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Selamat Sultan
سلامت سلطان
English: (God) Save The Sultan

State anthem of Terengganu
Lyrics Mohamad Hashim bin Abu Bakar, 1927
Music Mohamad Hashim bin Abu Bakar, 1927
Adopted 1927

The official anthem of Terengganu, Malaysia is "(God) Save The Sultan" (Malay: Selamat Sultan, Jawi:سلامت سلطان). It was composed by Mohamad Hashim bin Abu Bakar in 1927, an Assistant Teacher at the Malay Primary School at Paya Bunga. He also wrote the lyrics.


In 1927, Sultan Sulaiman Badrul Alam Shah instructed Mohamad Hashim bin Abu Bakar to compose a tune, which was to be played on the occasion of His Highness's birthday. Abu Bakar was then the leader of a Boy Scout band in Kuala Terengganu and later Bandmaster of the Terengganu Police Band. The music which he composed with accompanying words were submitted to the late Dato Sri Andika Di Raja, who was Aide-de-Camp to the Sultan and also a member of the Council of Ministers, and a few days later Abu Bakar was commanded to appear outside the Istana Kolam (Royal Palace), and he sang the anthem to the accompaniment of the Band of the Sultan Sulaiman Boy Scouts Troop in His Highness's presence. Not long afterwards Abu Bakar trained a group of school children from Paya Bunga to sing the anthem and after he sang it a second time the Sultan accepted the music and words as the Terengganu State Anthem and commanded that Abu Bakar should be rewarded.

Japanese Occupation[edit]

A slight amendment was made to the fourth and sixth lines during the Japanese occupation but the music and the rest of the words remained as they were originally composed.


Malay Jawi Translation
Selamat Sultan

Allah daulatkan Tuanku Sultan
Terengganu Darul Iman
Allah peliharakan Tuanku Sultan
Sejahtera sepanjang zaman
Allah rahmatkan Tuanku Sultan
Memerintah rakyat aman

الله دولتكن توانكو سلطان
ترڠڬانو دارالايمان
الله ڤليهاراكن توانكو سلطان
سجهترا سڤنجڠ زمان
الله رحمةكن توانكو سلطان
ممرينته رعيت امان

God bestow upon His Majesty sovereignty
Terengganu the Abode of Faith
God cherish His Majesty
Blissful throughout his reign
God bless His Majesty
Govern the People in peace

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