List of wars: 1945–1989

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Graph of global conflict deaths from 1945 to 1989 from various sources.

This is a list of wars that began between 1945 and 1989. Other wars can be found in the historical lists of wars and the list of wars extended by diplomatic irregularity. Major conflicts of this period include the Chinese Civil War in Asia, the Greek Civil War in Europe, La Violencia in South America, the Ethiopian Civil War in Africa, and the Guatemalan Civil War in North America.


Start Finish Name of conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
8 May 1945 1950 Crusader insurgency  SFR Yugoslavia Crusaders
1945 1945 1945 Khuzestan revolt[1]
November 1945 Spring 1946 1945 Hazara Rebellion Kingdom of Afghanistan Hazara rebels under Ebrāhim Beg
15 August 1945 Ongoing

[Stalemate in 1953]

Korean conflict
17 August 1945 27 December 1949 Indonesian National Revolution  Indonesia  Netherlands
 United Kingdom (until 1946)
 Japan (until 1946)
15 November 1945 15 December 1946 Iran crisis of 1946 Iran
Supported by:
 United States
 United Kingdom
Republic of Mahabad
Azerbaijan People's Republic
Supported by:
 Soviet Union
30 March 1946 16 October 1949 Greek Civil War  Kingdom of Greece Supported by:
 United States (from 1947)

 United Kingdom (until 1947)

Provisional Democratic Government

NOF partisans

Supported by:

 Soviet Union (until 1947)

4 July 1946 17 May 1954 Hukbalahap rebellion (post-WWII) Philippines Philippines
Supported by:
 United States
September 1946 November 1946 Autumn Uprising of 1946 in Korea United States Army Military Government in Korea Peasant rebels
October 1946 October 1946 Punnapra-Vayalar uprising  Travancore: Kingdom of Travancore Laborers in Punnapra and Vayalar
Communist Party of India
19 December 1946 1 August 1954 First Indochina War
Indochina Wars
Viet Minh
Pathet Lao
Khmer Issarak
United Issarak Front
Japan Japanese holdouts
Supported by:
 Soviet Union
 East Germany
French Union
French Fourth Republic
State of Vietnam
 Kingdom of Laos
Supported by:

 United States

7 March 1947 20 August 1947 Paraguayan Civil War (1947) Paraguayan Government
Military of Paraguay
Colorado Party
Liberal Party
June 1947 October 1947 1947 Poonch Rebellion People of Poonch and Mirpur; Muslim Conference

Supported by:

Maharaja Hari Singh and his Dogra forces
1947 1947 Integration of Junagadh  India Junagadh
1947 1962 Romanian anti-communist resistance movement  Romania
Supported by:
 Soviet Union
Romania Anti-communist rebels
22 October 1947 5 January 1949 Indo-Pakistani War of 1947
29 March 1947 November 1948 Malagasy Uprising  France Malagasy rebels
29 November 1947 14 May 1948 1947–48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine
Part of the 1948 Palestine war
Israel Jews of Palestine All-Palestine Protectorate Arabs of Palestine
1948[4] or 1947[5] 1949 Safi Rebellion[4][5] Kingdom of Afghanistan Safi rebels
20 February 1948 25 February 1948 1948 Czechoslovak coup d'état Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
Supported by:
 Soviet Union
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak government
12 March 1948 24 April 1948 Costa Rican Civil War National Liberation Army Government of Costa Rica
2 April 1948 Ongoing Internal conflict in Burma Union government (1948–1962)

Military governments (1962–2011)

Myanmar Current government (since 2011)

DKBA (1994–2010)

Anti-government factions:

KNU (since 1949)

Communist Party (1948–1988)

MNDAA (since 1989)
NDAA (since 1989)
SSA (since 1988)

SSNA (1995–2005) WNA (1975–1988)
UWSP (since 1988)

KIO (since 1961)

PNO (1949–1991)
MTA (1985–1996)
God's Army (1997–2006)
ABSDF (Since 1980s)
SSVF (1967–1980)
RNA (since 1998)

TNLA (since 1992)

