South African Institute of Electrical Engineers

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South African Institute of Electrical Engineers
SAIEE Logo.gif
Founded 1909
Type Professional Organization
Focus Electrical engineering
Area served
Southern Africa
Method Seminars, Publications, Education, Standards, Professional Development
Key people
Dr Hendri Geldenhuys (President)

The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) is a professional association representing electrical and electronic engineers, technologists and technicians in Southern Africa. The organisation is listed as a recognised Voluntary Association[1] by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), the statutory body that registers professional engineers, professional certificated engineers, professional engineering technologists and professional engineering technicians in South Africa. Over a century,[2] the activities of the SAIEE have included publication, education, the promotion of electrical engineering,professional development of its members, public events, and participation in public debate affecting the profession, industry and society.


The SAIEE has four sections, covering the following aspects of electrical engineering:

  • Power
  • Electronics and Software
  • Historical
  • Rotating Machines


The SAIEE administers a number of university bursaries and scholarships in the field of electrical and electronic engineering in South Africa. Through its marketing and outreach activities, the organisation promotes engineering, and encourages young people to enter the profession. The SAIEE also provides accreditation for courses for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, as required by ECSA for renewal of professional registration.

Seminars and Lectures[edit]

The SAIEE runs regular seminars, lectures and other events for its members and the public. Notable annual events include the Bernard Price Memorial Lecture, arranged jointly with the University of the Witwatersrand since 1951, and the President's Invitation Lecture.


  • SAIEE Africa Research Journal (ARJ),[3] a peer-reviewed journal, which changed name from Transactions of the SAIEE in 2005
  • wattnow,[4] a magazine for members


  • Jacob Machinjike, 2017
  • TC Madikane, 2016
  • Andre Hoffmann, 2015
  • Dr Pat Naidoo, 2014
  • Paul van Niekerk, 2013
  • Mike Cary, 2012
  • Andries Tshabalala, 2011
  • Dr Angus Hay, 2010
  • du Toit Grobler, 2009 Centenary Year
  • VM Wilson, 2008
  • IS Mckechnie,2007
  • VJ Crone, 2006
  • (Ms)BM Lacquet, 2005
  • BNB Ngulube, 2004
  • PC Ballot, 2003
  • RG Coney, 2002
  • JW Gosling, 2001
  • RH Hayes, 2000
  • AME Schulze, 1999
  • SC Bridgens, 1998
  • KC Plowden, 1997
  • RA Harker, 1996
  • (Ms)MT Davison, 1995
  • WS Calder, 1994
  • MA Crouch, 1993
  • DH Jacobson, 1992
  • EJ Davison,1991
  • RA Leigh, 1990
  • TP Stratten, 1940-[5]


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