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How It's Made is a documentary television series that premiered on January 6, 2001 on Discovery Channel in Canada, and Science in the U.S. It is also being aired on Discovery Family. The program is produced in the Canadian province of Quebec by Productions MAJ, Inc. and Productions MAJ 2.[1] In the UK it is broadcast on Discovery Channel, Quest, and DMAX.[2]

Season 1 (2001)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
1-01 01 S01E01 Aluminum Foil Snowboards Contact Lenses Bread
1-02 02 S01E02 Compact Discs Mozzarella Cheese Pantyhose Fluorescent Tubes
1-03 03 S01E03 Toothpicks Acrylic Bathtubs Helicopters Beer
1-04 04 S01E04 Hearing Aids 3D Puzzles Rubber Mats Toilets
1-05 05 S01E05 Copy Paper Jeans Computers Plate Glass
1-06 06 S01E06 Nails and Staples Safety Glasses Fabrics Bicycles
1-07 07 S01E07 Kayaks Safety Boots Electronic Signs Cereals
1-08 08 S01E08 Trucks Adhesive Bandages Computer Circuit Boards Liquors
1-09 09 S01E09 Steel Apple Juice Aircraft Landing Gear Cosmetics
1-10 10 S01E10 Holograms Package Printing Skin Culture Canned Corn
1-11 11 S01E11 Plastic Bags Solar Panels Plastic Gasoline Containers Hockey Sticks
1-12 12 S01E12 Aluminum Screw Caps Chocolate Pills Pasta
1-13 13 S01E13 Bicycle Helmets Aluminum Car Brakes Lithium Batteries

Season 2 (2002)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
2-01 14 S01E14 Eyeglass Lenses Granite Potato Chips Computer Microprocessors
2-02 15 S01E15 Honey Fibre Optics Bricks Pipe Organs
2-03 16 S01E16 Personal Watercraft Wine Particleboard Office Furniture Ice Skates
2-04 17 S01E17 Winter Jackets Animation Mushrooms Gold Rings
2-05 18 S01E18 Hydroponic Lettuce Construction Wood Recycling Fishing Flies
2-06 19 S01E19 Diamond Cutting Wood Doors Paintballs Newspapers
2-07 20 S01E20 Carpets Drinking Water Laser Eye Surgery Acoustic Guitars
2-08 21 S01E21 Fiberglass Boats Clothes Dryers Bubble Gum Fireworks
2-09 22 S01E22 Steel Safes False Teeth Airplanes Maple Syrup
2-10 23 S01E23 Gummies Aluminum Cans Fish Farming Bronze Sculptures
2-11 24 S01E24 Aluminum Pots and Pans Artificial Limbs Peanut Butter High Intensity Light Bulbs
2-12 25 S01E25 Cars Grocery Carts Rapid Tooling and Prototyping Collectible Coins
2-13 26 S01E26 Ball Bearings Electrical Wires Lost Wax Casting Automated Machines

Season 3 (2003)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
3-01 27 S02E01 Pre-inked Stamps Cranberries Cotton Yarn Road Signs
3-02 28 S02E02 Combination Locks Pottery Recreational Vehicles Erasers
3-03 29 S02E03 Wheel Loaders Vegetable Oil Hand Tools Cotton Swabs
3-04 30 S02E04 Temporary Metal Fences Asphalt Shingles Expanded Polystyrene Products Hard Candies
3-05 31 S02E05 Horse-drawn Carriages Artificial Eyes Dog and Cat Food Mirrors
3-06 32 S02E06 Yogurt Candles Neon Signs Bookbindings
3-07 33 S02E07 Prepared Mustard Violins Nuts and Bolts Toilet Paper
3-08 34 S02E08 Fresh Cut Flowers Adhesive Tape Tofu Lottery Tickets
3-09 35 S02E09 Inflatable Watercraft Couscous Modelling Dough Wicker Products
3-10 36 S02E10 Wind Generators PVC Gloves Thermo-formed Glass Fire Trucks
3-11 37 S02E11 Car Radiators Hatchery Chicks Phyllo Dough Cross-country Skis
3-12 38 S02E12 Electric Baseboard Heaters Moulded Pulp Containers Prepared Chicken Video Games
3-13 39 S02E13 Fire Fighter Boots Garden Tools Automated Machines Gypsum Board

