 km from Thirukkandiyur. cauvery south bank
Thittai1.jpg Thenkudithittai 10 km north of Thanjavur. cauvery south bank
  Parithiniyamam 18 km southeast of Thanjavur, 4 km north of Orathanad, cauvery south bank
Haridwaramangalam.jpg Aradhaiperumpaazhi, Arithuvaramangalam connected by Thanjavur town bus. cauvery south bank
  Avalivalnallur 3 km west of Aradhaiperumpaazhi above. cauvery south bank
Vphoto1.jpg Akshayabureeshwarar, vilankulam 18 km from [Peravurani]
  Thanjai periya kovil @ Brihadeeswarar Temple 1 km from old bus stand, near sivagangai poonga, 1 km from Thanjavur palace [10.7828° N, 79.1318° E] Thanjavur,


Image Temple Location
Tiruchiramalai1.jpg Tiruchiramalai, Tiruchirapalli on the way up the hill temple – rock fort, center of city. south bank of cauvery
Tirumukkecharam1.jpg Mukkeecharam, Urayur center of Tiruchirapalli city- panchavarneswarar koil, better known as Nachiyar koil bus Thirukkarkudi, uyyakondan tirumalai 3 km west of Tiruchirapalli, south bank of cauvery
  Thiruparaithurai 15 km northwest of Tiruchirapalli, on the bus route to Karur, kulithalai
  Pettavaithalai 24 km northwest from Tiruchirapalli, on the bus route to Karur, Tirupur, Coimbatore
Tiruvannaikkaval4.jpg Thiruvanaikka, Tiruvanaikkaval 3 km north of Tiruchirapalli, on the way to Srirangam, Samayapuram, Ariyalur, Lalgudi. most north bound roads cross this place.
  Tirupatrurai, Tiruppalthurai 12 km northeast of Tiruchirapalli, cauvery north bank
  Thirunedungulam 21 km east of Tiruchirapalli, cauvery south bank
Tiruverumbur6.jpg Thiru Erumbiyur, Thiruverumbur 11 km east of Tiruchirapalli, on the Thanjavur road
  Tirumanthurai 5 km west of Lalgudi, also called vadagarai manthurai, north bank of cauvery
  Thirumazhappadi 28 km south of Ariyalur, north bank of Kollidam
  Thirupazhuvur 10 km south of Ariyalur, cauvery north bank
  Thiruppaingneeli 7 km west of mannachanallur, near Tiruchirapalli, Cauvery north bank.
  Thiruppasila chiramam, Thiruvasi near and south of Thiruppaingneeli temple above, 12 km from tiruchirapalli
Anbilalanthurai4.jpg Anbil Alanthurai 8 km east of Lalgudi. 20 km from Tiruchirapalli. Buses available from tiruchirapalli and lalgudi
  Thiru Eengoyimalai, Thiruvinganadhamalai 7 km northwest of Musiri, on the TiruchirapalliSalem road, cauvery north bank
  Kadambanthurai, Kulithalai 33 km north west of Tiruchirapalli
  Sapthareeshwarar Temple, Lalgudi 20 km from Tiruchirapalli
  Thiruvatpokki, Rathinagiri 10 km south of Kulithalai, cauvery south bank


Image Temple Location
Meenaeastgopuram2.jpg Thiru Alavai, madurai meenakshi amman temple Madurai city center, very near railway station and town bus stand
Appudayar1.jpg Thiru Aappanoor, Aappudayar Koil Inside madurai, about 2 km from city center on the north bank of river Vaigai
  Immayilum Nanmai Tharuvar shrine 1/2 km Immayilum Nanmai Tharuvar Temple, West Masi Street, Madurai
  Thirupparamkunram Murugan Temple Parangirinathar shrine 9 km southwest of madurai, part of the famous Muruga's Arupadaiveedu temple
  Edaganathar temple Thiruvedagam 17 km northwest of madurai on the cholavandhaan road on the north bank of Vaigai
  Kodunkundram(piraanmalai) 24 km northwest of Thiruputhur
  Poovananathar Temple, Thirupuvanam 19 km east of Madurai on the banks of Vaigai
  Tiruvadanai(Thiru Aadaanai) buses available from Madurai, Karaikkudi, Devakottai
  Thiruchuzhial, Thiruchuzhi 48 km south of Madurai
  Thirukkanapper, Kalayar Koil 18 km east of Sivaganga
  Tiruttalinathar temple, Thiruputhur 20 km west of Karaikkudi
  Thiruppunavayil 25 km south Aavudayar Koil
  Shree Kailasha Nathar Temple, Piramanoor 23 km east of Madurai, Piramanoor is one of the Village in Tiruppuvanam Taluk, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu State .

