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Mega Marquee Movie is a movie title that may be a refrence of a title movie of the same name. it was first aired (as a beta version made by Cult Toons) on RetroNauseaTV starting July 28, 2010. This is what they look like as a made-style promo and begin airing movies such as Return of the Killer Tomatoes. The channel will be available on HD and other classic themed movies.

RNTV will air feature movies with limited commercial interruptions as a movie-based channel, launched on Halloween 2010.


it was known of a title "MegaYTP" and it's format name because of working title was unnamed. the channel was known for made-films including the rest of adult-themed programs. On November 2010, this will became a part of tvnutboy/YNX participants in some areas. MegaYTP announced will be live on-air including movie reporters starting in Spring 2011. Fartingbellybutton account/game show host Jessy Leppert and TV spokeswomen Tina McGraw will be announce for 2 movie reporters this next spring. also on September 9, 2010, veteran Jim Cossack and program journalist Chris Vegan will appear including various show like "Top 5 Movies".

The alternate name has changed, using a few bunch of movies will start creating programming. it was known as "Top Mega Marquee Movie", but, they never change it again until October 2, 2010. on September 16, 2010, The channel name was changed again, the successful name was "RNTV Movies" and will air feature-length movies and specials with limited commercial interruptions.

The name refer to the title "RNTV Movies" may look like a certain cable channel, much of these limited commercial interruption networks including AMC and TBS.

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