Season 4 (2004)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
4-01 40 S02E14 Plastic Bottles & Jars Mail Eggs Handcrafted Wooden Pens
4-02 41 S02E15 Plastic Injection Moulds Automotive Oil Filters Filing Cabinets Blown Glass
4-03 42 S02E16 High-Precision Cutting Tools Stained Glass Semi-trailers Recorders
4-04 43 S02E17 Conga Drums Metal Plating Buttons (Part 1) Buttons (Part 2)
4-05 44 S02E18 Grinding Wheels Compost Window Blinds Milk
4-06 45 S02E19 Brushes and Push Brooms Blackboards Smoked Salmon Zippers
4-07 46 S02E20 3D Commercial Signs Hardwood Floors Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Mattresses
4-08 47 S02E21 Ceramic Tiles Nuts Steel Forgings Skateboards
4-09 48 S02E22 Car Engines Flour Recliners Envelopes
4-10 49 S02E23 Plastic Cups and Cutlery Special Effects Makeup Gold Harps
4-11 50 S02E24 Laminate Frozen Treats Children's Building Blocks Detergents
4-12 51 S02E25 Decorative Mouldings Commercial Pulleys Industrial Rubber Hose Sheet Vinyl Flooring
4-13 52 S02E26 Putty Knives Garage Doors Electric Motors Wool

Season 5 (2005)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
5-01 53 S03E01 Paving Asphalt Marshmallow Cookies Loudspeakers Electronic Door Locks
5-02 54 S03E02 Wood Burning Stoves Orthoses Ballet Slippers Buses
5-03 55 S03E03 Robotic Arms Tattoos Sanitary Napkins Concrete Pipes
5-04 56 S03E04 Hockey Gloves Snack Cakes Remoulded Tires Wastewater Treatment
5-05 57 S03E05 Ambulances Dining Room Tables Diatonic Accordions Acrylic Awards
5-06 58 S03E06 Alkaline Batteries Wheelchairs Flutes Cowboy Boots
5-07 59 S03E07 Golf Balls Furniture Handles Parking Meters Room Dividers
5-08 60 S03E08 Suits of Armour Street Light Poles Bent Hardwood Membrane Switches
5-09 61 S03E09 Sulkies Bagpipes Yule Logs Fishing Lures
5-10 62 S03E10 Goalie Pads Lapel Pins Cardboard Boxes Crystal Wine Glasses
5-11 63 S03E11 Cement Caskets Soft Drinks Glider Rockers
5-12 64 S03E12 Kitchen Knives Mannequins Socks Hypodermic Needles
5-13 65 S03E13 Electrical Panels Kites Eyeglass Frames Toothbrushes

Season 6 (2005–2006)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
6-01 66 S03E14 Three Wheeled Vehicles Baseball Bats Artificial Bonsai Trombones
6-02 67 S03E15 Springs Pavers Pianos (Part 1) Pianos (Part 2)
6-03 68 S03E16 Ropes Billiard Tables Sailboards Cymbals
6-04 69 S03E17 Seatbelts Windows Wax Figurines Hot Air Balloons
6-05 70 S03E18 Air Filters Billiard Cues Ice Sculptures Suits
6-06 71 S03E19 Escalator Handrails Highlighters Guitar Strings Wigs
6-07 72 S03E20 Traditional Bows Coffee Machines Mascots Hammocks
6-08 73 S03E21 Fibreglass Insulation Wooden Ducks Gumball Machines Exhaust Systems
6-09 74 S03E22 Chains Bagels Vinyl Records (Part 1) Vinyl Records (Part 2)
6-10 75 S03E23 Windshields English Saddles Butter Post Clocks
6-11 76 S03E24 Individual Transporters Cedar Canoes Electric Guitars (Part 1) Electric Guitars (Part 2)
6-12 77 S03E25 Residential Water Heaters Air Bags Jelly Beans Ice Resurfacers
6-13 78 S03E26 Amphibious Vehicles Putters Model Ships Drumheads

