Nous vivrons d'amour

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Luxembourg "Nous vivrons d'amour"
Eurovision Song Contest 1968 entry
Chris Baldo and Sophie Garel
Carlos Leresche
Jacques Demarny
André Borly
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "L'amour est bleu" (1967)   
"Catherine" (1969) ►

"Nous vivrons d'amour" (English translation: "We Will Live By Love") was the Luxembourgish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1968, performed in French by Chris Baldo & Sophie Garel.

The song is a love duet, with the pair promising to "live by love" instead of letting the problems of the world get to them. As a result, they sing, they will be "happy until the last day". Baldo and Garel also recorded the song in German and English, the latter as "Living for Your Love".

The song was performed fifth on the night (following Austria's Karel Gott with "Tausend Fenster" and preceding Switzerland's Gianni Mascolo with "Guardando Il Sole"). At the close of voting, it had received 5 points, placing 11th in a field of 17.

It was succeeded as Luxembourgish representative at the 1969 Contest by Romuald with "Catherine".

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