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Here's a list of articles I either created, contributed extensively to, or otherwise consider my "babies". (Some articles aren't signed because I had either not yet joined as a user or not logged in.)

This page is not (just) for my vanity, but also so I can quickly see what's been happening to these articles.


Geography of Canada[edit]

Other geography:[edit]


(Cities) ( - T)

(Cities) ( - T)

(Cities) ( - T)

(Cities) ( - T)

(Cities) ( - T)

(Cities) ( - T)

(Cities) ( - T)

Álava (T) Cities (T) Vitoria (T)
Albacete (province) (T) Cities (T) Albacete (T)
Alicante (province) (T) Cities (T) Alicante (T)
Almería (province) (T) Cities (T) Almería (T)
Ávila (province) (T) Cities (T) Ávila (T)
Badajoz (province) (T) Cities (T) Badajoz (T)
Barcelona (province) (T) Cities (T) Barcelona (T)
Burgos (province) (T) Cities (T) Burgos (T)
Cáceres (province) (T) Cities (T) Cáceres (T)
Cádiz (province) (T) Cities (T) Cádiz (T)
Castellón (province) (T) Cities (T) Castellón de la Plana (T)
Ciudad Real (province) (T) Cities (T) Ciudad Real (T)
Córdoba Province, Spain (T) Cities (T) Córdoba, Spain (T)
A Coruña (province) (T) Cities (T) A Coruña (T)
Cuenca (province) (T) Cities (T) Cuenca (T)
Girona (province) (T) Cities (T) Girona (T)
Granada (province) (T) Cities (T) Granada (T)
Guadalajara (province) (T) Cities (T) Guadalajara (T)
Guipúzcoa (T) Cities (T) San Sebastián (T)
Huelva (province) (T) Cities (T) Huelva (T)
Huesca (province) (T) Cities (T) Huesca (T)
Jaén (province) (T) Cities (T) Jaén (T)
León (province) (T) Cities (T) León (T)
Lleida (province) (T) Cities (T) Lleida (T)
Lugo (province) (T) Cities (T) Lugo (T)
Málaga (province) (T) Cities (T) Málaga (T)
Ourense (province) (T) Cities (T) Ourense (T)
Palencia (province) (T) Cities (T) Palencia (T)
Las Palmas (province) (T) Cities (T) Las Palmas (T)
Pontevedra (province) (T) Cities (T) Pontevedra (T)
Salamanca (province) (T) Cities (T) Salamanca (T)
Santa Cruz de Tenerife (province) (T) Cities (T) Santa Cruz de Tenerife (T)
Segovia (province) (T) Cities (T) Segovia (T)
Sevilla (province) (T) Cities (T) Seville (T)
Soria (province) (T) Cities (T) Soria (T)
Tarragona (province) (T) Cities (T) Tarragona (T)
Teruel (province) (T) Cities (T) Teruel (T)
Toledo (province) (T) Cities (T) Toledo (T)
Valencia (province) (T) Cities (T) Valencia (T)
Valladolid (province) (T) Cities (T) Valladolid (T)
Vizcaya (T) Cities (T) Bilbao (T)
Zamora (province) (T) Cities (T) Zamora (T)
Zaragoza (province) (T) Cities (T) Zaragoza (T)

Queer stuff:[edit]








more to come...