Jil jil jigarthanda

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Jil jil jigarthanda
Type Beverage
Place of origin India
Region or state Madurai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Serving temperature Cold
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Madurai Jigarthanda[1] is a South Indian beverage that originated in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The English translation of Jigarthanda is "cool heart."

It is generally prepared and served at roadside stalls in Madurai as a refreshment during the Indian summer.


Jilgarthanda was popularised by the Muslim settlers near Madurai.[citation needed] Jigarthanda Stall, along with its branch at Anna Nagar in Madurai, is an example for most Jigarthana sold by volume at a single outlet.[citation needed] Madurai Jilgarthanda popularity in regions with higher temperatures can be attributed to the drink's cooling properties.

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