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London is the capital of and largest city in England and the United Kingdom. It is administered by the Greater London Authority, City of London Corporation and 32 London boroughs. These boroughs are modern, having been created in 1965 and have a weaker sense of identity than their constituent "districts" (considered in speech, "parts of London" or more formally, "areas"). Two major factors have shaped the development of London district and sub-district identities; the ancient parish – which was used for both civil and ecclesiastical functions – and the pre-urban settlement pattern.

Ancient parishes and their successors[edit]

The modern London boroughs were primarily formed from amalgamations of Metropolitan, County and Municipal Boroughs. These were formed from ancient parishes (or groupings of them), with ancient parishes in turn generally based on a single manor, though many were based on more than one and a few manors were so large that they were divided into multiple parishes.[1]

An early form of the Parish system was, in England, long established by the time of the Conquest,[2] and had fully matured by the 12th century. By this time, changes in Canon Law made boundary changes and sub-divisions very difficult. There were occasional sub-divisions, but boundary changes were extremely unusual.[3] From the time of Henry VIII, parishes took on the civil role previously held by manors, thus these areas fulfilled both civil and ecclesiastical roles.

From the nineteenth century, there was a divergence between civil and ecclesiastic functions, and the ancient parishes gained a Civil Parish counterpart in almost all instances. Ecclesiastic parishes sub-divided to a great extent, to better serve the needs of a growing population, while civil parishes persisted on the same basis until 1900.

Thus the parish system was the smallest unit of English administration that had any kind of defined boundary, it also provided great continuity as the basis of local identities.

The capital had three ancient boroughs of London, Southwark and Kingston upon Thames.

Pre-urban settlement pattern[edit]

Apart from the ancient parishes, the second major influence on the districts of London are the pre-urban settlement patterns. The lowlands of England are made up of two very distinct landscape types, this is comparable to the division of lowland France into bocage and champagne types.[4] The landscape of the countryside around London – in Middlesex, Essex, Surrey and Kent was characterised by a sometimes dense, but highly dispersed population, in scattered farmsteads and tiny hamlets.

This pattern contrasts in this way, and a number of others, to the large 'village' (larger nucleated agricultural settlements) based communities associated with the former open-field landscapes of the midlands and elsewhere. The landscape historian Oliver Rackham called the type around London, the Ancient Landscape[5] and the midland type the Planned Landscape. Other writers use different terms for the same pattern.[6]

Apart from a large number of very small settlements, another major feature of the Ancient Landscape around London, when compared to the Midlands, is the relatively large number of woods and commons, with many of the latter being preserved as parks, some of which give their name to sub-districts (e.g. Finsbury Park in Islington). Towns (settlements like Uxbridge and Romford) with chartered markets and the trades attracted by this privilege, were infrequent.

The rural settlement pattern provided much of the initial framework on which the subsequent urbanisation was based. A significant result of the dispersed settlement pattern was to reinforce the ancient parish unit in shaping local identity.


Sub-districts of the districts rooted in parishes are of five types. The development of these has been heavily influenced by the historic landscape characteristics of the London area:

  • former hamlets, in all but the greenest fringes of London these grew and merged into neighbouring settlements, have rarely been assigned formal or customary boundaries. Therefore, perceptions of their extent are informal.
  • former manors, where the last extent of these has been carved up into consistent zones, "schemes" of one or more housing, or another type of development. In various parts of the city, their identities may be: forgotten, fading, partly reviving, or well-preserved such as in business/green/retail parks or conservation areas. In most cases, the central manor house area, the demesne of the manor has kept a named identity or replaced by an eponymous street name.
  • estates more recently in single ownership or set out as a large planned area, later than manors, in many cases such as Belgravia, Fitzrovia, Canning Town, Nine Elms, these have a strong, coherent, identity and are usually internally homogenous or similar in architectural style.
  • feature-named districts based on the name of a local station (rail, tram or tube) or other features such as a monument or notable coaching inn name, such as Nags Head, Holloway, a double instance of this
  • geographic suffixes and prefixes (such as South Croydon, East Finchley and Woodford Green).

Other use of place names[edit]

For electoral purposes, all boroughs are divided into wards which may share the names of London districts, drawn to have equal head of voting population (electorate) they depart from true historic and building scheme boundaries and are redrawn every 8–12 years.

London postcode districts often have an influence over residents' and businesses' self-identity. They were not designed for this purpose. Some areas are now interchangeable (e.g. Brondesbury and Kilburn, which share a grid reference in the table), with the greatest overlap such as this in areas where differently named stations in the public transit system almost overlap.

The northernmost settlement is Crews Hill, Enfield – westernmost is Harefield, Hillingdon – southernmost is Old Coulsdon, Croydon – easternmost as well as most outlying overall is North Ockendon, Havering.