Supported by:
ROC (1948–1980s)
 United States
China PRC

3 April 1948 May 1949 Jeju uprising  South Korea Workers' Party of South Korea
9 April 1948 1958 La Violencia Colombia Government of Colombia
Conservative Party
Liberal Party
14 May 1948 10 March 1949 1948 Arab–Israeli War
Part of the Arab–Israeli conflict
 Israel  Egypt
Arab Liberation Army
 Saudi Arabia
Foreign volunteers:
Muslim Brotherhood
16 June 1948 12 July 1960 Malayan Emergency  United Kingdom
Federation of Malaya
 Southern Rhodesia
King's African Rifles
 New Zealand
Nepali Gurkhas
Supported by:
Supported by:
 Soviet Union
 North Vietnam (from 1954)
North Vietnam Viet Minh (from 1954)
13 September 1948 18 September 1948 Operation Polo  India Royal State of Hyderabad
18 September 1948 October 1948 Madiun Affair
Part of the Indonesian National Revolution
 Indonesia People's Democratic Front
Indonesian Socialist Party
September 1948 October 1948 Yeosu–Suncheon rebellion  South Korea Communist Rebels
1948 25 June 1950 Pre-Korean War insurgency[6]  South Korea Anti-government insurgents
North Korea Pro-North Korean rebels
1949 1949 1949 Hazara Rebellion  Kingdom of Afghanistan Hazara rebels under Qurban Zawar
1949 29 October 1956 Palestinian Fedayeen insurgency
Part of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict
 Israel All-Palestine Protectorate Palestinian Fedayeen
Supported by:
26 February 1949 Palace Rebellion  Thailand Supporters of Pridi Phanomyong
1949 1951 Campaign to Suppress Bandits in Central and Southern China  People's Republic of China National Revolutionary Army
7 August 1949 1965 Darul Islam Insurgency
Part of the Indonesian National Revolution
Darul Islam
1949 Ongoing Afghanistan–Pakistan skirmishes  Pakistan

Supported by:


Supported by:


Start Finish Name of conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
1950 1961 Buraimi War [ar]
9 January 1950 1958 Kuomintang Islamic insurgency  People's Republic of China  Republic of China
22 January 1950 23 January 1950 APRA coup d'état
Part of the Indonesian National Revolution
Legion of Ratu Adil
5 April 1950 21 April 1950 Makassar Uprising
Part of the Indonesian National Revolution
 Indonesia Ambonese Veterans
12 June 1950 15 June 1950 La Revolución del 50 [es]  Peru Rebels
6 October 1950 19 October 1950 Battle of Chamdo  People's Republic of China  Tibet
30 October 1950 Utuado Uprising  United States Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
San Juan Nationalist revolt
Jayuya Uprising
25 June 1950 27 July 1953[7] Korean War
Part of the Korean conflict
29 June 1951 Manhattan Rebellion  Thailand Rebel naval units
14 April 1951 13 November 1966 Reprisal operations  Israel Palestinian Fedayeen
1951 1951 1951 Anglo-Egyptian War[9]  United Kingdom Egypt Egypt
1952 1952 Harazajat peasant's revolt[10] Kingdom of Afghanistan Rebels
1952 1955 Invasion of Hamasa Flag of the Trucial States (1968–1971).svg Trucial Oman Scouts

Supported by:

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British Empire

Flag of Muscat.svg Sultanate of Muscat and Oman

Flag of Saudi Arabia (1934–1938).svg Saudi Arabia

Supported by:

  • Al Bu Shamis tribe
  • Na'im tribe
Summer 1952 1960 Mau Mau Uprising  United Kingdom Mau Mau
10 March 1953 Air battle over Merklín  Czechoslovakia  United States
31 May 1953 2 June 1953 Uprising in Plzeň (1953)  Czechoslovakia Plzeň workers
16 June 1953 17 June 1953 Uprising of 1953 in East Germany  Soviet Union
 East Germany
East German demonstrators
26 July 1953 1 January 1959 Cuban Revolution 26th of July Movement Batista Government
1954 Ongoing Xinjiang conflict  China East Turkestan Uyghur separatist movements
16 May 1954 26 June 1954 Kengir uprising Soviet Union USSR Kengir resistance
3 September 1954 1 May 1955 First Taiwan Strait Crisis  PRC  ROC
 United States
13 June 1954 Coup d'état of Yanaon India Indian Separatists France French India
22 July 1954 11 August 1954 Annexation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli India India Portugal Portugal
23 June 1958 22 September 1958 Second Taiwan Strait Crisis  PRC  ROC
 United States
1954 1959 Jebel Akhdar War Sultanate of Muscat and Oman
  • Ibriyin tribe
Imamate of Oman
1 November 1954 19 March 1962 Algerian War FLN
1954 1962 Café Wars FLN MNA
1955 1955 Preventive Strike of Marechal Lott [pt]
1955 1955 Afghan tribal revolt of 1955[11][4] Kingdom of Afghanistan Rebels
1955 1955 Calderonista Invasion of Costa Rica  Costa Rica Calderonistas



