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The Polski Sun was a Polish language edition of the United Kingdom tabloid newspaper The Sun. Six editions were produced in June 2008.


It was launched on 6 June 2008 to coincide with the start of the Euro 2008 football tournament in Austria and Switzerland. Six editions were approved for production, one on each of the days before and after the Poland national football team's first round group matches. Approval came after all of the national football teams of the United Kingdom failed to qualify for the tournament.


The Sun was the first UK national newspaper to produce a Polish-language edition, although the local newspaper the Reading Chronicle did likewise in 2006 as the Kronika Reading. Between 50,000 and 75,000 copies of each edition were printed to be sold in 3,000 outlets at the price of 50p - more than the 25p-35p cost of the English language edition. The target market of Britain's Polish community was estimated to number around 600,000, though with the declining economic situation in late 2008 it was estimated hundreds of thousands had returned to Poland. The Polski Sun was also sold in 250 Tesco stores with particularly high sales of Polish goods.


The Polski Sun included many of the regular features of the English-language edition, including a translation of the column by Jeremy Clarkson, as well as Polish news stories. The first edition included an interview with former Solidarity leader Lech Wałęsa.


It is unclear if further editions of Polski Sun will be produced. The chief of the Polish bureau of The Sun, Dagmara Gladys, was quoted as saying, "we will have to see whether it will continue afterwards".

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