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Map of Greater London showing railway lines, primary roads, motorways, and suburban towns of the county

List of districts and neighbourhoods of London[edit]

Location London borough Post town Postcode district Dial code OS grid ref
Abbey Wood Bexley, Greenwich [7] LONDON SE2 020 TQ465785
Acton Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham[8] LONDON W3, W4 020 TQ205805
Addington Croydon[8] CROYDON CR0 020 TQ375645
Addiscombe Croydon[8] CROYDON CR0 020 TQ345665
Albany Park Bexley BEXLEY, SIDCUP DA5, DA14 020 TQ478728
Aldborough Hatch Redbridge[9] ILFORD IG2 020 TQ455895
Aldgate City[10] LONDON EC3 020 TQ334813
Aldwych Westminster[10] LONDON WC2 020 TQ307810
Alperton Brent[11] WEMBLEY HA0 020 TQ185835
Anerley Bromley[11] LONDON SE20 020 TQ345695
Angel Islington[8] LONDON EC1, N1 020 TQ345665
Aperfield Bromley[11] WESTERHAM TN16 01959 TQ425585
Archway Islington[12] LONDON N19 020 TQ285875
Ardleigh Green Havering[12] HORNCHURCH RM11 01708 TQ535895
Arkley Barnet[12] BARNET, LONDON EN5, NW7 020 TQ225955
Arnos Grove Enfield[12] LONDON N11, N14 020 TQ295925
Balham Wandsworth[13] LONDON SW12 020 TQ285735
Bankside Southwark[14] LONDON SE1 020 TQ325795
Barbican City[14] LONDON EC1, EC2 020 TQ322818
Barking Barking and Dagenham[14] BARKING IG11 020 TQ440840
Barkingside Redbridge[15] ILFORD IG6 020 TQ445895
Barnehurst Bexley[15] BEXLEYHEATH DA7 01322 TQ505755
Barnes Richmond upon Thames[15] LONDON SW13 020 TQ225765
Barnes Cray Bexley[16] DARTFORD DA1 01322 TQ525755
Barnet Gate Barnet LONDON, BARNET NW7, EN5 020 TQ218952
Barnet (also Chipping Barnet, High Barnet) Barnet[16] BARNET EN5 020 TQ245955
Barnsbury Islington[17] LONDON N1 020 TQ305845
Battersea Wandsworth[18] LONDON SW11 020 TQ285765
Bayswater Westminster[19] LONDON W2 020 TQ255805
Beckenham Bromley[20] BECKENHAM, LONDON BR3, SE20 020 TQ375695
Beckton Newham[20] LONDON, BARKING E6, E16, IG11 020 TQ435815
Becontree Barking and Dagenham[20] DAGENHAM RM9 020 TQ485855
Becontree Heath Barking and Dagenham[21] DAGENHAM RM8 020 TQ493871
Beddington Sutton[21] WALLINGTON, CROYDON SM6, CR0 020 TQ305655
Bedford Park Ealing[21] LONDON W4 020 TQ208793
Belgravia Westminster[22] LONDON SW1 020 TQ283792
Bellingham Lewisham[22] LONDON SE6 020 TQ375715
Belmont Harrow[22] HARROW, STANMORE HA3, HA7 020 TQ165905
Belmont Sutton[22] SUTTON SM2 020 TQ253620
Belsize Park Camden[23] LONDON NW3 020 TQ273845
Belvedere Bexley[23] BELVEDERE DA17 020 TQ495785
Bermondsey Southwark[24] LONDON SE1 020 TQ335795
Berrylands Kingston upon Thames[24] SURBITON KT5 020 TQ195675
Bethnal Green Tower Hamlets[25] LONDON E2 020 TQ345825
Bexley (also Old Bexley, Bexley Village) Bexley[25] BEXLEY DA5 020 TQ465755
Bexleyheath (also Bexley New Town) Bexley[26] BEXLEYHEATH, LONDON DA6, DA7, SE2 020 TQ485755
Bickley Bromley[26] BROMLEY BR3 020 TQ423688
Biggin Hill Bromley[26] WESTERHAM TN16 01959 TQ418590
Blackfen Bexley[27] SIDCUP DA15 020 TQ455745
Blackfriars City[27] LONDON EC4 020 TQ318808
Blackheath Lewisham[28] LONDON SE3 020 TQ395765
Blackheath Royal Standard Greenwich LONDON SE3, SE12 020 TQ399753
Blackwall Tower Hamlets[28] LONDON E14 020 TQ385805
Blendon Bexley BEXLEY DA 5 020 TQ478742
Bloomsbury Camden[29] LONDON WC1 020 TQ299820
Botany Bay Enfield[30] ENFIELD EN2 020 TQ297992
Bounds Green Haringey[31] LONDON N11, N22 020 TQ298914
Bow Tower Hamlets[31] LONDON E3 020 TQ365825
Bowes Park Haringey[32] LONDON N22 020 TQ305915
Brentford Hounslow[33] BRENTFORD TW8 020 TQ177778
Brent Cross Barnet LONDON NW2, NW4 020 TQ230874
Brent Park Brent LONDON NW10 020 TQ209852
Brimsdown Enfield[34] ENFIELD EN3 020 TQ365975
Brixton Lambeth[34] LONDON SW2, SW9, SE5 020 TQ315755
Brockley Lewisham[34] LONDON SE4 020 TQ365745
Bromley Bromley[35] BROMLEY BR1 020 TQ405695
Bromley (also Bromley-by-Bow) Tower Hamlets[36] LONDON E3 020 TQ375825