1955 1959 Rebellion against British Ruling by Greek Cypriots (EOKA)  Cyprus  British Empire
1955 1964 Cameroonian Independence War  France Union of the Peoples of Cameroon
1955 1957 Upper Yafa uprisings[12]  British Empire Rebels
18 August 1955 27 March 1972 First Sudanese Civil War SSLM
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
Republic of the Sudan
Democratic Republic of the Sudan
1 November 1955 30 April 1975 Vietnam War North Vietnam
Khmer Rouge
Khmer Issarak
Pathet Lao
 North Korea
 Soviet Union
 South Vietnam
 United States
 South Korea
 New Zealand
 Kingdom of Laos
 Khmer Republic
28 June 1956 30 June 1956 Poznań Uprising People's Republic of Poland Strike Committee
23 October 1956 11 November 1956 Hungarian Revolution of 1956  Soviet Union
State Protection Authority
Hungarian revolutionaries
29 October 1956 7 November 1956 Suez Crisis  Israel[13]
 United Kingdom
2 November 1956 14 November 1956 Quỳnh Lưu Uprising North Vietnam Anti-communist rebels
23 October 1957 30 June 1958 Ifni War  Spain
Late 1950s Late 1950s Anti-taxation uprising in Afghanistan[15] Kingdom of Afghanistan Hazara rebels
15 July 1958 25 October 1958 1958 Lebanon crisis  Lebanon
 United States


14 July 1958 14 July Revolution Iraq Free Officers Arab Federation Arab Federation
December 1958 September 1959 North Vietnamese invasion of Laos
Part of the Vietnam War and the Laotian Civil War
 North Vietnam  Kingdom of Laos
30 December 1958 15 September 1959 Mexico–Guatemala conflict  Guatemala  Mexico
1958 1961 Permesta  Indonesia Permesta rebels
7 March 1959 11 March 1959 1959 Mosul uprising Iraq Iraq United Arab Republic Arab nationalist rebels
1959 1959 Spirit Soldier rebellion (1959)  People's Republic of China Regiment of Spirit Soldiers
10 March 1959 23 March 1959 1959 Tibetan uprising  People's Republic of China  Tibet

Chushi Gangdruk

23 May 1959 2 December 1975 Laotian Civil War Pathet Lao
 North Vietnam
 Kingdom of Laos
 United States
 South Vietnam
1959 1965 Escambray Rebellion  Cuba Anti-communist guerrillas
1959 1959 Pashtun Revolt in Kandahar[16] Kingdom of Afghanistan Pashtun rebels
15 June 1959 18 June 1959 Upper Yafa disturbances[17]
(Further info: House of commons debate)
 British Empire Rebels

Supported by:
 Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen

1959 1959 Cuban invasion of Panama[18]  Panama  Cuba
1959 1959 Cuban invasion of the Dominican Republic[19]  Dominican Republic  Cuba
31 July 1959 20 October 2011 Basque conflict  Spain
Basque National Liberation Movement
ETA (pm)


Start Finish Name of conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
1960 1960 1960 Ethiopian coup attempt  Ethiopian Empire Kebur Zabangna
1960 1961 Bajaur Campaign  Pakistan  Afghanistan
1960 1961 1960–61 campaign at the China–Burma border  People's Republic of China
National Revolutionary Army
1960 1965 Congo Crisis 1960–63:

Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo

Supported by:
 Soviet Union (1960)

Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Supported by:
 United States


 South Kasai

Supported by:
 Union of South Africa
Democratic Republic of the Congo Stanleyville government
Simba and Kwilu rebels

Supported by:
1960 Ongoing Katanga insurgency  Democratic Republic of the Congo

United Nations MONUSCO
Self-defence groups

Mai-Mai Kata Katanga (2011–2016)

Mai Mai Gédéon

Mai Mai Yakutumba

1960 1996 Guatemalan Civil War Guatemalan military URNG
1960 Ongoing South Thailand insurgency  Thailand National Revolution Front (BRN)
Runda Kumpulan Kecil (RKK)
Pattani Islamic Mujahideen Movement (GMIP)
United Mujahideen Front of Pattani (BBMP)
Islamic Front for the Liberation of Pattani (BIPP)
Patani United Liberation Organisation (PULO)
Jemaah Islamiyah (JI)
1960 Ongoing Xinjiang conflict China China

Supported by:
SCO (2001–present)

Armed groups:
Supported by:
Supported by:
Civilian groups:
1961 1990 Nicaraguan Revolution FSLN Contras
Somoza government
1961 1970 First Iraqi–Kurdish War KDP Republic of Iraq
Syrian Arab Republic
1961 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion  Cuba  United States
Brigade 2506
1961 1961 Bizerte crisis  France  Tunisia
1961 1962 French military rebellion in Algeria[22][23]
Part of the Algerian War
 France OAS
1961 1962 Operation Trikora  Indonesia  Netherlands
1961 1991 Eritrean War of Independence EPLF
 Soviet Union
 South Yemen
1961 1961 Indian annexation of Goa  India  Portugal
1961 1975 Angolan War of Independence
Part of the Portuguese Colonial War
 South Africa
1961 1961 1961 revolt in Somalia Somalia Somali Republic Rebels
1961 1961 Rebellion of the Pilots
1962 1964 Tuareg rebellion (1962–64)  Mali Tuareg guerrillas
1962 1970 North Yemen Civil War  Yemen Arab Republic
 Egypt (until 1967)
Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen
Supported by:
 Saudi Arabia
 United Kingdom
1962 1962 Sino-Indian War  China  India
1962 1962 Brunei revolt  United Kingdom


