Heping District, Taichung

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Mountain Indigenous District
Heping District
View on part of the town of Lishan.jpg
Heping District in Taichung City
Heping District in Taichung City
Coordinates: 24°16′00″N 121°09′00″E / 24.2666666667°N 121.15°E / 24.2666666667; 121.15Coordinates: 24°16′00″N 121°09′00″E / 24.2666666667°N 121.15°E / 24.2666666667; 121.15
Country Taiwan
Special municipality Taichung
 • Type District government
 • District chief Lin Jian-tang (KMT)
 • Land 1,037.82 km2 (400.70 sq mi)
Population (January 2016)
 • Total 10,707
Website www.heping.taichung.gov.tw
Heping District office

Heping District (Chinese: 和平區; pinyin: Hépíng Qū; Wade–Giles: Ho2-p'ing2 Ch'ü1) is a mountain indigenous district in eastern Taichung, Taiwan, and it is the largest district of Taichung City. It is also the largest district in Taiwan by area. Heping is home to the Atayal people of the Taiwanese aborigines.


  • Area: 1,037.82 square kilometres (400.70 sq mi)
  • Population: 10,707 people (2016)


Native products of Heping District are apple, honey, vegetable, mountain fish, peach and bamboo.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Nanshi, Tianlun, Boai, Ziyou, Daguan, Zhongkeng, Lishan and Pingdeng Village.


Tourist attractions[edit]


The Provincial Highway 8 passes through Heping District to the east side of the island. On September 21, 1999, the 921 earthquake caused severe damage to the road, and is unlikely to be repaired. The section east of Guguan is now permanently closed to non-residents. Provincial Highway No. 14A now serves as an alternate route.

Notable natives[edit]

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