Bromley Common Bromley[35] BROMLEY BR3 020 TQ416669
Brompton Kensington and Chelsea,
Hammersmith and Fulham[36]
LONDON SW3 020 TQ272788
Brondesbury Brent[36] LONDON NW6 020 TQ245845
Brunswick Park Barnet[37] LONDON N11 020 TQ280932
Bulls Cross Enfield[38] ENFIELD EN2, EN3 020 TQ342994
Burnt Oak Barnet[39] EDGWARE HA8 020 TQ205915
Burroughs, The Barnet[39] LONDON NW4 020 TQ227891
Camberwell Southwark[40] LONDON SE5 020 TQ325767
Cambridge Heath Tower Hamlets[40] LONDON E2 020 TQ348832
Camden Town Camden[40] LONDON NW1 020 TQ295845
Canary Wharf Tower Hamlets[40] LONDON E14 020 TQ375802
Cann Hall Waltham Forest[41] LONDON E11 020 TQ395875
Canning Town Newham[41] LONDON E16 020 TQ405815
Canonbury Islington[41] LONDON N1 020 TQ325845
Carshalton Sutton[42] CARSHALTON SM5 020 TQ275645
Castelnau Richmond upon Thames[43] LONDON SW13 020 TQ226776
Castle Green Barking and Dagenham DAGENHAM RM9 020 TQ475837
Catford Lewisham LONDON SE6 020 TQ385735
Chadwell Heath Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham ROMFORD RM6 020 TQ485885
Chalk Farm Camden LONDON NW1 020 TQ281844
Charing Cross Westminster LONDON WC2 020 TQ305805
Charlton Greenwich LONDON SE7 020 TQ415785
Chase Cross Havering ROMFORD RM5 01708 TQ505925
SM2, SM3
020 TQ245625
Chelsea Kensington and Chelsea LONDON SW3 020 TQ275775
Chelsfield Bromley ORPINGTON BR6 01689 TQ482642
Chessington Kingston upon Thames CHESSINGTON KT9 020 TQ183641
Childs Hill Barnet LONDON NW2 020 TQ245865
Chinatown Westminster LONDON W1 020 TQ297808
Chinbrook Lewisham LONDON SE12 020 TQ411722
Chingford Waltham Forest LONDON E4 020 TQ395945
Chislehurst Bromley CHISLEHURST BR7 020 TQ445705
Chiswick Hounslow, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON W4 020 TQ205785
Church End Brent LONDON NW10 020 TQ205785
Church End Barnet LONDON N3 020 TQ255905
Clapham Lambeth, Wandsworth LONDON SW4 020 TQ295755
Clerkenwell Islington LONDON EC1 020 TQ315825
Cockfosters Barnet, Enfield BARNET EN4 020 TQ275965
Colindale Barnet LONDON NW9 020 TQ213897
Collier Row Havering ROMFORD RM5 01708 TQ505905
Colliers Wood Merton LONDON SW19 020 TQ275705
Colney Hatch Barnet LONDON N11, N10 020 TQ278918
Colyers Bexley ERITH DA8 01322 TQ512768
Coney Hall Bromley WEST WICKHAM BR4 020 TQ394653
Coombe Croydon CROYDON CR0 020 TQ342647
Coombe Kingston upon Thames KINGSTON UPON THAMES KT2 020 TQ208703
Coulsdon Croydon COULSDON CR5 020, 01737 TQ298596
Covent Garden Westminster LONDON WC2 020 TQ303809
Cowley Hillingdon UXBRIDGE UB8 01895 TQ055825
Cranford Hounslow HOUNSLOW TW5 020 TQ105765
Cranham Havering UPMINSTER RM14 01708 TQ575875
Crayford Bexley DARTFORD DA1 01322 TQ515745
Creekmouth Barking and Dagenham BARKING IG11 020 TQ457820
Crews Hill Enfield ENFIELD EN2 020 TQ315995
Cricklewood Barnet, Brent, Camden LONDON NW2 020 TQ235855
Crofton Park Lewisham LONDON SE4 020 TQ367744
Crook Log Bexley BEXLEYHEATH DA6 020 TQ480754
Crossness Bexley LONDON SE2 020 TQ480800
Crouch End Haringey LONDON N8 020 TQ295885
Croydon Croydon CROYDON CR0 020 TQ335655
Crystal Palace Bromley LONDON SE19, SE20, SE26 020 TQ341708
Cubitt Town Tower Hamlets LONDON E14 020 TQ385795
Cudham Bromley SEVENOAKS TN14 01959 TQ445595
Custom House Newham LONDON E16 020 TQ408807
Dagenham Barking and Dagenham DAGENHAM RM9, RM10 020 TQ485845
Dalston Hackney LONDON E8 020 TQ345845
De Beauvoir Town Islington LONDON N1 020 TQ332842
Denmark Hill Southwark LONDON SE5 020 TQ327760
Deptford Lewisham LONDON SE8 020 TQ365775
Derry Downs Bromley ORPINGTON BR5 01689 TQ47586708
Dollis Hill Brent LONDON NW2 020 TQ225865
Downe Bromley ORPINGTON BR6 01689 TQ435615
Downham Lewisham BROMLEY BR1 020 TQ395715
Dulwich Lambeth, Southwark LONDON SE21 020 TQ345725
Ealing Ealing LONDON W5, W13 020 TQ175805
Earls Court Kensington and Chelsea LONDON SW5, SW10 020 TQ254784
Earlsfield Wandsworth LONDON SW18 020 TQ265735
