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Funky Trunks is an Australian brand of swimwear and accessories for men, boys and toddler boys manufactured and marketed by Way Funky Company Pty Limited. The business was founded by Duncan McLean[1] in 2002. Other lines by the company include Funkita for girls and KI Argo. The company is based in Victoria, Australia.

The company signed a deal with Australian male model Craig Barnett in 2007 and was one of the first major brands to sign a major deal in March 2010 with an openly gay athlete, namely the Australian Olympic gold medalist diver Matthew Mitcham. Mitcham was announced as the new face of Funky Trunks. He will appear globally on advertising campaigns across Australia, Europe and the United States as the brand rapidly expands into international markets.[2][3] He is also spokesman and "swimwear ambassador" for the brand.[4]

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