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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Manx language pronunciations[1] in Wikipedia articles. For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see {{IPA-gv}} and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.

See also Manx language § Spelling to sound correspondences for more details about pronunciation of Manx.

Non-palatalised Palatalised English approximations
IPA Examples IPA Examples
b boayl, braew, abane, abb [2] blein, beggan boot; beauty
dorrys, dhoo, eddin, boandyrys, raad jannoo, jough, baljyn, cooid they; dew or Jew
ð[3] [example needed] weather
f fastyr, fer, quoif feeu fail; future
ɡ goll, gra, argid, beg ɡʲ rinneig, giare, queig gown; argue
ɣ [example needed] j yeealley, yiarn, eeastagh between ahead and again; yard
h[3] hoght, Jeheiney high
coontey, muck keeill, kiune, markiagh cow; askew
l luss, slaynt, gial lheid, lhiggey, billey, shiauill light; million
m mac, millish, gamman, follym [2] millt main; mute
n noa, nearey, bane, creen niart, dooinney, çhingey Nerin not; onion
ŋ[3] ainyn, çhing, bangan ring
[3] paart, plaggad, kipp past
ɾ[3] ram, creen, arran, mooar US letting
s sourey, scaddan, caslys ʃ shoh, nish sound; shout
tarroo, thie, mohlt çheet, berçhag, caillt thick; stew or chew
v[3] vacseen, vaghtoor, vac vain
w[3] mwaagh, quaagh, walkey waist
x cha, chaie, jinnagh, smaghtey, agh my chialg, da cheilley, my chione Scottish loch; human
z lhisin, rassag, cossyn ʒ toshiaght, casherick, tuittym rise; vision
Short Long English approximations
IPA Examples IPA Examples
a mac, slattys niart, balley fat; rather
ɑ cor, monney, tammylt ɑː bodjal, magher, maidjey father
e [example needed] shey, eayst, garey rate; made
ɛ lesh, argid ɛː beaghey, aalin, Baarle red; bear
ə[4] dyn, carrane, balley again
i beeal saveenagh, eeym fleet; need
ɪ[4] çhengey, cuirr, dorrin bit
o goll, conney, buggane moal, loayrt, gerjoilagh door
u gunn, muck, aarloo, burkan broogh, annoon, lhiurid pull; drool
Other symbols
IPA Example Explanation
ˈ neu-deyr [nʲuˈdðeːɾ] primary stress (placed before the stressed syllable)

Notes and references[edit]

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