Season 7 (2006)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
7-01 79 S04E01 Footballs Electric Guitar Amplifiers Marbles Airplane Propellers
7-02 80 S04E02 Engine Blocks Jawbreakers Drum Shells Drums
7-03 81 S04E03 Lighters Fossils Hockey Pucks High Pressure Cylinders
7-04 82 S04E04 Balloons Wallpaper Frozen French Fries Incandescent Light Bulbs
7-05 83 S04E05 Matches Carousel Horses Fine Porcelain Automobile Fuel Tanks
7-06 84 S04E06 Glass Cookware Soap Bars Steel Drums Firefighter Uniforms
7-07 85 S04E07 Crayons Wooden Kayaks Lawn Mowers Gold Chains
7-08 86 S04E08 Inflatable Safety Devices Braille Typewriters Carbon Fibre Cellos (Part 1) Carbon Fibre Cellos (Part 2)
7-09 87 S04E09 Carbon Fibre Masts Fortune Cookies IMAX Projectors Roller Chains
7-10 88 S04E10 Firefighter Helmets Nautical Compasses Packaging Tubes Hand Saws
7-11 89 S04E11 Halogen Bulbs Cellulose Insulation Aluminium Ladders Bamboo Fly Rods
7-12 90 S04E12 Drill Bits Photo Booths Stamps (Part 1) Stamps (Part 2)
7-13 91 S04E13 Yacht Wheels Braided Rugs Automobile Thermostats Chisels

Season 8 (2006–2007)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
8-01 92 S04E14 Photographs Fur Tanning Welding Electrodes Electric Violins
8-02 93 S04E15 Glass Bottles Hacksaws Goalie Masks (Part 1) Goalie Masks (Part 2)
8-03 94 S04E16 Lacrosse Sticks Frozen Fish Products Flashlights Paintbrushes
8-04 95 S04E17 Deep Cycle Batteries Tins Optical Lenses (Part 1) Optical Lenses (Part 2)
8-05 96 S04E18 Horseshoes Dishwashers Graphite Fly Rods Frozen Pizzas
8-06 97 S04E19 Pistons Paint Rollers Parachutes Chimneys
8-07 98 S04E20 CO2 Cartridges Pretzels Scissor Lifts Skating Rinks
8-08 99 S04E21 Pro Hockey Sticks Bronzed Baby Shoes Treadmills Handheld Computers
8-09 100 S04E22 Motorcycles Clay Pipes Drumsticks Whistles
8-10 101 S04E23 Handcuffs Caulking & Joint Compound Propane Tanks Forensic Facial Reconstruction
8-11 102 S04E24 Fur Coats Hearses Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Golf Tees
8-12 103 S04E25 Fishing Reels Miniature Houses Kitchen Mixers (Part 1) Kitchen Mixers (Part 2)
8-13 104 S04E26 Manhole Covers Range Hoods Artificial Logs Snowmobiles

Season 9 (2007)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
9-01 105 S05E01 Solid Tires Cheesecake Canoe Paddles Globes
9-02 106 S05E02 Boomerangs Barbecues Pinball Machines Strobe Lights
9-03 107 S05E03 Wooden Bowls Chainsaws Stackable Potato Chips Jet Compressor Blades
9-04 108 S05E04 Steel Wool Ranges Carved Candles Slot Machines
9-05 109 S05E05 CCD Semiconductors Airline Meals Paper Cups Trumpets
9-06 110 S05E06 Padlocks Hair Clippers Wooden Shoes Synthetic Leather
9-07 111 S05E07 Racing Shells Stainless Steel Sinks Leather Pedal Steel Guitars
9-08 112 S05E08 Swords Pontoons Grandfather Clocks Fuses
9-09 113 S05E09 Bumpers Lighting Gels & Camera Filters Steam-Powered Models Candy Canes
9-10 114 S05E10 Umbrellas Outboard Motors Silver Cutlery Tape Measures
9-11 115 S05E11 Scalpels Oil Paint British Police Helmets Ice Axes
9-12 116 S05E12 Bacon Snowblowers Luxury Cars (Part 1) Luxury Cars (Part 2)
9-13 117 S05E13 Automatic Transmissions Silver Miniatures Hot Air Balloon Baskets Darts

Season 10 (2007–2008)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
10-01 118 S05E14 Magnets Cooked Ham Silver-plated Teapots Crash Test Dummies
10-02 119 S05E15 Curling Stones Refrigerators Aluminum Baseball Bats Opalescent Glass
10-03 120 S05E16 Levels Hot Dogs Abrasive Grains Sandpaper
10-04 121 S05E17 Ice Cream Treats Wooden Golf Clubs Aircraft Wings Car Battery Recycling
10-05 122 S05E18 Automotive Fuel Pumps Cricket Bats Change Machines Ductile Iron Pipe
10-06 123 S05E19 Wooden Barrels Fire Hydrants Automotive Seats Cathode Ray Tubes
10-07 124 S05E20 Stainless Steel Football Helmets Resin Figurines Laboratory Glassware
10-08 125 S05E21 Fire Extinguishers Doughnuts Shock Absorbers Banjos
10-09 126 S05E22 Dress Forms Boat Propellers Duvets Faucets
10-10 127 S05E23 Bronze Bells Wooden Airplane Propellers Charcoal Briquettes Gas Log Fireplaces
10-11 128 S05E24 Pocket Knives Soapstone Products Electric Pole Transformers Traditional Snowshoes
10-12 129 S05E25 Steel Shipping Drums Police Whistles Miniature Train Cars Glass Blocks
10-13 130 S05E26 Ice Cream Cones Tent Trailers Shoe Polish Pliers

