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Death Battle
DeathBattle logo.jpg
Series logo
Genre Media crossover, Web-based documentary
Created by Ben Singer
Chad James
Directed by Ben Singer
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 47
Executive producer(s) Craig Skistimas
Running time Varies
Production company(s) ScrewAttack
Original channel YouTube
Original release December 6, 2010 – present
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Death Battle (stylized as DEATH BATTLE!) is a web-based video show hosted by "Wizard" (Ben Singer) and "Boomstick" (Chad James) presented by ScrewAttack. The show pits two or more fictional characters from different medias such as movies, comics, manga, television programs, literature and video games, and create a simulated battle to the death. The characters are analyzed with their respective powers, strengths, and weaknesses, to determine a winner.

The show's first season has 25 episodes. The first 18 episodes were featured exclusively on ScrewAttack's YouTube account, and starting with episode 19 the series is now posted to the redesigned, with a delayed posting of past fights to their YouTube page.

Format overview[edit]

The show's central concept consists of taking two or more fictional characters and pitting them against each other in a simulated "death battle". Before the start of the battle, the hosts analyze the character's strengths, weaknesses, physicality (weight, height, age, intellect), and weapons. This is done by extensive research of each of the characters, taking notes from various known experts, collaboration from various conventions (e.g. Comic-Con), official websites, and franchise encyclopedias. People are sometimes interviewed in these conventions to know their opinions about the battle.[1] All other traits try to be represented with accuracy based on the character's canon universes. If the character has multiple versions, the most well-known version will be the one chosen. After studying the characters, the battle commences shown in a form of a virtual battle in either 2D sprites or 3D CGI. Many of the characters involved are voiced by many YouTube personalities, a list that has included MasakoX and ItsJustSomeRandomGuy (who played Goku and Superman respectively). After a conclusion is made to who is the winner, the hosts explain the reasoning he or she is triumphant over their opponent. In the show "Wizard" is portrayed as highly knowledgeable about all fight subjects, and claims to have a (malfunctoning) cybernetic arm. "Boomstick" is portrayed as a gun-loving, misogynistic, foul-mouthed redneck. Although, he has shown proficiency in some topics, including giving a surprisingly deep explanation as to why Superman is able to masquerade as Clark Kent using only a pair of eyeglasses.

Characters in the virtual simulation kill their opponents, even though many of them are usually portrayed as against killing (such as Batman or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). These are made as a "What If" scenario for entertainment purposes, and does not go against the accuracy of the analysis of the respective winner. In the case of Justin Bieber versus Rebecca Black however, the battle was satirically made for comedic purpose. Beginning from episode 20, the battle sequences were animated by Jordan Lange, who was dropped from the show after episode 29 (Ivy Valentine vs Black Orchid). The show since has then been animated by three new animators, a 2D sprite animator Mali, a 3D animator Torrian Crawford, and a secondary 2D sprite animator Samuel "Zack" Watkins.

A spin-off series, 1-Minute Melee, began in August 2014. This series features animated battles similar to that of the main series, but all fights conclude in 60 seconds with no research done beforehand. A second spin-off, The Desk of Death Battle, began airing in January 2015, in which the show's intern Jocelyn discusses interesting facts about characters that were found during research but not mentioned during their respective episodes.


  1. Combatants possess no non-canon knowledge of each other.
  2. To ensure a fair fight, character personality restraints from killing are ignored.
  3. All other character traits & tactics are not ignored & largely attempted to be represented faithfully.
  4. Research source prerequisites are generally determined equally unless specified.


