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This aims to be a complete article list of Java topics not yet categorized under Category:Java platform (or a subcategory):

  • First we have to put Good, Bad or Unclear instead of the ?
  • Then we will decide to put the Unclear candidates under Good or Bad.
  • We will then cross (eliminate) the Bad candidates in the list.
  • We will also put the Good candidate articles under Category:Java platform (or a subcategory).
  • Most (but not all) Good candidates should also be tagged as WikiProject_Java on their talk page.
  • Good candidates articles are those that document a topic that pertain MOSTLY to the Java platform or programming language.
  • Articles that make a mention of the word Java but talk MOSTLY about something else are probably Bad candidates (including Disambiguation pages).
  • Articles written about a piece of free software which is related to Java just because it is written in Java should be classified in Category:Free_software_programmed_in_Java (and possibly tagged or not tagged as WikiProject_Java).
  • Please put DONE when a Good article has been tagged properly so everybody can easily follow this work-in-progress. To tag it:
  1. Put {{WikiProject Java|class=|importance=}} in the talk page.
  2. Put {{Portal|Java}} just under ==See also== in the article page;
  3. Put [[Category:Java platform]] or a subcategory at the end of the article page;