Jil jil jigarthanda

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Jil jil jigarthanda 2
Type Beverage
Place of origin India
Region or state Madurai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Serving temperature Cold
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Jil jil jigarthanda or Madurai Jigarthanda[1] is a South Indian beverage, originated in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. In English, Jigarthanda translates to "Cool Heart".

It is generally prepared and served by road side pull-ins in Madurai as a refreshment during the Indian summer.


Jigarthanda was popularized by the Muslim settlers in the areas around Madurai, which is the only city where this drink is found to be authentic. The famous Jigarthanda Stall, along with its branch at Anna Nagar in Madurai have set the records for most Jigarthanda sold by volume at a single outlet.[citation needed] Madurai Jigarthanda is popular in a region with very high temperatures, because of the drink's cooling properties.

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