East Barnet Barnet BARNET EN4 020 TQ275945
East Bedfont Hounslow FELTHAM TW14 020 TQ085735
East Dulwich Southwark LONDON SE22 020 TQ345745
East Finchley Barnet LONDON N2 020 TQ265895
East Ham Newham LONDON E6 020 TQ425835
East Sheen Richmond upon Thames LONDON SW14 020 TQ205755
East Wickham Bexley WELLING DA16 020 TQ468771
Eastcote Hillingdon PINNER HA5, HA4 020 TQ115885
Eden Park Bromley BECKENHAM BR3 020 TQ373675
Edgware Barnet EDGWARE HA8 020 TQ195925
Edmonton Enfield LONDON N9, N18 020 TQ335925
Eel Pie Island Richmond upon Thames TWICKENHAM TW1 020 TQ164731
Elephant and Castle Southwark LONDON SE1, SE11, SE17 020 TQ319789
Elm Park Havering HORNCHURCH RM12 01708 TQ525855
Elmers End Bromley BECKENHAM BR3 020 TQ355685
Elmstead Bromley CHISLEHURST BR7 020 TQ425705
Eltham Greenwich LONDON SE9 020 TQ425745
Emerson Park Havering HORNCHURCH RM11 01708 TQ545885
Enfield Highway Enfield ENFIELD EN3 020 TQ355975
Enfield Lock Enfield ENFIELD EN3 01992 TQ365985
Enfield Town Enfield ENFIELD EN1, EN2 020 TQ325965
Enfield Wash Enfield ENFIELD EN3 020 TQ355985
Erith Bexley ERITH DA8, DA18 01322 TQ505775
Falconwood Bexley, Greenwich LONDON, WELLING SE9, DA16 020 TQ455755
Farringdon Islington, City LONDON EC1 020 TQ315818
Feltham Hounslow FELTHAM TW13, TW14 020 TQ105735
Finchley Barnet LONDON N2, N3, N12 020 TQ255905
Finsbury Islington LONDON EC1 020 TQ315825
Finsbury Park Haringey, Islington LONDON N4 020 TQ314872
Fitzrovia Camden LONDON W1 020 TQ293816
Foots Cray Bexley SIDCUP DA14 020 TQ472709
Forest Gate Newham LONDON E7 020 TQ405855
Forest Hill Lewisham LONDON SE23 020 TQ354736
Forestdale Croydon CROYDON CR0 020 TQ366625
Fortis Green Haringey LONDON N10 020 TQ281896
Freezywater Enfield ENFIELD EN3 020 TQ361993
Friern Barnet Barnet LONDON N11 020 TQ276920
Frognal Camden LONDON NW3 020 TQ257853
Fulham Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON SW6 020 TQ245765
Fulwell Richmond upon Thames TEDDINGTON, HAMPTON TW11, TW12 020 TQ149719
Gallows Corner Havering ROMFORD RM2, RM3 01708 TQ535905
Gants Hill Redbridge ILFORD IG2 020 TQ435885
Gidea Park Havering ROMFORD RM2 01708 TQ525905
Gipsy Hill Lambeth LONDON SE19, SE27 020 TQ332710
Goddington Bromley ORPINGTON BR6 01689 TQ475655
Golders Green Barnet LONDON NW11 020 TQ248876
Goodmayes Redbridge ILFORD IG3 020 TQ465865
Gospel Oak Camden LONDON NW5, NW3 020 TQ285855
Grahame Park Barnet LONDON NW9 020 TQ217905
Grange Park Enfield LONDON N21 020 TQ313962
Greenford Ealing GREENFORD UB6 020 TQ135825
Greenwich Greenwich LONDON SE10 020 TQ395775
Grove Park Hounslow LONDON W4 020 TQ205775
Grove Park Lewisham LONDON SE12 020 TQ404722
Gunnersbury Hounslow LONDON W4 020 TQ195785
Hackney Hackney LONDON E5, E8, E9, N1, N16 020 TQ345845
Hackney Central Hackney LONDON E8 020 TQ347850
Hackney Marshes Hackney LONDON E9 020 TQ365861
Hackney Wick Hackney LONDON E9 020 TQ369847
Hadley Wood Enfield BARNET EN4 020 TQ265975
Haggerston Hackney LONDON E2 020 TQ335835
Hainault Redbridge CHIGWELL IG7 020 TQ445915
The Hale Barnet LONDON NW7 020 TQ205918
Ham Richmond upon Thames RICHMOND TW10 020 TQ175725
Hammersmith Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON W6 020 TQ233786
Hampstead Camden LONDON NW3 020 TQ265855
Hampstead Garden Suburb Barnet LONDON N2 020 TQ265885
Hampton Richmond upon Thames HAMPTON TW12 020 TQ135705
Hampton Hill Richmond upon Thames HAMPTON TW12 020 TQ144710
Hampton Wick Richmond upon Thames KINGSTON UPON THAMES KT1 020 TQ176695
Hanwell Ealing LONDON W7 020 TQ153802
Hanworth Hounslow FELTHAM TW13 020 TQ125715
Harefield Hillingdon UXBRIDGE UB9 01895 TQ055905
Harlesden Brent LONDON NW10 020 TQ215835
Harlington Hillingdon HAYES UB3 020 TQ085775
Harmondsworth Hillingdon WEST DRAYTON UB7 020 TQ055775
Harold Hill Havering ROMFORD RM3 01708 TQ545925
Harold Park Havering ROMFORD RM3 01708 TQ555915
