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The Toyota Ractis is a mini MPV produced by the Japanese automakers Toyota and Kanto Auto Works. It is a five-seater mini MPV based on the Vitz, and was introduced in October 2005 as the successor of the Yaris Verso. The name "Ractis" is derived from "Run", "Activity" and "Space".[1]

First generation (NCP100; 2005–2010)[edit]

First generation
2007 Toyota Ractis.jpg
Manufacturer Toyota
Kanto Auto Works[2]
Production 2005–2010
Assembly Takaoka, Japan (Toyota)[3]
Iwate, Japan (KAW)
Designer Takahiro Minami and Tetsuya Nakagawa (2003)
Hiroaki Suzuki (2007 facelift: 2006)
Body and chassis
Class Mini MPV
Body style 5-door hatchback
Related Toyota Vitz/Yaris (XP90)
Toyota Belta/Vios (XP90)
Toyota ist (XP110)
Engine 1296 cc (1.3L)
1496 cc (1.5L)
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Wheelbase 2,550 mm (100.4 in)
Length 3,955 mm (155.7 in)
Width 1,695 mm (66.7 in)
Height 1,640–1,660 mm (65–65 in)
Curb weight 1,395–1,475 kg (3,075–3,252 lb)
Predecessor Toyota Yaris Verso

The first generation was initially only sold in Japan and is available at Toyota dealership Toyopet Store. Sales in Hong Kong started from October 2009.[4]

Second generation (NCP120; 2010–2017)[edit]

Second generation
Toyota Verso-S 1.33 VVT-i Life – Frontansicht (2), 31. März 2011, Mettmann.jpg
Manufacturer Toyota
Also called Toyota Verso-S
Toyota Space Verso
Subaru Trezia
Production January 2010–June 2016 (Ractis)[5]
January 2010–2017 (Verso-S)
Assembly Japan: Kanegasaki, Iwate (Kanto Auto Works)[5]
Body and chassis
Class Mini MPV
Body style 5-door hatchback
Layout FF layout / AWD
Related Toyota Vitz (XP130)
Toyota Vios (XP150)
Toyota Yaris (XP150)
Toyota Auris (E180)
Toyota Verso (R20)
Engine 1.33 L 1NR-FE
1.4 L 1ND-TV Turbodiesel
1.5 L 1NZ-FE
Transmission 6-speed manual
6-speed MultiMode
7-speed CVT
Wheelbase 2,550 mm (100.4 in)
Length 3,995 mm (157.3 in)
Width 1,695 mm (66.7 in)
Height 1,585–1,705 mm (62.4–67.1 in)
Successor Toyota Sienta
Toyota C-HR (Europe)
Toyota Tank/Subaru Justy (for Subaru Trezia)

The second generation Ractis was unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show as the Toyota Verso-S.[6][7] The Ractis is produced at the Iwate plant by Kanto Auto Works. It is available in 1.3 L and 1.5 L engines with G, X and S grades in Japan. The introduction of the Verso-S marked the re entry of Toyota into the European B-MPV segment. When it hit the market, the Verso-S had the shortest overall length of any mini MPV in Europe.[8]

The Verso-S is available with a choice of two engines, a 1.33 liter gasoline unit or a 1.4 liter D-4D turbo diesel, both mated to a six speed manual gearbox. The gasoline derivative is also offered with an optional, Multidrive S, automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT), which features a seven speed, sequential paddle shift mode. The gasoline model delivers a combined fuel economy of 5.5 lt/100 km (42.8 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 127 g/km, and the diesel model, 4.3 lt/100 km (54.7 mpg) and 113 g/km respectively.[9]

On June 30, 2016, Toyota confirmed that the Ractis reached the end of production for Japanese, Hong Kong and Macau markets, but the Verso-S continued to be produced for European markets until the launch of the C-HR in the beginning of 2017. Sales of the Ractis in Japan ended on August 31, 2016. It was succeeded by the Toyota Sienta.

Subaru Trezia[edit]

Subaru announced a rebadged OEM version of the Ractis for the Japanese market on November 29, 2010. Known as the Subaru Trezia (トレジア), the badge engineered model receives unique bumpers, grille, bonnet, front fenders, headlights, rear finisher and taillight lenses. The name "Trezia" derives from the English language word "treasure".

Engines available comprise the 1.3 liter '1NR-FE and 1.5 liter 1NZ-FE, coupled with an automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT). Front wheel drive is offered as the entry level layout for both engines, with all wheel drive available as an upgrade on the 1.5 liter version.

In January 2011, Subaru debuted an STI tuned "Trezia STI" at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Subaru Trezia (pre-facelift) 
Subaru Trezia (facelift) 
Subaru Trezia STI 
Subaru Trezia STI 


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