The South African

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The South African
TypeDaily newspaper
FormatOnline newspaper
Owner(s)Blue Sky Publications Ltd (UK)
PublisherBlue Sky Publications Ltd (UK) & Blue Sky Publications (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)
FoundedMarch 2003
CountrySouth Africa

The South African is an English-language South African online news publication created in March 2003 by the multinational media company, Blue Sky Publications, and it operates as an online news and lifestyle publication with offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

The publication started as a London-based broadsheet newspaper aimed at providing news for South Africans living in London.[1] It was available in a weekly tabloid format and distributed at the entrances of London Tube stations until June 2015 when it became an entirely online news source for South African news.[2]


2003–2015: Print & Online years[edit]

News published online but also in a weekly print format newspaper distributed at train station entrances in London.

2015 - present: Change to Online only publication[edit]

The last print issues was on the 15th of June 2015 as readers mostly based in South Africa and decline in readership growth after the change in SA to UK immigration policies. Readers predominately in South Africa and the focus changed to South African readers.[3]


In 2018, it won an IAB Bookmark Award for Mobile Publications.[4]


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