Season 11 (2008)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
11-01 131 S06E01 Binoculars Sparklers Rubber Boots Circular Saw Blades
11-02 132 S06E02 Anatomical Models Jukeboxes Tortilla Chips Spark Plugs
11-03 133 S06E03 Pencils Metal Recycling Coffee (Part 1) Coffee (Part 2)
11-04 134 S06E04 Javelins Cuckoo Clocks Hearts of Palm Windshield Wipers
11-05 135 S06E05 Technical Glass Washing Machines Playing Cards Crossbows
11-06 136 S06E06 Cine Cameras Glass Christmas Ornaments Giant Tires (Part 1) Giant Tires (Part 2)
11-07 137 S06E07 Microphones Hot Tubs Artificial Turf Beer Steins
11-08 138 S06E08 Hot Rods Decorative Eggs Fire Hose Nozzles Baseballs
11-09 139 S06E09 Accordions Pineapples Artificial Joints (Part 1) Artificial Joints (Part 2)
11-10 140 S06E10 Giant Valves Sardines Barographs Disposable Diapers
11-11 141 S06E11 Heated Skate Blades Gliders Hand Bells Fire Hoses
11-12 142 S06E12 Induction Cooktops Truck Scales Tetra Pak Containers Harmonicas
11-13 143 S06E13 Baseball Gloves Medical Electrodes Stetson Hats (Part 1) Stetson Hats (Part 2)

Season 12 (2008–2009)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
12-01 144 S06E14 Pneumatic Impact Wrenches Cultured Marble Sinks Plantain Chips NASCAR Stock Cars
12-02 145 S06E15 Jaws of Life Artificial Christmas Trees Soda Crackers Ratchets
12-03 146 S06E16 Thermometers Produce Scales Aircraft Painting Luxury Chocolates
12-04 147 S06E17 Carburetors Air Conditioners Sugar (Part 1) Sugar (Part 2)
12-05 148 S06E18 Combination Wrenches Deli Meats Golf Cars Airships
12-06 149 S06E19 Carbon Fibre Car Parts Hand Dryers Recycled Polyester Yarn Fleece
12-07 150 S06E20 Police Badges Muffins Car Washes Pressure Gauges
12-08 151 S06E21 Metal Detectors Rum Tiffany Reproductions Aircraft Engines
12-09 152 S06E22 Riding Mowers Popcorn Adjustable Beds Cultured Diamonds
12-10 153 S06E23 Airstream Trailers Horseradish Industrial Steam Boilers Deodorant
12-11 154 S06E24 Screwdrivers Compact Track Loaders Physician Scales Carbon Fibre Bats
12-12 155 S06E25 Escalators Kevlar Canoes Goat Cheese Disc Music Boxes
12-13 156 S06E26 Motorcycle Engines Glass Enamel Sculptures Hand-Made Paper Vaulting Poles

Season 13 (2009)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
13-01 157 Hammers Swiss Cheese Roller Skates Coloured Pencils
13-02 158 Carbon Fiber Bicycles Blood Products Forged Chandeliers Ballpoint Pens
13-03 159 Swiss Army Knives Player Piano Rolls Oil Tankers Racing Wheels
13-04 160 Bowling Balls Barber Poles Felt Radar Guns
13-05 161 Copper Pipe Fittings Cylinder Music Boxes Pepper Mills Hot Rod Steering Columns
13-06 162 Gears Leather Watchbands Vitrelle Dishes Kitchen Shears
13-07 163 Pressure Cookers Mechanical Singing Birds Oceanographic Buoys Stainless-Steel Tank Trailers
13-08 164 Aluminium Boats Alpine Horns Luxury Watches (Part 1) Luxury Watches (Part 2)
13-09 165 All-Terrain Vehicles Alpine Skis Laser Cutters Marble Sculptures
13-10 166 Socket Sets Leather Shoes Aluminium Water Bottles Bike Chains
13-11 167 Carved Wood Sculptures Flatware Cow Bells Fountain Pens
13-12 168 Olive Oil Lift Trucks Seamless Rolled Rings Ski Boots
13-13 169 Professional Cookware Luxury Inlaid Boxes High-Efficiency Water Heaters Scooters