Harold Wood Havering ROMFORD RM3 01708 TQ545905
Harringay Haringey LONDON N4, N8, N15 020 TQ317887
Harrow Harrow HARROW HA1 020 TQ145885
Harrow on the Hill Harrow HARROW HA1 020 TQ155865
Harrow Weald Harrow HARROW HA3 020 TQ145885
Hatch End Harrow PINNER HA5 020 TQ125915
Hatton Hounslow FELTHAM TW14 020 TQ095755
Havering-atte-Bower Havering ROMFORD RM4 01708 TQ515935
Hayes Bromley BROMLEY BR2 020 TQ405665
Hayes Hillingdon HAYES UB3, UB4 020 TQ095805
Hazelwood Bromley ORPINGTON BR6 01689 TQ445616
Hendon Barnet LONDON NW4 020 TQ229887
Herne Hill Lambeth, Southwark LONDON SE24 020 TQ325745
Heston Hounslow HOUNSLOW TW5 020 TQ125775
Highams Park Waltham Forest LONDON E4 020 TQ375915
Highbury Islington LONDON N5 020 TQ319854
Highgate Camden LONDON N6 020 TQ285875
Hillingdon Hillingdon UXBRIDGE UB8, UB10 020 TQ071827
Hither Green Lewisham LONDON SE13 020 TQ395745
Holborn Camden LONDON WC1, WC2 020 TQ305815
Holland Park Kensington and Chelsea LONDON W8, W11, W14 020 TQ246798
Holloway Islington LONDON N7 020 TQ307859
Homerton Hackney LONDON E9 020 TQ355855
Honor Oak Lewisham LONDON SE23 020 TQ355745
Hook Kingston upon Thames CHESSINGTON KT9 020 TQ183647
Hornchurch Havering HORNCHURCH RM11, RM12 01708 TQ535865
Horn Park Greenwich, Lewisham LONDON SE12 020 TQ408739
Hornsey Haringey LONDON N8 020 TQ305895
Hounslow Hounslow HOUNSLOW TW3 020 TQ145755
Hoxton Hackney LONDON N1 020 TQ335835
The Hyde Barnet LONDON NW9 020 TQ215888
Ickenham Hillingdon UXBRIDGE UB10 01895 TQ075855
Ilford Redbridge ILFORD IG1 020 TQ445865
Isle of Dogs Tower Hamlets LONDON E14 020 TQ375785
Isleworth Hounslow ISLEWORTH TW7 020 TQ155755
Islington Islington LONDON N1 020 TQ315845
Kenley Croydon KENLEY CR8 020 TQ327600
Kennington Lambeth, Southwark LONDON SE11 020 TQ305775
Kensal Green Brent LONDON NW10, NW6 020 TQ235825
Kensington Kensington and Chelsea LONDON SW7 020 TQ255795
Kentish Town Camden LONDON NW5 020 TQ285845
Kenton Brent, Harrow HARROW, LONDON HA3 020 TQ175885
Keston Bromley KESTON BR2 01698 TQ415645
Kew Richmond upon Thames RICHMOND TW9 020 TQ195775
Kidbrooke Greenwich LONDON SE3 020 TQ415765
Kilburn Brent, Camden LONDON NW6 020 TQ245835
King's Cross Camden, Islington LONDON WC1 020 TQ301834
Kingsbury Brent LONDON NW9 020 TQ195885
Kingston Vale Kingston upon Thames LONDON SW15 020 TQ215715
Kingston upon Thames Kingston upon Thames KINGSTON UPON THAMES KT1, KT2 020 TQ182693
Knightsbridge Westminster LONDON SW1 020 TQ275795
Ladywell Lewisham LONDON SE4, SE13 020 TQ37777459
Lambeth Lambeth LONDON SE1 020 TQ305785
Lamorbey Bexley SIDCUP DA15 020 TQ460728
Lampton Hounslow HOUNSLOW TW4 020 TQ135765
Lea Bridge Hackney LONDON E10 020 TQ355865
Leamouth Tower Hamlets LONDON E14 020 TQ394807
Leaves Green Bromley KESTON BR2 01689 TQ414616
Lee Lewisham LONDON SE12 020 TQ395745
Lessness Heath Bexley BELVEDERE DA17 020 TQ499781
Lewisham Lewisham LONDON SE13 020 TQ385755
Leyton Waltham Forest LONDON E10, E15 020 TQ375865
Leytonstone Waltham Forest LONDON E11 020 TQ395875
Limehouse Tower Hamlets LONDON E14 020 TQ365815
Lisson Grove Westminster LONDON NW8 020 TQ275825
Little Ilford Newham LONDON E12 020 TQ435855
Little Venice Westminster LONDON W9, W2 020 TQ262818
Locksbottom Bromley ORPINGTON BR6 01689 TQ435655
Longford Hillingdon WEST DRAYTON UB7 01753 TQ045765
Longlands Bexley LONDON, SIDCUP SE9, DA14, DA15 020 TQ449722
Lower Clapton Hackney LONDON E5 020 TQ355855
Lower Morden Merton MORDEN SM4 020 TQ238670
Loxford Redbridge ILFORD IG1 020 TQ441854
Maida Vale Westminster LONDON W9 020 TQ255825
Malden Rushett Kingston upon Thames CHESSINGTON KT9 020 TQ171610
Manor House Hackney LONDON N4 020 TQ320876
Manor Park Newham LONDON E12 020 TQ425855
Marks Gate Barking and Dagenham ROMFORD RM6 020 TQ485905
Maryland Newham LONDON E15 020 TQ391849
Marylebone (also St Marylebone) Westminster LONDON W1 020 TQ285815