North Borneo Federation


1962 1990 Communist insurgency in Sarawak  United Kingdom
North Kalimantan Communist Party
1962 1976 Dhofar Rebellion  Oman
 United Kingdom
DLF (1962–1968)
PFLOAG (1968–1974)
NDFLOAG (1969–1971)
PFLO (1974–1976)
1963 1963 1963 Argentine Navy revolt Argentina Azules faction (most of the Army and the Air Force) Argentina Colorados faction (mainly the Navy)
1963 1963 1963 Cuban invasion of Venezuela[24]  Venezuela  Cuba
1963 1963 Sand War  Morocco  Algeria
1963 1963 Ramadan Revolution Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party Iraq Iraq
Iraqi Communist Party
1963 1963 Ar-Rashid revolt Iraq Iraqi Government Iraqi Communist Party
Iraq Iraqi Army
1963 1963 November 1963 Iraqi coup d'état Iraq Nasserist rebels Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party
1963 1963 1963 Syrian coup d'état Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Syria Region Syria Syria
1963 1966 Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation  Malaysia
 United Kingdom
 New Zealand
1963 1967 Shifta War  Kenya Northern Frontier District Liberation Movement
1963 1970 Bale revolt  Ethiopian Empire Oromo Peasants
Somali Peasants
1963 1974 Guinea-Bissau War of Independence
Part of the Portuguese Colonial War
PAIGC  Portugal
1963 1967 Aden Emergency NLF
 United Kingdom
Federation of South Arabia Federation of South Arabia
1964 1964 1964 Ethiopian–Somali Border War  Ethiopian Empire Somalia Somali Republic
1964 1964 Simba rebellion
Part of the Congo Crisis
Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo-Léopoldville
 United States
Simba Rebels
1964 1979 Rhodesian Bush War ZANU
 Zimbabwe Rhodesia
1964 1992 FULRO insurgency against Vietnam  North Vietnam (1964–1976)
Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam Viet Cong
 South Vietnam
 Vietnam (after 1976)
Flag of FULRO.svg United Front for the Liberation of Oppressed Races
1964 Present Colombian conflict (1964–present)  Colombia FARC
1964 1974 Mozambican War of Independence
Part of the Portuguese Colonial War
FRELIMO  Portugal
1964 Ongoing Insurgency in Northeast India  India In nagaland.png NSCN
Ulfa logo.svg ULFA
In tpdf.gif ATTF
1964 1964 Zanzibar Revolution Afro-Shirazi Party
Umma Party
 Sultanate of Zanzibar
1965 1965 30 September Movement  Indonesia Thirtieth of September Movement
1965 1965 Dominican Civil War (CEFA) Dominican Armed Forces Training Center
(SIM) Dominican Military Intelligence Service
 United States
(IAPF) Inter-American Peace Force
Dominican Armed Forces Constitutionalists
PRD partisans
1965 1965 United States invasion of the Dominican Republic (1965) [es]  United States  Dominican Republic
1965 1966 American occupation of the Dominican Republic (1965–66)  United States
Inter-American Peace Force:
 Costa Rica
 El Salvador
 Dominican Republic
1965 1965 Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
Indo-Pakistani Wars
 India Pakistan Pakistan
1965 1983 Communist insurgency in Thailand  Thailand Communist party of Thailand
1965 1979 Chadian Civil War (1965–79) Flag of Frolinat.svg FROLINAT
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Libya
1966 1967 Guerrilha do Caparaó [pt] Brazil Rebels
1966 1977 Crisis in French Somaliland[25] Djiboutian nationalists  France
1966 1967 Stanleyville mutinies
Part of the Congo Crisis
 DRC Katangan Mercenaries
1966 1967 Ñancahuazú Guerrilla War  Bolivia
 United States
Ejército de Liberación Nacional
1966 1969 Korean DMZ Conflict
Part of the Korean conflict
South Korea
 United States
 North Korea
1966 1989 South African Border War  Angola
Umkhonto we Sizwe
 South Africa
1967 1967 Invasion of Machurucuto  Venezuela  Cuba
1967 1967 1967 China-India border conflicts  India  China
1967 1967 Six-Day War  Israel  Egypt
Arab Expeditionary Forces:
 Saudi Arabia
1967 1968 1967 Kurdish revolt in Iran Iran Iran Kurdish tribesmen
1967 1974 Araguaia Guerrilla War Brazil Brazilian military government Communist Party of Brazil
1967 1975 Cambodian Civil War National United Front of Kampuchea
Khmer Rouge
 North Vietnam
Viet Cong
 Khmer Republic
 United States
 South Vietnam
1967 1970 Nigerian Civil War  Nigeria  Biafra
1967 1970 War of Attrition  Israel  Egypt
 Soviet Union
1967 Ongoing Naxalite–Maoist insurgency  India Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Naxalbari

Communist Party of United States of India
Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) New Democracy
Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) (Mahadev Mukherjee)
Centre of Indian Communists (until 1977)
People's Liberation Army of Manipur
Tamil Nadu Liberation Army
Purbo Banglar Communist Party

1968 1989 Communist insurgency in Malaysia (1968–89)  Malaysia
Malayan Communist Party
1968 1998 The Troubles PIRA (Stalemate)  United Kingdom (Stalemate)
1968 1982 Years of Lead (Italy)  Italy Far-left terrorist

Far-right terrorist

1968 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia  Soviet Union
People's Republic of Bulgaria
 East Germany
People's Republic of Hungary
People's Republic of Poland
Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
1969 Ongoing Civil conflict in the Philippines Philippines Philippines
 United States
Indonesia Government of Indonesia
Malaysia Government of Malaysia
Communist Party

Moro people:


1969 Ongoing Insurgency of the Communist Party of the Philippines Philippines Philippines
 United States[26]
Anti-communist militia
Flag of the Communist Party of the Philippines (alternative II).svg CPP
Hukbalahap flag.svg MLPP-RHB [27]
Hukbalahap flag.svg APP [27]
Hukbalahap flag.svg RPA [27]
Hukbalahap flag.svg ABB [27]
Hukbalahap flag.svg CPLA [27]