Season 14 (2009–2010)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
14-01 170 S07E01 Mini GP Motorcycles Fig Cookies Tool Boxes Pipe Bends
14-02 171 S07E02 Western Revolver Replicas Arc Trainers Used-Oil Furnaces Vegetable Peelers and Pizza Cutters
14-03 172 S07E03 Metal Golf Clubs Waffles Custom Wires and Cables Train Wheels
14-04 173 S07E04 Sails Walnuts Wheel Immobilizers Honeycomb Structural Panels
14-05 174 S07E05 Surfboards Stickers Sandwich Cookies Concrete Roofing Tiles
14-06 175 S07E06 Ski Goggles Tower Cranes Porcelain Figurines Diesel Engines
14-07 176 S07E07 Stuffed Olives Astrolabes Western Saddles (Part 1) Western Saddles (Part 2)
14-08 177 S07E08 Custom Running Shoes Axes Racing Karts Animatronics
14-09 178 S07E09 Headphones Diving Regulators Reflector Light Bulbs (Part 1) Reflector Light Bulbs (Part 2)
14-10 179 S07E10 Fly Fishing Reels House Paint Weaving Looms Ice Makers
14-11 180 S07E11 Graphite Pencil Leads Clarinets Special Effects (Part 1) Special Effects (Part 2)
14-12 181 S07E12 Air Boats Onions 3D Metal Printing Curved Cabinet Doors
14-13 182 S07E13 Retractable Ballpoint Pens Solar Salt Tubas (Part 1) Tubas (Part 2)

Season 15 (2010)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
15-01 183 S08E01 Kelp Caviar Luxury Sailboats Dental Crowns High-Performance Engines
15-02 184 S08E02 Leather Briefcases Crop Dusters Corn Whiskey Drag Racing Clutches
15-03 185 S08E03 Train Rails Desalinated Water Racing Wheelchairs Parquetry
15-04 186 S08E04 Flight Simulators Traditional Bookbinding Greenhouse Tomatoes Hurricane-Proof Shutters
15-05 187 S08E05 Worcestershire Sauce Lawn Bowls Radio-Controlled Model Jets (Part 1) Radio-Controlled Model Jets (Part 2)
15-06 188 S08E06 Pipes Rock Climbing Gear Leather Bike Saddles Luxury Sports Cars
15-07 189 S08E07 Replica Foods Traffic Cone Dispensers Rocking Horses London Taxis
15-08 190 S08E08 Miniature Furniture Garden Steam Locomotives Hovercraft Folding Bicycles
15-09 191 S08E09 Crosscut Saws Haggis Collectible Firearms (Part 1) Collectible Firearms (Part 2)
15-10 192 S08E10 Alligator Bags Lockers Bench Planes Deployable Flight Recorders
15-11 193 S08E11 Grapples Flavourings Dog Sleds Athletic Shoes
15-12 194 S08E12 Retractile Cords Wood Frame Sports Cars Sushi (Part 1) Sushi (Part 2)
15-13 195 S08E13 Leather Wallets French Horns Soy Sauce Children's Ride-On Cars

Season 16 (2010–2011)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
16-01 196 S08E14 Millefiori Glass Paperweights Road Salt Nutcrackers Car Doors
16-02 197 S08E15 Straight Razors Black Pudding Steering Wheels Inorganic Pigments
16-03 198 S08E16 Cast Iron Cookware Biodiesel Clothes Hangers Stone Wool Insulation
16-04 199 S08E17 Needles & Pins Architectural Mouldings Locomotives Clothespins
16-05 200 S08E18 Filigree Glass Fish Food Motor Homes (Part 1) Motor Homes (Part 2)
16-06 201 S08E19 Surgical Instruments Ketchup Double-Decker Buses Walking Sticks
16-07 202 S08E20 Audio Vacuum Tubes Light Bars Wood Model Aircraft Metal Snare Drums
16-08 203 S08E21 Kitchen Accessories Central Vacuums Papier-Mâché Animals Hydraulic Cylinders
16-09 204 S08E22 Clay Liquor Jugs Poultry Deli Meats NASCAR Engines (Part 1) NASCAR Engines (Part 2)
16-10 205 S08E23 Digital Dentistry Nail Clippers Poster Restoration Canola Oil
16-11 206 S08E24 Dial Thermometers Hummus Spent Fuel Containers Straw Sombreros
16-12 207 S08E25 Tequila Waterbeds Flip Flops Silver
16-13 208 S08E26 Composite Propane Cylinders Salsa Water-Pumping Windmills Dragsters