Season 1[edit]

No. in series No. in season Characters Winner Recap
1 1 Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran Samus Aran Samus has superior weaponry and athletic skill, combined with Fetts' homing anti-vehicle rocket being inaccurate to human-sized targets.[2]
2 2 Akuma vs. Shang Tsung Akuma Akuma is an incredibly vicious fighter, so his constant punishment and unmatched skills were more than what Shang Tsung's stamina could handle. Plus, Shang Tsung isn't used to winning anything on his own, which left him wide open when it came to delivering the final blow.[3]
3 3 Rogue vs. Wonder Woman Rogue Wonder Woman is a trained fighter so she instinctively hit Rogue in the face, allowing Rogue to absorb her power. Her outfit also made it easy for Rogue to gain even more of her abilities by grabbing her uncovered leg.[4]
4 4 Goomba vs. Koopa Draw The Goomba's idiocy and the Koopa's cowardice respectively lead to their downfalls. Kicking the Koopa's shell sent it back at the Goombas and the Koopa was too afraid to get out of its shell in time to avoid the lava pit.[5]
5 5 Haggar vs. Zangief Zangief Zangief is younger, larger, stronger, and has been training all his life, whereas Haggar has had to put training aside due to being mayor of Metro City.[6]
6 6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale Leonardo Leonardo knows how to pick battles and has the deadliest of the weapons. Michelangelo is killed first due to his lack of discipline, nunchaku and rotten luck to face Leo first. Donatello managed to use his ranged weapon to best Raphael and his shorter weapons. But the non-lethality of his staff and a well time distraction from Leo led to Don being ambushed and killed by Raph. Finally, despite snapping Leo's swords with his sai and stabbing him in the stomach, Raphael failed to hit anything important (turtles have small organs). Leo, simultaneously, stabs Raph in the throat, making sure to get the kill.[7]
7 7 Zitz vs. Leonardo Leonardo Zitz is a powerhouse compared to Leonardo, but Zitz's strategies always relies on overpowering foes, whereas Leonardo can rely on his ninja training to outsmart and outflank.[8]
8 8 Yoshi vs. Riptor Yoshi Riptor is offensively more powerful than Yoshi, outclassing him in close quarters combat, but Yoshi has been known to be able to take a beating, and his arsenal is varied thanks to his digestive system. He's also smart, being described as an incredibly intelligent species by Nintendo and possessing at least enough intelligence to drive a car.[9]
9 9 Felicia vs. Taokaka Taokaka Taokaka has the superior agility, not to mention her razor-blade claws, which both combined cancel out her A.D.H.D..[10]
10 10 Kratos vs. Spawn Spawn The only weapon Kratos possesses that's actually capable of hurting Spawn is the Blade of Olympus. Even though Spawn is not immortal, he could feed on evil energy from Kratos, who is covered in the ashes of his murdered family. Even if Kratos pieces together only the Blade can kill Spawn, he would also need to know through unlikely odds that Spawn needs to be decapitated in order to die.[11]
11 11 Bomberman vs. Dig Dug Dig Dug Dig Dug has the superior movement when below ground, and unlike White Bomberman, he has a way of controlling his opponent. Bomberman had to rely on his power ups for success.[12]
12 12 Vegeta vs. Shadow Vegeta Vegeta is one most durable characters in the Dragon Ball series and has survived attacks from more powerful foes. As a result, Vegeta could survive the Super Shadow long enough for Shadow to revert back to his much weaker form.[13]
13 13 Mario vs. Sonic Sonic Outside of their power-up items, which are evenly matched, Sonic's super speed was enough to trump Mario's strength.[14]
14 14 Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black Draw Bieber's fear of thrown objects kept him at a distance while Black's daredevil recklessness put her at just as much risk as it did her opponent, resulting in the death of her, her driver, Bieber, the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.[15]
15 15 Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter Luke Skywalker Harry has an inherent weakness in his famous lightning-bolt scar that can be exploited with Shatterpoint, and most of his curses and spells can be blocked with Luke's lightsaber and the force.[16]