Mayfair Westminster LONDON W1 020 TQ285805
Maze Hill Greenwich LONDON SE10 020 TQ402780
Merton Park Merton LONDON SW19 020 TQ250695
Middle Park Greenwich LONDON SE9 020 TQ417738
Mile End Tower Hamlets LONDON E1 020 TQ365825
Mill Hill Barnet LONDON NW7 020 TQ225925
Millbank Westminster LONDON SW1 020 TQ295795
Millwall Tower Hamlets LONDON E14 020 TQ375785
Mitcham Merton MITCHAM CR4 020 TQ285685
Monken Hadley Barnet BARNET EN5 020 TQ245975
Morden Merton MORDEN SM4 020 TQ255685
Morden Park Merton MORDEN SM4 020 TQ248676
Mortlake Richmond upon Thames LONDON SW14 020 TQ205755
Motspur Park Kingston upon Thames NEW MALDEN KT3 020 TQ225677
Mottingham Bromley LONDON SE9 020 TQ415725
Muswell Hill Haringey, Barnet LONDON N10 020 TQ287897
Neasden Brent LONDON NW2, NW10 020 TQ215855
New Addington Croydon CROYDON CR0 020 TQ382622
New Barnet Barnet BARNET EN4, EN5 020 TQ265955
New Cross Lewisham LONDON SE14 020 TQ365765
New Eltham Greenwich LONDON SE9 020 TQ440730
New Malden Kingston upon Thames NEW MALDEN KT3 020 TQ215685
New Southgate Barnet LONDON N11 020 TQ295925
Newbury Park Redbridge ILFORD IG2 020 TQ445885
Newington Southwark LONDON SE1, SE17 020 TQ325795
Nine Elms Wandsworth LONDON SW8 020 TQ295775
Noak Hill Havering ROMFORD RM3, RM4 01708 TQ545935
Norbiton Kingston upon Thames KINGSTON UPON THAMES KT1 020 TQ195695
Norbury Croydon LONDON SW16 020 TQ315695
North Cray Bexley SIDCUP DA14 020 TQ488722
North End Bexley ERITH DA8 01322 TQ525765
North Finchley Barnet LONDON N12 020 TQ265925
North Harrow Harrow HARROW HA1, HA2 020 TQ135885
North Kensington Kensington and Chelsea LONDON W10, W11 020 TQ239821
North Ockendon Havering UPMINSTER RM14 01708 TQ595855
North Sheen Richmond upon Thames RICHMOND TW9 020 TQ195765
North Woolwich Newham LONDON E16 020 TQ435795
Northolt Ealing NORTHOLT UB5 020 TQ135845
Northumberland Heath Bexley ERITH DA8 01322 TQ505771
Northumberland Park Haringey LONDON N17 ? ?
Northwood Hillingdon NORTHWOOD HA6 01923 TQ095915
Norwood Green Ealing SOUTHALL UB2 020 TQ135785
Notting Hill Kensington and Chelsea LONDON W11 020 TQ245805
Nunhead Southwark LONDON SE15 020 TQ355755
Oakleigh Park Barnet LONDON N20 020 TQ265935
Old Coulsdon Croydon COULSDON CR5 01737 TQ315575
Old Ford Tower Hamlets LONDON E3 020 TQ365835
Old Malden Kingston upon Thames WORCESTER PARK KT4 020 TQ215685
Old Oak Common Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON NW10 020 TQ216823
Orpington Bromley ORPINGTON BR5, BR6 01689 TQ460660
Osidge Barnet LONDON N14 020 TQ285945
Osterley Hounslow ISLEWORTH TW7 020 TQ145775
Oval Lambeth LONDON SW8, SW9, SE11 020 TQ315575
Paddington Westminster LONDON W2 020 TQ267814
Palmers Green Enfield LONDON N13 020 TQ305935
Park Royal Brent, Ealing LONDON NW10 020 TQ195828
Parsons Green Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON SW6 020 TQ255765
Peckham Southwark LONDON SE15 020 TQ345765
Penge Bromley LONDON SE20 020 TQ345705
Pentonville Islington LONDON N1 020 TQ311830
Perivale Ealing GREENFORD UB6 020 TQ165835
Petersham Richmond upon Thames RICHMOND TW10 020 TQ175735
Petts Wood Bromley ORPINGTON BR5 01689 TQ445675
Pimlico Westminster LONDON SW1 020 TQ295785
Pinner Harrow PINNER HA5 020 TQ115895
Plaistow Newham LONDON E13 020 TQ405825
Plaistow Bromley BROMLEY BR1 020 TQ405705
Plumstead Greenwich LONDON SE18 020 TQ445785
Ponders End Enfield ENFIELD EN1, EN3 020 TQ355955
Poplar Tower Hamlets LONDON E14 020 TQ375805
Pratt's Bottom Bromley ORPINGTON BR6 01689 TQ471622
Preston Brent WEMBLEY HA9 020 TQ179874
Primrose Hill Camden LONDON NW1, NW3, NW8 020 TQ282838
Purley Croydon PURLEY CR8 020 TQ313615
Putney Wandsworth LONDON SW15 020 TQ235755
Queen's Park Brent LONDON NW6 020 TQ246832
Queensbury Harrow, Brent HARROW, STANMORE
HA3, HA7, HA8 020 TQ185895
Rainham Havering RAINHAM RM13 01708 TQ525825
Ratcliff Tower Hamlets LONDON E1 020 TQ355805
