Chongzuo Tai languages

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Chongzuo Tai
Chongzuo Zhuang
China, Vietnam
Linguistic classification Tai–Kadai
  • Tai
    • Chongzuo Tai
Glottolog None

Chongzuo Tai, also Chongzuo Zhuang, are a putative group of divergent Zhuang languages of southern China. Together with the Caolan language of Vietnam, they constitute a primary branch (branch 'C') of the Tai languages in the classification of Pittayaporn (2009):

The two varieties of Zhuang are among 36 investigated by Zhang (1999). Although included as 'Yongnan Zhuang' by Ethnologue (2009), they are apparently unconnected to other Yongnan varieties, which Pittayaporn places in a different (Yongnan–Northern) branch of Tai.


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