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Монгол Улсын төрийн дуулал
English: National Anthem of Mongolia
Mongol ulsyn töriin duulal
State emblem of Mongolia.svg

National anthem of  Mongolia
Lyrics Tsendiin Damdinsüren
Music Bilegiin Damdinsüren / Luvsanjambyn Mördorj
Adopted 1950
Audio sample
National Anthem of Mongolia (instrumental)

The National Anthem of Mongolia (Mongolian: Монгол Улсын төрийн дуулал, translit. Mongol ulsyn töriin duulal, IPA: [mɔŋɢɔɮ ʊɮsiŋ tʰөrʲiːŋ tʊːɮaɮ]) was created in 1950. The music is a composition by Bilegiin Damdinsüren (1919–1991) and Luvsanjambyn Mördorj (1919–1996), the lyrics were written by Tsendiin Damdinsüren (1908–1988).

Over the twentieth century, Mongolia had several national anthems. The first one was used between 1924 and 1950, and it is called the Mongolian Internationale. This is a significantly different version of The Internationale, with words by Sonombaljiryn Buyannemekh and music by Magsarjavyn Dugarjav.[1] The second between 1950 and 1962, and a third one between 1961 and 1991. Since 1991, most of the anthem of 1950 is used again, but the second verse (praising Lenin, Stalin, Sükhbaatar, and Choibalsan) has been removed. On July 6, 2006, the lyrics were revised by the Mongolian Parliament to commemorate Genghis Khan.

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