Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest 1957

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Eurovision Song Contest 1957
Country  Luxembourg
National selection
Selection process Internal Selection
Selected entrant Danièle Dupré
Selected song "Amours mortes (tant de peine)"
Finals performance
Final result 4th, 8 points
Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Luxembourg was represented in the Eurovision Song Contest 1957 by Danièle Dupré with the song "Amours mortes (tant de peine)", written by Jean-Pierre Kemmer and Jacques Taber. The entry had been chosen internally by the broadcaster.

The entry[edit]

Both the singer and the song were selected internally. The singer was currently touring France whens she was invited to perform in the Eurovision contest for Luxembourg. Later she stated, that she was ambivalent about the song and like a few performers at the time, she only practiced her song once, at the pre-show rehearsal. At the competition, she met Paule Desjardins, the French representative, with whom she would maintain a long friendship. The song was never recorded[1] and therefore also never released as a single.

At Eurovision[edit]

At the Eurovision Song Contest, the entry from Luxembourg was performed second on the night following Belgium and preceding the United Kingdom. Dupré delivered a simple but dramatic performance of her entry. At the close of voting, Luxembourg had received eight points in total putting the country in fourth place among the ten participants along with Germany.


Every country had a jury of ten people. Every jury member could give one point to his or her favourite song.


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