16 16 Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui Mai Shiranui Although Chun-Li outmatched Mai in strength and hand-to-hand combat skill/experience, Mai has a varied arsenal, and her ninja training makes her unpredictable compared to Chun-Li. Mai also had superior speed and fire-based attacks.[17]
17 17 Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is faster and more agile while Starscream is more foolish. As a result, Starscream ends up taking all the real hits, including from his own missiles. Additionally, his Null Ray is not designed to affect organic lifeforms.[18]
18 18 Master Chief vs. Doomguy Master Chief While Chief's armor makes Doomguy's look obsolete, he's also more versatile than Doomguy, whose main tactic is "slash, tear, shoot, repeat". Chief's use of shields and other equipment were to his best advantage, proving enough to outclass Doomguy's destructive arsenal.[19]
19 19 Eggman vs. Wily Metal Sonic Wily's robots are used to working as a team, and solidly beat Eggman's forces, except for Metal Sonic, who is a whole different caliber. Metal Sonic takes a few scans, gets a Chaos Emerald, and spreads the Roboenza virus, leaving the world in ruins.[20]
20 20 Zelda vs. Peach Peach While Zelda is a more apt combatant, her attacks are relatively limited and predictable whereas Peach has a varied arsenal, is more athletic, and has a kick that's powerful enough to crush Zelda's skull.[21]
21 21 Thor vs. Raiden Thor Thor and Raiden are immune to each other's lightning but while lightning is Raiden's main power outside martial arts, Thor's main weapon is a million-ton hammer. Also, he has experience defeating clever foes like Raiden, given that his main enemy is his trickster god half-brother, Loki.[22]
22 22 Link vs. Cloud Link Link has the superior experience and is used to thinking on the fly, as compared to Cloud's brute force style. The Hylian Shield is indestructible and combined with the Golden Gauntlets (which give him Super Strength) can block Cloud's Buster Sword, while the Master Sword weakens Cloud by purging his Jenova Cells.[23]
23 23 Batman vs. Spider-Man Spider-Man Peter's Spider-Sense negates stealth and surprise, Batman's two greatest weapons. Unlike Batman, Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength, speed, and durability, and has survived grenades and fights with powerful characters like Juggernaut. Batman's weapons are mostly designed to be nonlethal. While Batman is an escape artist, he needs time to escape from Spider-Man's webs, which have been known to restrain the Hulk. Batman's greatest feats, such as fighting the rest of the Justice League and succeeding, were only accomplished thanks to the amount of time Batman put into preparing a plan of attack, and if Batman was allowed time to prepare, so would Spider-Man, who also possesses genius-level intelligence and cunning. Lastly, albeit factoring in to his victory a lesser degree, Spider-Man already has some experience in fighting strategic, gadget-oriented opponents, as his main enemy is the Green Goblin, who possesses a similar style of fighting compared to Batman.[24]
24 24 Pikachu vs. Blanka Blanka Despite his lack of formal training, Blanka's survival skills, superior strength, electrical resistance, and size trumped Pikachu's electrical powers and speed. Furthermore, Pikachu's dependence on his trainer Ash and lack of techniques also contributed to his defeat.[25]
25 25 Goku vs. Superman Superman Goku's extreme tenacity and Superman's restraint only prolonged the inevitable outcome. Goku did not know that Superman draws power from the Sun and even if he did he couldn't blow up it up without incerating himself from the resulting supernova. Goku refuses to weaken Superman by using kryptonite, as he prefers to beat his foes at full power. While Goku could teleport Superman to a red star by instant transmission to weaken him, this would be impractical as the move requires extreme concentration. Subsequently, the fight is decided on power and Superman trumps Goku in strength, speed, and durability. Superman's and Goku's capabilities are vastly different because of their core characters and challenges. Goku's story is understanding his limits and breaking them through constant training. Superman's story is about accepting his alien background, thus unlocking his full unlimited potential. Ultimately, Superman's lack of limits allows him to overpower and defeat Goku.[26]