 People's Republic of China (1969–1976)
 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (1980s–2011)
 North Korea (Alleged)
 Vietnam (1980s)

1969 Ongoing Moro insurgency in the Philippines  Philippines

Supported by:
 United States (advisers)
 Malaysia (since 2001)

Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)
Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) (until 2014)
Ampatuan militias[29]

Former support:
 Egypt (to MILF)[30]
Libya Libya (to MNLF)[31][32][33][34]
 Malaysia (to MNLF and MILF)[35][36]
Rajah Sulaiman Movement
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Khalifa Islamiyah Mindanao[37]

Other MILF rogue factions

  • Justice for Islamic Movement

Supported by::
14K Triad (to ASG)[40]
 Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant[41]

1969 1969 Football War  El Salvador  Honduras
1969 1969 Al-Wadiah War  Saudi Arabia  South Yemen
1969 1969 Rupununi Uprising Guyana (1966–1970) Guyana Rupununi separatists
1969 1969 Sino-Soviet border conflict  China (Statu quo ante bellum)  Soviet Union (Statu quo ante bellum)
1969 1969 1969 Greensboro uprising Authorities Activists
  • Student Organization for Black Unity
  • Student protesters
  • Rioting locals
1969 Ongoing Papua conflict  Indonesia Free Papua Movement


Start Finish Name of conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
1970 1971 Black September in Jordan  Jordan  PLO
1970 1972 Reggio revolt  Italy Christian Democracy
Italian Social Movement
Italian Social Democratic Party
National Italian Workers' Union
Italian General Confederation of Labour
1970 1982 Dirty War (Mexico)  Mexico
Party of the Poor
Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre
1971 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War
Indo-Pakistani wars and conflicts
Provisional Government of Bangladesh
1971 1972 1971 Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Insurrection  Ceylon JVP
1971 1971 Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Bangladesh Liberation War and the Indo-Pakistani wars and conflicts
 India[44][45][46]  Pakistan
1971 1971 Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs conflict Iran Iran  Sharjah
1972 1972 1972 invasion of Uganda[47]  Uganda Uganda FRONASA
1972 1974 First Eritrean Civil War EPLF ELF
1972 1975 1972–1975 Bangladesh insurgency  Bangladesh Bangladesh Gonobahini

Purba Banglar Sarbahara Party

1973 1973 1973 Samita border skirmish Iraq Kuwait
1973 1973 Yom Kippur War  Israel  Egypt
Combat support:
1973 1990 Armed resistance in Chile (1973–90)  Chile Revolutionary Left Movement
Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front
Lautaro Youth Movement
1973 Ongoing Oromo Conflict Ethiopian Empire (1973–1975)
Derg (1975–1987)
PDRE (1987–1991)
Ethiopia Transitional Government of Ethiopia (1991–1995)
 Ethiopia (1995–present)
1974 1978 Gombe Chimpanzee War Kasakela chimpanzees Kahama chimpanzees
1974 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus  Turkey  Cyprus
1974 1974 Battle of the Paracel Islands  China  South Vietnam
1974 1991 Ethiopian Civil War EPRP
Ethiopian government
 East Germany
 Soviet Union
 North Korea
1974 1975 Second Iraqi–Kurdish War Ba'athist Iraq KDP
1974 1975 1974–75 Shatt al-Arab clashes Ba'athist Iraq Imperial State of Iran
1975 1975 Islamist uprising in the Panjshir Valley Kingdom of Afghanistan Forces loyal to Ahmad Shah Massoud
1975 2002 Angolan Civil War MPLA
 Soviet Union
 East Germany
 South Africa
Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg United States
1975 Ongoing Cabinda War  Angola
 East Germany(1975–1990)
 Soviet Union (1975–1991)
1975 1991 Western Sahara War
Part of the Western Sahara conflict
 Mauritania (1975–1979)
 France (1977–1978)
Polisario Front
 Algeria (1976)
1975 1979 PUK insurgency  Iraq PUK
1975 1990 Lebanese Civil War LF
 Syria (until 1976)
Tigers Militia
 Israel (1982)
 United States
LNM (until 1982)
LNRF (from 1982)
 PLO (1978–1983)
1975 1989 Cambodian–Vietnamese War  Vietnam
Democratic Kampuchea
Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg United States
1975 Ongoing Insurgency in Laos  Laos
Hmong insurgents
 United States
1975 1975 Indonesian invasion of East Timor  Indonesia Fretilin / Falintil
1976 Early 1980s Rebellion of the Lost [pt] Brazil Brazilian military government Rebels
1976 1983 Dirty War  Argentina Montoneros
1976 2005 Insurgency in Aceh  Indonesia Free Aceh Movement
1976 1980 Political violence in Turkey (1976–80) Right-wing groups:

Grey Wolves (MHP)

Left-wing groups:
Devrimci Yol
1977 1977 Safar uprising[52] Ba'athist Iraq Rebels
1977 1992 Mozambican Civil War FRELIMO RENAMO
1977 1977 Libyan–Egyptian War  Egypt  Libya
1977 1978 Ethio-Somali War Ethiopia
South Yemen
 Soviet Union
1977 1997 Chittagong Hill Tracts conflict  Bangladesh Flag of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Shanti Bahini.svg Shanti Bahini
1977 1977 Shaba I  Zaire
State of Katanga FNLC
1978 1978 Shaba II  Zaire
 United States
State of Katanga FNLC
1978 1978 1978 South Lebanon conflict  Israel
1978 1979 Uganda–Tanzania War  Tanzania
1978 1987 Chadian–Libyan conflict CAF
1978 Ongoing Kurdish–Turkish conflict  Turkey
1978 1982 NDF Rebellion  North Yemen NDF
1979 1979 Grand Mosque seizure  Saudi Arabia al-Ikhwan
1979 1979 1979 Herat uprising Democratic Republic of Afghanistan Army mutineers
1979 1979 Yemenite War of 1979  North Yemen  South Yemen
1979 1979 1979 Khuzestan uprising Iran APCO


1979 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War  China  Vietnam
1979 1990 Sino-Vietnamese conflicts 1979–90  China  Vietnam
1979 1982 Islamist uprising in Syria  Syria Muslim Brotherhood of Syria
1979 1983 1979 Kurdish rebellion in Iran  Iran KDP-I
1979 1988 Al-Ansar insurgency  Iraq Iraqi Communist Party
1979 1980 1979–1980 Shia uprising in Iraq  Iraq Shiite rebels
1979 1989 Soviet–Afghan War Peshawar Seven
Tehran Eight
 Soviet Union
Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
1979 1992 Salvadoran Civil War Salvadoran government FMLN


Start Finish Name of conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
February 1980 24 March 1981 Second Eritrean Civil War Eritrean People's Liberation Front Flag of Eritrea (1952-1961).svg Eritrean Liberation Front
17 May 1980 Ongoing Internal conflict in Peru  Peru
Rondas Campesinas
Shining Path
Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement
18 May 1980 27 May 1980 Gwangju Uprising  South Korea Gwangju Settlement Committees
9 July 1980 10 July 1980 Nojeh coup plot  Iran Royalist Officers
August 1980 September 1980 Coconut War  Vanuatu
 Papua New Guinea
Nagriamel rebels
12 September 1980 Ongoing Maoist insurgency in Turkey  Turkey TKP/ML-TİKKO