Season 17 (2011)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Netflix Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
17-01 209 S09E01 Decorative Sombreros Salad Dressings & Marinades Cap Guns Regenerative Medicine
17-02 210 S09E02 Cheese Graters Hot Sauce Silver Jewellery Traditional Mexican Chairs
17-03 211 S09E03 Game Calls Mayonnaise Traditional Razor Blades Butterfly Safety Razors
17-04 212 S09E04 Corn Tortillas Crankshafts & Camshafts Bush Planes Aluminium Bike Wheels
17-05 213 S09E05 Folding Kayaks Piñatas Garbage Trucks Ceramic Composite Brake Discs
17-06 214 S09E06 Rolled Wafers Wood Pellets Class & Championship Rings (Part 1) Class & Championship Rings (Part 2)
17-07 215 S09E07 Speed Skates Synthetic Rubber Cocoa Beans Bulk Chocolate
17-08 216 S09E08 Custom Steering Wheels Aerospace Fuel Lines Apple Pies Household Radiators
17-09 217 S09E09 Whips Automatic Pizza Makers Incense Cones Model Jet Engines
17-10 218 S09E10 Heather Gems Instant Film Beet Sugar Electric Roadsters
17-11 219 S09E11 Underwater Robots Lasagne Band Saws Ski and Trekking Poles
17-12 220 S09E12 Laminated Wood Beams Sport Utility Vehicles Veggie Burgers Wood Boring Augers
17-13 221 S09E13 Turbochargers Enchiladas Watches (Part 1) Watches (Part 2)

Season 18 (2011–2012)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
18-01 222 Patterned Glass Panels Road Cases Stop-Frame Animation (Part 1) Stop-Frame Animation (Part 2)
18-02 223 Industrial Wire Ropes Living Walls Large Format Cameras Gemstones
18-03 224 Chocolate Coins Floor Heating System Pedal Cars Latex Swords
18-04 225 Farmed Caviar Intake Manifolds Motorcycle Jackets Shovels & Spades
18-05 226 Wax Figures Awnings Sandwich Crackers Pewter Tankards
18-06 227 Pipe Cleaners Blue Stilton Cheese Smart Electric Meters Telescopes
18-07 228 Fish Replicas Siren Systems Pre-packaged Sandwiches Candlesticks
18-08 229 Tapioca Pudding Snow Ploughs Paddle Boats Fibre Cement Siding
18-09 230 Rally Cars Pork Pies Floating Fountains Artificial Stone Ornaments
18-10 231 Cufflinks Blueberry Turnovers Dashboards Earthenware Pottery
18-11 232 Pharmaceutical Blister Packs Deli Slicers Oysters Weathervanes
18-12 233 Top & Bowler Hats Solar Water Heaters Sticky Buns Electrostatic Speakers
18-13 234 Turntables Steam Engines Playground Equipment Non-stick Cookware

Season 19 (2012)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
19-01 235 Garden Forks English Toffee Paint Chip Cards Bundt Pans
19-02 236 Pewter Flasks Potato Salad Hydrogen Fuel Cells Engineered Wood Siding
19-03 237 Canvas Wall Tents Peace Pipes Shredded Wheat Cereal Cannons
19-04 238 Robotic Hunting Decoys Canned Tomatoes Scoreboards Lassos
19-05 239 Turf Grass Beef Jerky Wood Chippers Bowling Pins
19-06 240 Multi-tools Jojoba Oil Marionettes (Part 1) Marionettes (Part 2)
19-07 241 Fish Decoys Film Digitization Cylinder Stoves Concrete Light Poles
19-08 242 Bamboo Bicycles Chainsaw Art Breath Mints Manual Motorcycle Transmissions
19-09 243 Dinnerware Air Brake Tanks Frosted Cereal Fossils
19-10 244 Clay Pitted Prunes Spurs Polyurethane Tires
19-11 245 Tasers Canned Soup Jaw Harps & Mouth Bows Diving Boards
19-12 246 Navajo Rugs Crude Oil Kaleidoscopes Titanium Dental Implants
19-13 247 Space Pens Reef Aquariums Metal Caskets Composite Bicycle Wheels

