Suffolk County Sheriff's Department

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Suffolk County Sheriff's Department
Agency overview
Annual budget$122 Million
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionSuffolk, Massachusetts, USA
General nature
HeadquartersBoston, Massachusetts

Deputy Sheriff/Correction Officers800
Unsworn membersCivilian
Sheriff responsible
Patrol VehiclesFord Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
K-9 Units6
Suffolk County Sheriff's Department website

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Department is a law enforcement agency for Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States. The agency's primary responsibility is oversight of the Nashua Street Jail and the South Bay House of Correction in Boston, Massachusetts.

South Bay House of Correction[edit]

This facility was built in 1991 at a cost of $115 million to replace the antiquated jail on Deer Island. The HOC was designed to hold up to 900 inmates at one time, but it currently houses upwards of 1,900 at any given time. There are 674 cells and 32 different housing units at this modern facility.

Nashua Street Jail[edit]

This facility was built in 1990 to replace the historic Charles Street Jail which operated from 1851 to 1991. This facility houses almost 744 pre-trial detainees in 13 different housing units. The jail has 453 cells containing 654 individual beds. The entire facility is maximum security.

Correction Officer Training Academy[edit]

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Department has a 12-week training academy for recruits to become corrections officers. Specific topics covered include: the use of force, firearm safety and handling, suicide prevention, courtroom testimony, ethics and professionalism, inmate education, fire safety, CPR and first aid, report writing, and interpersonal communication, among other topics. Recruits are also given physical training and are taught multiple defensive tactics.

The Training Facility is located in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Honor Guard Unit[edit]

The Honor Guard unit is frequently requested by various organizations to appear throughout Suffolk County and beyond to display the Colors for community functions, funerals, parades, and events.

K-9 Unit[edit]

The Sheriff's Department currently has four K-9 teams. Two of the K-9s are German Shepherds that are cross-trained in patrol and narcotics detection and the two other dogs are Labradors that are trained in narcotics detection. These teams provide additional security and search for narcotics inside the House of Correction and Nashua Street Jail as well as assist other law enforcement agencies in searching for narcotics, fleeing felons, or lost children.

List of sheriffs[edit]

# Sheriff Term Party Note
1st Samuel Gookin 1692–1702
2nd Giles Dyer 1702–1713
3rd William Dudley 1713–1714
4th William Payne 1714–1714
William Dudley 1714–1715
William Payne 1715–1728
5th Edward Winslow 1728–1743
6th Benjamin Pollard 1743–1757
7th Stephen Greenleaf 1757–1775 Final colonial sheriff
8th William Greenleaf 1775–1780 First sheriff following American independence
Brother of Stephen Greenleaf
9th Joseph Henderson 1780–1791
10th Jeremiah Allen 1791–1809
11th Samuel Bradford 1809–1818
12th Joseph Hall 1818–1825 Appointed Judge of Probate
13th Charles Pinckney Sumner 1825–1839 Father of Charles Sumner
14th Joseph Eveleth 1839–1852
15th Henry Crocker 1852–1853
Joseph Eveleth 1853–1857
16th John M. Clark 1857–1883 First elected sheriff
17th John B. O’Brien 1883–1905 Democratic
18th John B. Moran 1905–1909 Democratic
19th Fred H. Seavey 1909–1912 Democratic Died in office.
20th John Quinn 1915–1917 Democratic Died in office
21st John A. Keliher 1917–1938 Democratic Died in office
22nd John F. Dowd 1938–1939 Democratic Resigned while under investigation. Convicted of bribery after spending two years as a fugitive.
23rd Frederick R. Sullivan 1939–1968 Democratic Died in office
James J. Mellen served as acting sheriff while Sullivan was serving in the U.S. Army (1943–1946)
24th John W. Sears 1968–1969 Republican
25th Thomas S. Eisenstadt 1969–1977 Democratic
26th Dennis J. Kearney 1977–1987 Democratic
27th Robert Rufo 1987–1996 Democratic Appointed Associate Justice of the Suffolk District Court
28th Richard J. Rouse 1996–2002 Democratic Resigned
29th Andrea Cabral 2002–2013 Democratic Appointed Massachusetts Secretary of Public Safety
30th Steven Tompkins 2013–present Democratic


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