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The History of Mumbai, can be traced back to 600 BC, when evidences of the first known settlement, here have been discovered.[citation needed]

up to 18th century[edit]

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History of India
  • 600 BC — First known permanent settlement were the Marathi speaking Koli community.
  • 300 BC — Part of Ashokas Empire.
  • 900 to 1300 — part of Hindu Silhara dynasty.
  • 1343 — Part of the Gujarat sultanate.
  • 1431 – Haji Ali Dargah built.
  • 1508 — Francisco de Almeida sailed into the deep natural harbour.
  • 1534 — Mumbai ceded to the Portuguese.
  • 1661 — Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza brings Bom Bahia to King Charles II of England as part of her marriage dowry.
  • 1668/1669 — British East India Company leased the seven islands of Mumbai from Charles II
  • 1670 — First printing press imported to Mumbai by Parsi businessman Bhimjee Parikh
  • 1672 — Consecration of the first Tower of Silence and first Fire temple (Hirji Vachha Agiary, now defunct)
  • 1675 — Population estimated to have risen to 60,000 from 10,000 in 1661.
  • 1675 — The Mumba Devi temple built near the main landing site on the former Bori Bunder creek or inlet, against the north wall of the English Fort Saint George.
  • 1709 — First attested private Parsi Adaran (in the home of Banaji Limji). Continues to be the oldest continuously-burning Zoroastrian fire in Mumbai (now in the Limji Agiary, Fort).
  • 1735 — Start of shipbuilding industry (Wadia docks, Duncan docks)
  • 1750 — Asia's first dry dock built by Lovji Wadia in Mumbai
  • 1777 — First newspaper published in Mumbai by Rustom Kersaspjere

19th century[edit]

Mumbai in 1888
Mumbai ca. 1890

20th century[edit]

21st century[edit]

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