Season 20 (2012–2013)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
20-01 248 Native Healing Drums Raisins Stereoscopic Viewers Ribbon Microphones
20-02 249 Horse Bits Oat Cereal Turquoise Jewellery Electric Scooters
20-03 250 Nail Nippers Jade Putters Ice Cider Water Skis
20-04 251 Stagecoaches Road Reflectors Fire Baked Pottery Custom Motorcycle Tanks
20-05 252 Replica Clay Pipes Drinking Fountains Orange Liqueur Compound Bows
20-06 253 Tissues Travel Trailers Slippers Motorcycle Helmets
20-07 254 U-Locks Tepees Croissants Rolling Luggage
20-08 255 Prams Factory-Built Homes Wood Flutes Bicycle Tires
20-09 256 Thinning Shears Wagon Wheels Toaster Pastries Violin Bows
20-10 257 Cast Iron Tubs Hopi Kachina Dolls Mine Truck Engine Rebuild Memory Cards
20-11 258 Cycling Shoes Yurts Marine Plywood Oil & Encaustic Paint
20-12 259 Paper Fans Walnut Oil Copper (Part 1) Copper (Part 2)
20-13 260 Gut Strings Absinthe Belt Buckles Lever Locks

Season 21 (2013)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
21-01 261 Rubber Gloves Soap Carvings Aircraft Cabinets Motorcycle Brake Locks
21-02 262 Powder Horns Handcrafted Moulds Perogies Inner Tubes
21-03 263 Lace Antique Frame Replicas Orchids Unicycle Wheel Hubs
21-04 264 External Hard Drives Frozen Shrimp Thai Rice Boxes Paper Towels
21-05 265 Tea Roof Finials Artificial Flowers Alloy Wheels
21-06 266 Gel Caps Playground Spring Riders Frozen Pancakes Natural Rubber
21-07 267 Paper Umbrellas Coal Aircraft Seats Cremation Urns
21-08 268 Aluminium Canoes Wooden Stave Bowls Wheelchair Accessible Vans Marimbas
21-09 269 Indy Car Seats Paper Flowers Standby Generators (Part 1) Standby Generators (Part 2)
21-10 270 Customized Knee Replacements Leaf Springs Lavender Essential Oil Rivets and Rivet Tools
21-11 271 Cast Iron Stoves Ultralight Aircraft Snow Groomers Rubber Bands
21-12 272 Barber Chairs Sewage Pumps Bimini Boat Tops Diesel Filters
21-13 273 Car Tires Silk Art Conservation Scuba Tanks

Season 22 (2013–2014)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
22-01 274 Electric Stand-up Vehicles Frozen Fruit Beer Coasters Forged Door Handles
22-02 275 Rock Crushers Fabric Lampshades Cake Sprinkles Steam Irons
22-03 276 Indy Steering Wheels Mixed Salad Wind Turbines (Part 1) Wind Turbines (Part 2)
22-04 277 Blast Doors Lipstick Artificial Palm Trees Brass Plaques
22-05 278 Carbon Fibre Antique Frame Restoration Railcar Movers Hood Ornaments
22-06 279 Sawhorses & Toolboxes Sorbet Pops School Buses (Part 1) School Buses (Part 2)
22-07 280 Sanders Solid Terrain Models Stucco High-Speed Roll-up Doors
22-08 281 Pressed Glass Pickup Truck Caps Alpaca Yarn Utility Knives
22-09 282 Life Casting Downdraft Cooktops Compression Hosiery Electric Motorcycles
22-10 283 Motorcycle Sidecars Frozen French Toast Refrigerator Compressors Superchargers
22-11 284 Custom Knee Braces Ductless Air Conditioners Window Film Motorcycle Exhaust Systems
22-12 285 Solid State Drives Eye Shadow Limousines Dead Blow Hammers
22-13 286 Drag racing Tires Icing Floating Docks Spiral Pipes