Season 2[edit]

No. in series No. in season Characters Winner Recap
26 1 He-Man vs. Lion-O He-Man He-Man's strength easily overpowers Lion-O's and He-Man is just as fast as Lion-O, if not faster. He-Man is more than strong enough to destroy the Sword of Omens, leaving Lion-O vulnerable, due to having the strength to push a moon back into orbit. His Power Sword can deflect all the energy blasts fired by the Sword of Omens. Finally he has the habit of accomplishing the impossible, which would include destroying the Eye of Thundera, which could kill him if given the chance.[27]
27 2 Shao Kahn vs. M. Bison Shao Kahn Shao Kahn's battle experience of over ten thousand years in addition to the absorption of billions of souls, all of which grant him power, was enough for him to overcome for M. Bison's ruthless fighting style despite eliminating his good soul and using his most brutal techniques. In addition, Bison's soul-fueled Psycho Power isn't the best weapon against someone who eats souls for breakfast, neither is his ability to brainwash and psychically manipulate others against someone who has similar experience. Lastly, Kahn's otherworldly physiology means Bison's soul would find it much more difficult to possess if he had to.[28]
28 3 Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu Strider Hiryu While a very close fight, Hiryu's tech was able to match all of Hayabusa's ninpo arts, leaving the battle down to who has the advantage in strength, speed, and weaponry, all of which Hiryu is superior in. Hiryu can dodge bullets that are equivalent to anti-aircraft rounds, which are approximately 43% faster than automatic fire, which is Hayabusa's known limit, along with the fact that Hiryu is shown to be considerably stronger, seeing as he is able to cut through limbs with his bare hands, something Hayabusa has never done before. Finally, despite the fact that Hayabusa has a larger weapon arsenal, they were effectively useless against the Cypher, the only exception being the True Dragon Sword, which in itself has less of an impact in a fight than the Cypher, due to the Cypher's technological capabilities.[29]
29 4 Ivy vs. Orchid Orchid Orchid's ability to defeat the millennial-old warlord Eyedol when even the greatest warriors of the past failed highlights her superior fighting capabilities, as compared to Ivy's spotty win-loss record within the Soul canon. While Ivy is able to outmatch Orchid in long-ranged fights, Orchid's ability to turn into a flaming panther and phase through attacks forces the fight into close combat, which Orchid is more skilled in. On the topic of Orchid's finishing moves, while Ivy is known for her infamously enlarged breasts, Orchid's are only a size smaller, meaning neither of them are capable of utilizing Orchid's more well-known finisher properly. Finally, despite her experience in alchemy, Ivy would be unable to negate Orchid being able to turn her into a frog, as Soul Edge's protection does not fare well against other forms of magic.[30]
30 5 Fox vs. Bucky Fox Real-life food chain aside, both sides have distinct advantages, rendering the fight close. In outer space, the Star Fox team's Arwings outclass the Righteous Indignation in maneuverability, weaponry, and defenses. On the ground, Bucky's acrobatics and Fox's reflector both render the other's laser fire an irrelevant matter. With both having several advantages over each other (bravery vs. wits, land mobility vs. aerial mobility, etc.), the battle comes down to experience. Fox has fought in more wars than Bucky's rebellion, and single-handedly won all of them at self-request, in comparison to Bucky relying on his squadmates on field missions.[31]
31 6 Terminator vs. RoboCop RoboCop The T-850 Terminator has a speed and fighting skill/strategy advantage in this fight, but RoboCop outclasses it in nearly every other way. RoboCop is stronger (he resisted a 3,000 PSI hydraulic press that can crush a Terminator in the first film), considerably tougher (he has withstood several devastating explosions, while a Terminator was destroyed with a homemade pipe bomb), and has superior weaponry. Finally, RoboCop has the human mind that allows him to adapt quickly and outsmart the Terminator.[32]
32 7 Luigi vs. Tails Tails Although Luigi technically has more combat experience and has gone on more adventures than Tails, Tails' skills and arsenal were more than the green-capped plumber could handle. Tails' training with Sonic allowed him to easily outmaneuver Luigi, and his ability of flight granted him complete control over the battlefield. Tails is also naturally stronger than Luigi, being able to lift 10 tons while Luigi struggles to even lift a giant radish. Tails' extremely high I.Q. of 300 also allowed him to outsmart Luigi, and Tails' gadgets covered all of his weaknesses.[33]
33 8 Pokémon Battle Royale Blastoise Charizard's greater speed allowed first attack, and its proud warrior mentality caused it to attack Blastoise. Venusaur's attacks are negligible against Charizard's dual typing and Blastoise's bulky defenses. Blastoise could also use Rain Dance to power its water moves and weaken the moves of his foes. Even though all of them should counter each other based on the rock-paper-scissors typing, the fights are based on mathematics. Out of 7,000 possible outcomes Blastoise wins the majority (48% compared to Charizard's 35% and Venusaur's 17%).[34]