Towns Near By Tiruppuvanam (5 km), Madurai (23 km), Sivaganga (24.3 km), Manamadurai(25.2 km), Kalaiyarkoil (41.4 km), Singampunari (43.6 km).


There are several ancient Shiva temples in and around Dindigul:

Temple Location
Lord Malligarjuna Swamy Temple, Kondarangi Hills Kondarangi Keeranur, Dindigul


There are several ancient Shiva temples in and around Tirunelveli:

Image Temple Location Padal petra stalam
Tirunelveli Nellaiappar Kanthimathi Amman Koil, Venuvanam, Tharugavanam Tirunelveli city Yes
Tirunelveli Thirukutralam, Kutralam Kutralam Yes
Tirunelveli Sankaranayinarkoil Sankarankovil Yes
Tirunelveli Kasi Viswanathar Koil Tenkasi No
  Ramalingaswamy Koil, Panagudi 54 km from Tirunelveli No
Papanasam, Tirunelveli Papavinaseswarar Koil, Papanasam 49 km from Tirunelveli No
Sivasailam Temple Athrinathr Koil, Sivasailam, Tirunelveli dist 60 km from Tirunelveli(via-Poovankurichi if from Ambasamudram)

Thoothukudi - Tuticorin[edit]

Ancient Shiva temples in and around Thoothukudi.

Image Temple Location main area Padal petra stalam
Sri Shenbagavalli Udanurai Poovana Natha Swamy Thirukoil, Kovilpatti 48 km from Sankarankovil,60 km from Tirunelveli Aghasthiyar dharisanam seitha idam
Etteeshwarar Jothir Nayagi Thirukoil, Ettayapuram 18 km from kovilpatti, Umaru Pulavar, Bharathi birthplace
Sri Kaashi Vishvanatha swamy tmple, Sattankulam 40+ KM from Tirunelveli, 39 + KM from Vallioor
Sankara Rameshwarar Pagampiriyaal Thirukoil, Thoothukudi Thoothukudi
Sri AnandhaValli Samedha Kailashanadhar Thirukoil, Pasuvanthanai 30 km from Thoothukudi,25 km from kovilpatti Suyampu Lingam
KailashaNadhar Akilandeshwari Thirukoil, Ottapidaram 20 km from Thoothukudi, v o chidambaranar birthplace
meenakshi sudareswarar Koil, vilathikulam, Thoothukudi dist 54 km from Thoothukudi
Thirumoolanathar Temple, Vallanadu, Thoothukudi dist 15 km from Tirunelveli 40 km from Thoothukudi muppeeda stalam, Navalinga stalam


Image Temple Location
  Tiruvannamalai 64 km west of Tindivanam, buses from all major towns and cities in south India
  Purisai between Cheyyar and Vandavasi
  Thandarampattu 16 km west of thandarampattu, aathisivan temple for thirumoolar padal pettra old kovil.


Image Temple Location
Ramesw12.jpg Rameswaram Trains and buses from all major towns and cities of India


Image Temple Location
Chenchadainathar Karunakadakshi Temple Thirumal ugandan kotai ( TM Kotai ), Near Sayalkudi, Kadaladi Taluk, Ramanathapuram dist, Tamilnadu, India

In former Tamilakam[edit]

Malai Nadu (Kerala)[edit]

Sl. No Image Temple Location
1 ThiruvanchikulamTemple.JPG Thiruvanchikulam Temple 32 km from Trichur, Kerala, 8 km from Irinjalakuda Railway Station, near Trichur

Tuluva Nadu (Karnataka)[edit]

Sl. No Image Temple Location
1 Main entry to the Mahabaleshwar Temple at Gokaran.jpg Mahabaleshwar Temple, Gokarna Gokarna, India, Drive from Hubli, Karnataka

Eezha Nadu (Sri Lanka)[edit]

Sl. No Image Temple Location
1 The gods look upon.jpg Koneswaram, Thirukonamalai near Thampalakamam
2 Ketheeswaram Drive from Mannar

Nava Kailasam[edit]

These nine Siva temples are located uniquely on the river bed of Thamirabarani river near Tirunelveli:Ambasamudram circle


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