Season 23 (2014)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
23-01 287 Motion Sensors Belt Loaders Pheasant Breeding Diving Helmets
23-02 288 Rawhide Lampshades Chocolate Chip Cookies MRI Scanners (Part 1) MRI Scanners (Part 2)
23-03 289 Noise Barrier Walls Front-Load Washers Bourbon Flexible Circuit Boards
23-04 290 Railway Bridge Ties Membrane Filters Hydraulic Post Drivers Bi-planes
23-05 291 Hospital Laundry Brass Instrument Restoration Horse Replicas Excavation
23-06 292 Ceramic Fireplaces Synthetic Corks Parking Garage Floor Slabs (Part 1) Parking Garage Floor Slabs (Part 2)
23-07 293 Oil Pressure Sensors Large-Format Printing Heavy Equipment Simulators Head & Neck Restraints
23-08 294 Mobile Concert Stages Mascara Continuous Miners Wood Gift Boxes
23-09 295 NASCAR Car Bodies Hurley Sticks Tube Power Amplifiers Thermal Coffee Pots
23-10 296 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Grappa Lunar Rover Replicas (Part 1) Lunar Rover Replicas (Part 2)
23-11 297 Slate Tiles Hot Dog Carts Garage Door Openers Bicycle Seats
23-12 298 Racing Leathers Evaporative Cooling Towers Wood Rocking Chairs Wire Wheels
23-13 299 Mountain Bikes Rice Lever-Action Rifles (Part 1) Lever-Action Rifles (Part 2)

Season 24 (2014-2015)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
24-01 300 Saunas Wheelchair Lifts Dioramas (Part 1) Dioramas (Part 2)
24-02 301 Oil Lamps Chocolate Mints Underfloor Heating Pillows
24-03 302 Upright Pianos Flags Wet/Dry Vacuums Medieval Axes
24-04 303 Skeletal Replicas Ice Buckets & Servers Dining Chairs Inground Pools
24-05 304 Automatic Sliding Doors Gin Firearms Restoration (Part 1) Firearms Restoration (Part 2)
24-06 305 Scuba Diving Lights Interchangeable Sandals Race Car Simulators Fibreglass Doors
24-07 306 Wood Windows Woven Cashmere Fabric Plastic Recycling Machines Architectural Glass
24-08 307 Gas Barbecues Mattress Pads Ear Prostheses (Part 1) Ear Prostheses (Part 2)
24-09 308 Recycled Skateboards Braided Pastry Construction Trailers Metalworking Vises
24-10 309 Plasma Gems Special Effects Snow Piano Restoration (Part 1) Piano Restoration (Part 2)
24-11 310 3-Wheel Electric Bikes Skin Cream Patio Heaters Wood Spoke Wheels
24-12 311 Old West Holsters Underwater Video Housings Soy Beverages Pet Nail Trimmers
24-13 312 Wood Garage Doors Salt Spreaders Animatronic Dinosaurs (Part 1) Animatronic Dinosaurs (Part 2)

Season 25 (2015)[edit]

Series Ep. Episode Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
25-01 313 Grammy Awards Bike Lights Above-Ground Pools Foldable Solar Panels
25-02 314 LED Stage Lights Apple Cider Chemical Tank Trailers Ornate Stone Floors
25-03 315 Fishing Line Industrial Mixers Natural Baking Soda Tow Trucks
25-04 316
25-05 317
25-06 318
25-07 319
25-08 320
25-09 321
25-10 322
25-11 323
25-12 324
25-13 325

Seasons and episode notes[edit]

  • The Series 1 episode 9 "Historical Capsule" lead-in to the "Cosmetics" segment incorrectly states that Florence Nightingale founded the Elizabeth Arden cosmetics company in 1930. In actuality, the company was founded by Florence Nightingale Graham.[3]
  • During the third series, The "Techno Flash" segment was removed, and during the fifth series, the historical capsule segment was removed.[4]
  • The background music that is heard in the "Pipe Organs" segment of Season 2, Episode 2 is called "Variations for Organ on 'O Filii et Filiæ', Opus 49, No. 2" by French organist and composer Alexandre Guilmant.
  • In television listings for the Science Channel (US),[5] the episodes retain the same order, but seasons are numbered differently:
Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Series 5 Series 6 Series 7 Series 8 Series 9 Series 10 Series 11 Series 12 Series 13 Series 14 Series 15 Series 16 Series 17 Series 18 Series 19 Series 20
How It's Made 1 How It's Made 2 How It's Made 3 How It's Made 4 How It's Made 5 How It's Made 6 How It's Made 7 How It's Made 8 How It's Made 9 How It's Made 10


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