Rayners Lane Harrow PINNER HA5 020 TQ128873
Raynes Park Merton LONDON SW20 020 TQ235685
Redbridge Redbridge ILFORD IG4 020 TQ425885
Richmond Richmond upon Thames RICHMOND TW9, TW10 020 TQ185745
Riddlesdown Croydon PURLEY CR8 020 TQ327608
Roehampton Wandsworth LONDON SW15 020 TQ225745
Romford Havering ROMFORD RM1 01708 TQ510887
Rotherhithe Southwark LONDON SE16 020 TQ358796
Ruislip Hillingdon RUISLIP HA4 01895 TQ085875
Rush Green Barking and Dagenham ROMFORD RM7 020 TQ505875
Ruxley Bexley, Bromley SIDCUP, ORPINGTON DA14, BR5 020, 01689 TQ485704
Sanderstead Croydon SOUTH CROYDON CR2 020 TQ337613
Sands End Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON SW6 020 TQ265765
Selhurst Croydon LONDON SE25 020 TQ340684
Selsdon Croydon SOUTH CROYDON CR2 020 TQ355625
Seven Kings Redbridge ILFORD IG3 020 TQ455875
Seven Sisters Haringey LONDON N15 020 TQ334888
Shacklewell Hackney LONDON E8, N16 020 TQ335855
Shadwell Tower Hamlets LONDON E1 020 TQ355805
Shepherd's Bush Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON W12 020 TQ235798
Shirley Croydon CROYDON CR0 020 TQ361658
Shooter's Hill Greenwich LONDON SE18 020 TQ435765
Shoreditch Hackney LONDON N1 020 TQ334822
Sidcup Bexley SIDCUP DA14, DA15 020 TQ461718
Silvertown Newham LONDON E16 020 TQ415795
Sipson Hillingdon WEST DRAYTON UB7 020 TQ075785
Slade Green Bexley ERITH DA8 01322 TQ525765
Snaresbrook Redbridge, Waltham Forest LONDON E11 020 TQ395895
Soho Westminster LONDON W1 020 TQ295815
Somerstown Camden LONDON NW1 020 TQ295825
South Croydon Croydon SOUTH CROYDON CR2 020 TQ325633
South Hackney Hackney LONDON E9 020 TQ355845
South Harrow Harrow HARROW HA2 020 TQ143863
South Hornchurch Havering RAINHAM RM13 01708 TQ515835
South Kensington Kensington and Chelsea LONDON SW7, SW3, SW5 020 TQ265785
South Norwood Croydon LONDON SE25 020 TQ340684
South Ruislip Hillingdon RUISLIP HA4 01895, 020 TQ115855
South Wimbledon Merton LONDON SW19 020 TQ255705
South Woodford Redbridge LONDON E18 020 TQ405905
South Tottenham Haringey LONDON N15, N17 020 TQ335885
Southend Lewisham LONDON SE6 020 TQ373721
Southall Ealing SOUTHALL UB1, UB2 020 TQ125805
Southborough Bromley BROMLEY BR2 020 TQ423676
Southfields Wandsworth LONDON SW18, SW19 020 TQ255735
Southgate Enfield LONDON N14 020 TQ296942
Spitalfields Tower Hamlets LONDON E1 020 TQ335815
St Helier Merton MORDEN SM4 020 TQ265664
St James's Westminster LONDON SW1 020 TQ295805
St Margarets Richmond upon Thames TWICKENHAM TW1 020 TQ168742
St Giles Camden LONDON WC2 020 TQ305815
St Johns Lewisham LONDON SE4 020 TQ375765
St John's Wood Westminster LONDON NW8 020 TQ265835
St Luke's Islington LONDON EC1 020 TQ324824
St Mary Cray Bromley ORPINGTON BR5 01689 TQ466680
St Pancras Camden LONDON WC1 020 TQ301825
St Paul's Cray Bromley ORPINGTON BR5 01689 TQ466688
Stamford Hill Hackney LONDON N15, N16 020 TQ335875
Stanmore Harrow STANMORE HA7 020 TQ195885
Stepney Tower Hamlets LONDON E1 020 TQ355814
Stockwell Lambeth LONDON SW8, SW9 020 TQ305755
Stoke Newington Hackney LONDON N16 020 TQ335865
Stonebridge Brent LONDON NW10 020 TQ203839
Stratford Newham LONDON E15 020 TQ385845
Strawberry Hill Richmond upon Thames TWICKENHAM TW1, TW2 020 TQ155725
Streatham Lambeth LONDON SW16 020 TQ305715
Stroud Green Haringey LONDON N4 020 TQ311881
Sudbury Brent, Ealing, Harrow HARROW, WEMBLEY HA0, HA1 020 TQ165852
Sundridge Bromley BROMLEY BR1 020 TQ406702
Surbiton Kingston upon Thames SURBITON KT5, KT6 020 TQ180673
Surrey Quays Southwark LONDON SE16 020 TQ356789
Sutton Sutton SUTTON SM1, SM2 020 TQ255645
Swiss Cottage Camden LONDON NW3 020 TQ266842
Sydenham (also Lower Sydenham,
Upper Sydenham)
Lewisham, Bromley LONDON SE26 020 TQ352714
Sydenham Hill Lewisham, Southwark LONDON SE21, SE26 020 TQ352714
Teddington Richmond upon Thames TEDDINGTON TW11 020 TQ159708
Temple City, Westminster LONDON EC4, WC2 020 TQ311809
