Apartheid Museum

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Apartheid Museum
South Africa-Johannesburg-Apartheid Museum001.jpg
Apartheid Museum is located in Greater Johannesburg
Apartheid Museum
Apartheid Museum
Established2001; 18 years ago (2001)
LocationJohannesburg, South Africa
Coordinates26°14′15″S 28°00′32″E / 26.2376°S 28.0090°E / -26.2376; 28.0090Coordinates: 26°14′15″S 28°00′32″E / 26.2376°S 28.0090°E / -26.2376; 28.0090
TypeSpecialized museums
The racially-segregated entrance to the museum

The Apartheid Museum is a museum in Johannesburg, South Africa illustrating apartheid and the 20th century history of South Africa. The museum, part of the Gold Reef City complex, was opened in November 2001.[1]

The Apartheid Museum allows visitors to experience the racial segregation that occurred during apartheid by separating them by racial appearance classified by the width of the nose, the kinks in hair, skin pigmentation, and size of lips as well as the language they spoke an most ultimately their race. The apartheid museum is a symbol of the democracy south africa has and diversity which was granted to the whole country in 1994.

All races are welcome at this museum.

At least five times a year events are held at the museum to celebrate the end of apartheid and the start of a beautiful democracy for the people of South Africa.[2]


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