Exchange Square (Johannesburg)

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Exchange Square
Alternative names old mutual
General information
Type skyscraper
Architectural style modernism
Address 69 President Street
Town or city Johannesburg
Country South Africa
Coordinates 26°12′13″S 28°02′24″E / 26.2037°S 28.03988°E / -26.2037; 28.03988Coordinates: 26°12′13″S 28°02′24″E / 26.2037°S 28.03988°E / -26.2037; 28.03988
Completed 1975
Height 406 feet
Technical details
Floor count 29

Exchange Square (also known as Old Mutual) is a skyscraper at 69 President Street in the Central Business District of Johannesburg, South Africa. It was built in 1975 and is 29 storeys (406.80 ft.) tall. Its structure is made of concrete while its facade is constructed from ceramic tiles.[1] The building is colored brown and is made in a modernistic style. It is mainly used as a commercial office building.


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