Temple Fortune Barnet[16] BARNET NW11 020 TQ245955
Thamesmead Bexley, Greenwich LONDON, ERITH SE28, SE2, DA18 020 TQ475805
Thornton Heath Croydon THORNTON HEATH CR7 020 TQ315685
Tokyngton Brent WEMBLEY HA9 020 TQ195845
Tolworth Kingston upon Thames SURBITON KT5, KT6 020 TQ197659
Tooting Wandsworth LONDON SW17 020 TQ275715
Tooting Bec Wandsworth LONDON SW17 020 TQ275715
Tottenham Haringey LONDON N15, N17 020 TQ335905
Tottenham Green Haringey LONDON N15 020 TQ337892
Tottenham Hale Haringey LONDON N15, N17 020 TQ345895
Totteridge Barnet LONDON N20 020 TQ245945
Tower Hill Tower Hamlets LONDON EC3 020 TQ333806
Tufnell Park Islington, Camden LONDON N7, N19 020 TQ295855
Tulse Hill Lambeth LONDON SW2, SE27 020 TQ315735
Turnpike Lane Haringey LONDON N8 020 TQ305905
Twickenham Richmond upon Thames TWICKENHAM TW1, TW2 020 TQ155735
Upminster Havering UPMINSTER RM14 01708 TQ560865
Upminster Bridge Havering HORNCHURCH RM12 01708 TQ552867
Upper Clapton Hackney LONDON E5 020 TQ345875
Upper Holloway Islington LONDON N19 020 TQ297867
Upper Norwood Croydon LONDON SE19 020 TQ329707
Upper Ruxley Bexley, Bromley SIDCUP, ORPINGTON DA14, BR5 020, 01689 TQ4970
Upper Walthamstow Waltham Forest LONDON E17 020 TQ385895
Upton Bexley BEXLEYHEATH DA6 020 TQ485755
Upton Park Newham LONDON E6, E13 020 TQ405837
Uxbridge Hillingdon UXBRIDGE UB8 01895 TQ055835
Vauxhall Lambeth LONDON SW8 020 TQ305785
Waddon Croydon CROYDON CR0 020 TQ315645
Wallington Sutton WALLINGTON SM6 020 TQ294645
Walthamstow Waltham Forest LONDON E17 020 TQ375865
Walthamstow Village Waltham Forest LONDON E17 020 TQ385895
Walworth Southwark LONDON SE17 020 TQ325785
Wandsworth Wandsworth LONDON SW18 020 TQ255755
Wanstead Redbridge LONDON E11 020 TQ405885
Wapping Tower Hamlets LONDON E1 020 TQ345805
Wealdstone Harrow HARROW HA3 020 TQ155895
Well Hall Greenwich LONDON SE9 020 TQ425751
Welling Bexley WELLING DA16 020 TQ465755
Wembley Brent WEMBLEY HA0, HA9 020 TQ175855
Wembley Park Brent WEMBLEY HA9 020 TQ192863
Wennington Havering RAINHAM RM13 01708 TQ545805
West Brompton Kensington and Chelsea LONDON SW10 020 TQ253779
West Drayton Hillingdon WEST DRAYTON UB7 01895 TQ065795
West Ealing Ealing LONDON W13 020 TQ153802
West Green Haringey LONDON N15 020 TQ324892
West Hackney Hackney LONDON N16 020 TQ340865
West Ham Newham LONDON E13, E15 020 TQ405837
West Hampstead Camden LONDON NW6 020 TQ255855
West Harrow Harrow HARROW HA2 020 TQ145875
West Heath Bexley LONDON SE2 020 TQ475775
West Hendon Barnet LONDON NW9 020 TQ215885
West Kensington Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON W14 020 TQ246783
West Norwood Lambeth LONDON SE27 020 TQ325715
West Wickham Bromley LONDON BR4 020 TQ379660
Westcombe Park Greenwich LONDON SE3 020 TQ402780
Westminster Westminster LONDON SW1 020 TQ295795
Whetstone Barnet LONDON N20 020 TQ265935
White City Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON W12 020 TQ233807
Whitechapel Tower Hamlets LONDON E1 020 TQ335815
Widmore (also Widmore Green) Bromley BROMLEY BR1 020 TQ411691
Whitton Richmond upon Thames TWICKENHAM TW2 020 TQ145735
Willesden Brent LONDON NW10 020 TQ227846
Wimbledon Merton LONDON SW19, SW20 020 TQ239709
Winchmore Hill Enfield LONDON N21 020 TQ315945
Wood Green Haringey LONDON N22 020 TQ305905
Woodford Redbridge LONDON IG8, E18 020 TQ405915
Woodford Green Redbridge, Waltham Forest LONDON, WOODFORD GREEN IG8 020 TQ405915
Woodlands Hounslow ISLEWORTH TW7 020 TQ155755
Woodside Croydon CROYDON CR0 020 TQ344672
Woodside Park Barnet LONDON N12 020 TQ256925
Woolwich Greenwich LONDON SE18 020 TQ435795
Worcester Park Sutton, Kingston upon Thames WORCESTER PARK KT4 020 TQ225655
Wormwood Scrubs Hammersmith and Fulham LONDON W12 020 TQ225815
Yeading Hillingdon HAYES UB4 020 TQ115825
Yiewsley Hillingdon WEST DRAYTON UB7 020 TQ063804

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