34 9 Fulgore vs. Sektor Fulgore Sektor's ninja training and abilities meant he could easily outmaneuver Fulgore, but Fulgore outclasses Sektor in every other aspect. Being almost twice as heavy (6' 5" and 550 lbs vs. 6'1" and 300 lbs) meant Fulgore's strength and size easily surmounted that of Sektor's, plus Fulgore had more options offensively and defensively and could easily overclock his reactor when Sektor got the upper hand. Finally, it took the combined efforts of Jago and Black Orchid to take Fulgore down, whereas Sektor has constantly been defeated by Sub-Zero alone.[35]
35 10 Godzilla vs. Gamera Godzilla Gamera had the advantage of speed, but Godzilla's superior strength and durability won out. Godzilla is nine times heavier than Gamera and has strength on par with that of Thor. Godzilla's atomic breath is composed of radiation and not fire-based combustion so Gamera could not feed off of it. Gamera survived an exploding alien flower, which had the strength of a nuclear warhead, yet was mortally injured by it. In contrast, Godzilla was able to survive an oncoming meteor, which possessed the same amount of power and wasn't injured at all. As weaker enemies like Viras could pierce Gamera's shell, there's no doubt that Godzilla could overwhelm his defenses. Finally, Gamera victories are based on retreating as he needs one round to analyze his foe's weakness and another to exploit enemy weaknesses to win. However, the Death Battle rules and Godzilla's habit of chasing down fleeing opponents renders this approach unusable.[36]
36 11 Batman vs. Captain America Batman Captain America had an advantage in endurance and power, but Batman had the advantage in stealth, having frequently snuck around other super-beings (including Superman), and disarming skills, using his gadgets to turn the tide of the battle. Also, whilst Captain America is adept in all known fighting styles, Batman has mastered all of them, including a strong knowledge of pressure points.[37]
37 12 Tigerzord vs. Gundam Epyon Gundam Epyon Epyon's pilot Zechs Merquise has better training and more experience that the Tigerzord's pilot Tommy Oliver. As Epyon once destroyed an entire space station with one sword swing and the bumbling Rito Revolto was able to destroy the Tigerzord, Epyon would have enough power to overwhelm the Tigerzord's defenses. Furthermore, Epyon's ZERO system was able to predict the Tigerzord's moves and easily counter them.[38]
38 13 Ryu vs. Scorpion Scorpion Despite Ryu's more powerful techniques, Scorpion's undead nature and inability to be killed by physical attacks left Ryu at a disadvantage. While Ryu could kill Scorpion with the Raging Demon technique, his lack of experience using said technique and Scorpion's agility made the move impractical. Finally, Scorpion's power increases when the battle shifted to the Netherrealm, rendering Ryu's defeat inevitable.[39]
39 14 Deadpool vs. Deathstroke Deadpool While Deathstroke was superior to Deadpool in both fighting capabilities, strategy, and armor, Deadpool's smarts, ability to regenerate entire organs at a much faster rate, and having the means of defeating those with healing factors through his Carbonadium sword put Deathstroke at a disadvantage. In addition, Deadpool's unpredictability (which is known for confusing the Taskmaster and even himself) caused Deathstroke to be unable to defend himself against Deadpool's assaults, as well as being unable to capitalize on any open opportunities to fatally attack, let alone even kill Deadpool permanently.[40]
40 15 Kirby vs. Majin Buu Kirby While Buu had more destructive potential, Kirby's Inhale & Copy Ability allowed him to absorb and rebound anything that could've killed him, and his Hypernova ability only expanded on this. Kirby also outclasses Buu in durability and speed, being able to withstand a Planet-Sized explosion without a scratch, while the same kind of explosion caused Buu to split into tiny pieces, forcing him to regenerate; Kirby's Warp Star also allowed him to move at speeds faster than light, a speed Buu had never faced before. Finally, Buu was unable to avoid having his own Planet Burst technique being reflected back at him, due to the fact that his Instantaneous Transmission technique has limits when in extreme situations, such as when he could not avoid being killed by Goku's Super Spirit Bomb at the end of Dragon Ball Z.[41]
41 16 Ragna vs. Sol Badguy Sol Badguy Sol has had centuries more battle experience than Ragna had training, and is tough enough to withstand the Azure Grimoire given that Sol survived the Backyard. Ragna's Black Beast form was, while extremely powerful, completely outclassed by Sol's Gear form, given that he was able to completely disintegrate a Gear the size of Mt. Everest, which is much larger than the Black Beast. All of these feats were performed using only a fraction of Sol's maximum power.[42]
42 17 Gaara vs. Toph Toph Ordinarily, Gaara's sand would spell the doom of his opponents, but Toph can feel all forms of earth, even if they are not connected to the ground. Plus, with her Seismic Sense, she could feel Gaara's attacks the instant they started and since the gold dust he added to his arsenal after defeating his father contains traces of copper and iron, Toph could bend that as well. Finally, because Gaara's sand armor uses his own chakra instead of his late mother's, when he ran low on chakra, Toph could turn that advantage against him easily.[43]
43 18 Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran (Remastered) Samus Aran Samus has superior weaponry and athletic skill, combined with Fetts' homing anti-vehicle rocket being inaccurate to human-sized targets. Also, Boba often makes his victims show themselves and lure them into his trap, but Samus has often used the advantage of anonymity.[44]

