List of districts in the London Borough of Lewisham

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This list shows places located wholly or partly within the London Borough of Lewisham in southeast London, England. Places in italics are only partly in the borough. Places in bold have their own articles with that title; places not in bold are either redirects to other place articles that encompass them, or have no article at all.

The chart shows the electoral wards, the United Kingdom constituencies, and the postcodes the places are located within. There are three constituencies within the borough; they are Lewisham East (LE), Lewisham Deptford (LD) and Lewisham West and Penge (LWP), which also covers part of the London Borough of Bromley. For places only partly in the borough, the chart shows the wards, constituencies, and postcodes that cover the area of the place within the Lewisham borough only.

The post town for all SE post codes is LONDON and covers almost the whole borough, the small part covered by BR1 has the post town BROMLEY. The dialling code 020 covers the whole borough.

Map of London Borough of Lewisham showing location of places within it
District/Suburb ward(s) constituency postcode area coord notes
Bell Green Bellingham, Sydenham LWP SE6, SE23, SE26 TQ366720 Considered part of Lower Sydenham
Bellingham Bellingham LWP SE6 TQ375715
Blackheath Blackheath LE SE3 TQ395765 Also partly covered by the Royal Borough of Greenwich
Brockley Brockley LD SE4 TQ367754
Catford Catford South, Rushy Green LE SE6 TQ385735
Chinbrook Grove Park LE SE12, SE9 TQ411722
Crofton Park Crofton Park LD SE23, SE4 TQ365745
Crystal Palace Sydenham LWP SE26 TQ343714
Deptford Evelyn LD SE8 TQ372772
Downham Downham LE BR1 TQ389713 Also covered partly by the London Borough of Bromley
Forest Hill Forest Hill LWP SE23 TQ354728
Grove Park Grove Park LE SE12, SE9, BR1 TQ406721 Also covered partly by the London Borough of Bromley
Hatcham New Cross LD SE14, SE15 TQ357768 Now widely called New Cross Gate
Hither Green Lee Green, Lewisham LE, LD SE13, SE6, SE12 TQ395745
Honor Oak Forest Hill LWP SE23 TQ354739
Honor Oak Park Crofton Park LD SE23, SE4 TQ360740
Ladywell Ladywell LD SE13, SE4 TQ380747
Lee Lee Green LE SE12, SE13, SE3 TQ391753 Name interchangeable with Lee Green
Lee Green Lee Green LE SE12, SE3, SE13 TQ399749 Name interchangeable with Lee
Lewisham Lewisham LD SE13 TQ385755
Lower Sydenham Sydenham, Bellingham LWP SE26, SE23 TQ356718 Also covered partly by the London Borough of Bromley
New Cross New Cross LD SE14, SE4 TQ366769
New Cross Gate New Cross LD SE14, SE15 TQ360768
Perry Vale Perry Vale LWP SE23, SE26 TQ360725 Often considered as Forest Hill
St John's Brockley, Ladywell LD SE8, SE4 TQ375762
Southend Whitefoot, Downham LE SE6, BR1 TQ382717 Often known as Bellingham
Sydenham Sydenham LWP SE26 TQ352714 Also covered partly by the London Borough of Bromley
Sydenham Hill Sydenham LWP SE21, SE26, SE23 TQ346723 Also covered partly by the London Borough of Southwark
Telegraph Hill Telegraph Hill LD SE4, SE14 TQ359760
Upper Sydenham Sydenham LWP SE26 TQ345717 Also covered partly by the London Borough of Bromley