Maoist Party Centre

22 September 1980 20 August 1988 Iran–Iraq War  Iraq
25 January 1981 5 February 1981 Paquisha War  Peru  Ecuador
6 February 1981 25 January 1986 Ugandan Bush War National Resistance Army Uganda National Liberation Army
8 February 1981 12 February 1981 1981 Entumbane uprising  Zimbabwe Zimbabwe African People's Union flag.svg ZIPRA
29 July 1981 1 August 1981 1981 Gambian coup d'état attempt  Gambia
National Revolutionary Council
1982 Ongoing Casamance conflict  Senegal
Casamance Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance
25 January 1982 1982 Amol uprising  Iran Union of Iranian Communists
2 April 1982 14 June 1982 Falklands War  United Kingdom  Argentina
1982 1982 Ndogboyosoi War  Sierra Leone SLPP
6 June 1982 June 1985 1982 Lebanon War Flag of Palestine - short triangle.svg PLO
Syria Syria
InfoboxHez.PNG Hezbollah
Lebanon Jammoul
Flag of the Amal Movement.svg Amal
Flag of Mourabitoun.gif Al-Mourabitoun
Flag of the Amal Movement.svg Islamic Amal
Flag of ASALA.png ASALA
Flag of Jihad.svg Al-Tawhid
Flag of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (1978-1995).svg PKK
Lebanon SLA
Lebanon Lebanese Front
18 February 1985 25 May 2000 Security Zone conflict InfoboxHez.PNG Hezbollah
Lebanon Jammoul
Flag of the Amal Movement.svg Amal
June 1982 August 1982 1982 Ethiopian–Somali Border War  Somalia  Ethiopia
Somali Salvation Democratic Front
18 April 1983 1983 Chadian–Nigerian War  Nigeria  Chad
5 June 1983 9 January 2005 Second Sudanese Civil War SPLA
Anyanya II
Eastern Coalition
23 July 1983 18 May 2009 Sri Lankan Civil War  Sri Lanka
India (1987–1990)
Tamil Tigers
September 1983 1985 Kurdish rebellion of 1983
Part of the Iran–Iraq War
Iraq Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK
25 October 1983 29 October 1983 Invasion of Grenada  United States
 Antigua and Barbuda
 Saint Lucia
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
13 April 1984 25 November 2003 Siachen conflict  India[53][54][55]  Pakistan
25 December 1985 30 December 1985 Agacher Strip War  Mali  Burkina Faso
13 January 1986 24 January 1986 South Yemen Civil War South Yemen Abdul Fattah Ismail's faction South Yemen Ali Nasir Muhammad's faction
15 April 1986 1986 United States bombing of Libya  United States  Libya
November 1986 1992 Surinamese Interior War  Suriname Jungle Commando

Tucayana Amazonas

1986 1987 Ciskei-Transkei conflict  Ciskei  Transkei
15 November 1987 Brașov rebellion  Socialist Republic of Romania Demonstrators
1987 1991 Singing Revolution Citizens of the Baltic States:
 Soviet Union
8 December 1987 1 November 1991
(or 13 September 1993)
First Intifada  Israel Unified National Leadership of the Uprising
Palestinian Islamic Jihad
1987 1989 1987–89 JVP insurrection  Sri Lanka JVP
1987 1987 1987 Sino-Indian skirmish Flag of India.svg India Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China
1987 Ongoing Lord's Resistance Army insurgency  Uganda
 South Sudan
 Democratic Republic of the Congo
United Nations MONUC
 Central African Republic
Flag of Lord's Resistance Army.svg Lord's Resistance Army
20 February 1988 12 May 1994 Nagorno-Karabakh War  Nagorno-Karabakh
1 December 1988 20 April 1998 Bougainville Civil War Autonomous Region of Bougainville Bougainville Revolutionary Army  Papua New Guinea
15 February 1989 30 April 1992 Civil war in Afghanistan (1989–92)
part of the war in afghanistan(1978–present)
Mujahideen Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
9 April 1989 18 July 1991 Mauritania–Senegal Border War  Mauritania  Senegal
13 July 1989 23 August 1996 KDPI insurgency (1989–96) Iran Government of Iran KDP-I
13 July 1989 Ongoing Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
Part of the Kashmir conflict
 India Flag of Jihad.svg Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami
Flag of Jihad.svg Lashkar-e-Taiba

Jaishi-e-Mohammed.svg Jaish-e-Mohammed
Flag of Jihad.svg Hizbul Mujahideen
Harakat flag.png Harkat-ul-Mujahideen
Al-badr flag.png Al-Badr
Kashmir independent.svg Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front

16 December 1989 27 December 1989 Romanian Revolution Anti-Ceaușescu protestors
Romanian Army
Dissident members of the Communist Party
Socialist Republic of Romania
Securitate and other loyalist forces
20 December 1989 31 January 1990 United States invasion of Panama  United States
Panama Panamanian opposition
24 December 1989 2 August 1997 First Liberian Civil War National Patriotic Front of Liberia
Supported by:
Armed Forces of Liberia
 United Nations
Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia

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