Note: The episode was dedicated to famed independent animator Monty Oum, who died from a severe allergic reaction during a medical procedure on February 1. At the end of the episode, Samus, Boba Fett, Deathstroke, Deadpool, and a squad of Clone Troopers danced to Shine, a song from Monty's acclaimed web series RWBY.

44 19 Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro N/A Both Combatants tore a hole into the fabric of space and time and vanished into it. They are speculated to still be fighting, so the winner, if there is one, is unknown.[45]
45 20 Guts vs. Nightmare Guts Despite being far more powerful, Nightmare was no different than any other demon that Guts has fought in the past, as he fights demons every day of his life. Despite Guts being dealt with critical blows the Beserker armour allowed Guts to continue without a problem, as it literally rips the body back into place when wounded. Also, even with the fact that only the Soul Calibur could kill Nightmare, Nightmare exists on the astral plane, something that Dragonslayer also exists on.[46]
46 21 Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor Iron Man While Luthor's warsuit can stand against Superman, this is largely because its weapons are Kryptonite-based that are less effective against non-Kryptonian opponents. Even in its intended role of countering Superman, the warsuit has been damaged and destroyed regardless. Conversely, Iron Man can adapt his strategy by remotely summoning and changing suits, with the Endo-Sym armor capable of countering almost any of Luthor's attacks. Furthermore, Iron Man has far more battle experience than Luthor, who treats direct physical combat as a last resort.[47]
47 22 Beast vs. Goliath Goliath With both combatants being fairly equal in strength and speed, the true factor came from wit and experience. Beast prefers to work as part of a team and is usually a strategist instead of a fighter, only fighting on his own when necessary, whereas Goliath has had many years' more combat experience. Beast was also at a disadvantage due to not knowing of the gargoyles' stone-by-day weakness (as his universe's Gargoyles operated differently than Goliath's,) and would not be able to stand against Goliath for twelve hours straight. Finally, Beast has fought Griffin, a being similar to Goliath, and nearly lost, only winning with the help of Angel.
48 23 Solid Snake vs. TBA TBA TBA

Special Episodes[edit]

Episode Characters Winner Recap
1 DEATH BATTLE! T-Shirt vs. Every Other T-Shirt In The World DEATH BATTLE! T-Shirt Setting the fastest kill in the show's history, the other T-Shirts of the world were caught off guard by awesomeness of the DEATH BATTLE! T-Shirt, causing them to explode. (Used to promote the DEATH BATTLE! T-Shirt.)[48]
2 Vegeta vs. Mewtwo The Internet Vegeta's combat experience and Mewtwo's intelligence immediately alerted both of them to the real threat in the area being Silvermania. (Used as a satirical submission of an online video depicting a fight between Vegeta and Mewtwo.)[49]

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