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Tsakane is located in Gauteng
Tsakane is located in South Africa
Tsakane is located in Africa
 Tsakane shown within Gauteng
Coordinates: 26°21′S 28°22′E / 26.350°S 28.367°E / -26.350; 28.367Coordinates: 26°21′S 28°22′E / 26.350°S 28.367°E / -26.350; 28.367
Country South Africa
Province Gauteng
District D5
Municipality Ekurhuleni
 • Total 19.75 km2 (7.63 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 135,994
 • Density 6,900/km2 (18,000/sq mi)
Racial makeup (2011)[1]
 • Black African 98.8%
 • Coloured 0.4%
 • Indian/Asian 0.2%
 • White 0.2%
 • Other 0.5%
First languages (2011)[1]
 • Zulu 57.9%
 • Sotho 10.1%
 • Northern Sotho 7.5%
 • Xhosa 6.6%
 • Other 18.0%
Postal code (street) 1550
PO box 1548
Area code 738

Tsakane a.k.a. Mashona is a township located in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, East Rand, South Africa. It was established during the early 1960s due to the segregation movement and was formally founded as a designated area. The word Tsakane itself refers/means ‘Happiness, Joy’.

During the 2011 Census the population of Tsakane consisted of Black Africans (134,342), Coloureds (539), Whites (28), Indian/Asians (216) - 135,994 in total.[2] The languages that are spoken are as follows: IsiZulu, Sotho, Xhosa, Setswana, Xitsonga, Ndebele and English. Tsakane is divided into different extensions: 1, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 5, 8, 9.[3] With Public school's near like Mamellong Comprehensive school & J.E Malepe Secondary school. Tsakane is really a nice place to live in.

Health Services[edit]

Tsakane has one public hospital called Pholosong. The hospital serves a population of 900,000 people from Tsakane, KwaThema and Duduza. There is one public clinic and other smaller surgeries and clinics in the township that take care of the health of the people around the township of Tsakane. Clinics help patients with health issues such as high blood pressure, cancer, HIV/AIDS blood tests and treatment, etc.

Economic Development[edit]

Economic development has been a tactic used by politicians and economists to gain trust and publicity to and from the people of the economy. Tsakane is one of the townships which has the most development recently. Tsakane has a huge buying power, for example, there are 4 Shoprite stores in Tsakane and the malls as well as shopping complexes are forever busy throughout the week (Tsakane people making purchases). There is a range of housing in Tsakane. Residences range from middle class houses (Ext 1,5,8 & 11) normal houses (central) to RDP houses (Mandela village, Ext 9,12,13,15 & 19).


Tsakane has three Shopping malls malls, Tsakane Mall,[4] Tsakane Corner as well as The square and other smaller shopping centers which are located in different sections of the township: Duduza Rank, Extension 11 and Extension 19. Tsakane mall is not very big but have many stores inside including banks. The shopping centers are very small compared to the upmarket malls and have few retail stores and bank ATMs. Two well known supermarkets in the mall that most people buy food from is Shoprite as well as Spar. Shoprite is also found in the other two shopping centers: Extension 11 and Extension 19 shopping centers. There are fast-food restaurants, clubs and other places that people go to on special occasions, such as when celebrating a public holiday. Places used for as night venues are: Chillas, Dinangwe, A2A and Welcome's place. The people of Tsakane like to eat out a lot and also support their local township food business which sells bunny chow.

Sports and Leisure[edit]

Tsakane has one major stadium, Tsakane Stadium.[5] The stadium is not large enough to host matches between big soccer teams like Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs. It is often used for local activities such as government functions, schools sport, local soccer teams, music festivals and religious gatherings.


There are several Primary and Secondary Schools in Tsakane that offers primary and secondary education. Primary schools in Tsakane mostly start from Grade 1-7 whereas the secondary schools start from Grade 8 to 12 except for African School for Excellence which is the only secondary school that starts from grade 7 in the area.

List of Schools in Tsakane
List of Primary Schools List of Secondary Schools
Funukukhanya Primary School African School For Excellence (ASE)
Khombindlela Primary School Buhlebemfundo Secondary School
Lebone Primary School J.E Malepe Secondary Secondary
Letsie Primary School Tholulwazi Secondary School
Mandlethu Primary School Tsakane Secondary School
Mangosuthu Primary School Mamelong Secondary School
Michael Zulu Primary School Reshogofaditso Secondary School
Nchabeleng Primary School
Phumlani Primary School
Shadrack Mbambo Primary School
Thuthukanisizwe Primary School
Tsakane Primary School
Vuyani Primary School

The African School of Excellence[edit]

The African School for Excellence (ASE) is currently the only private school located at Tsakane township. The ASE model was designed specifically to address the needs and challenges of African secondary school scholars. The main difference between the private and government public schools in Tsakane is that ASE uses a different education model and curriculum: Cambridge and CAPS.[6]

Communication, Arts and Culture[edit]

Radio Station[edit]

Tsakane has one community radio station called EK FM 103.6.[7] The radio station serves as a community development and communication media for Tsakane, Kwathema, Duduza and Daveyton communities.


Tsakane has a local newspaper: The African Reporter.[8] The African Reporter is a weekly newspaper distributed on Fridays across the East Rand with an estimated circulation of 22,000 newspapers.


Tsakane also has a local magazine.

Notable people from Tsakane[edit]

Dr. Paseka Ncholo, the mining Magnate and his brother Dr. Khotso Ncholo are also from Tsakane


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