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West Springfield/Pioneer Valley History[edit]




  • Wikipedia:WikiProject_Cities
    • Need to start implementing proposal
    • Need to check if recommended categorization scheme has been implemented.
      • Intro texts do not conform to the recommendation. A bot should check all articles in a given category to see if the right phrase and/or links are present.
    • Need to clean up talk page, esp "weird cases" or later
    • Need to update status section on main page.
    • Need to update status of mapping project
    • Template:CDPpreface, Template:UnincorpNotCDP


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edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for WikiProject Sexology and sexuality:

Multi-determination: A car owner notices the check engine light on their dashboard is on, but continues driving for 3 days. On the highway, the engine suddenly fails. A second car that has been tailgating crashes into the first one. A nearby philosopher asks whether the cause of the accident was the way the car was built, or the way it was operated by the owner. In fact, if the car had been built differently, operated differently, or followed differently, the accident would not have happened. The accident is "multi-determined". Cite that STS book.


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Some of the antecedents of postmodernism are missing from modernism. The postmodern articles are too long and very hard to read.




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