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Misal (Marathi:मिसळ, meaning "mixture"), is a delicacy in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. The dish is eaten for breakfast or as a midday snack or meal, often as part of misal pav. It remains a very popular snack since it is easy to make, is relatively cheap and has good nutritional value. The taste of misal ranges from mildly to extremely spicy. Misal is also a popular street food.

The dish originates from the area of Desh, Maharashtra.


The ingredients of misal vary widely, and consist of a combination of the following:

  • Usal, a curry made from matki (moth bean) or watane (dried pea)
  • Tarry/kat/sample, a spicy gravy
  • Batata Bhaji (boiled, diced potatoes, spiced with turmeric, chilies, ginger & mustard)
  • Curd called dahi in Marathi (optional)
  • Chivda (jaad poha chivda)
  • Farsan (not required if Chivda is used)
  • Garnish of onions, tomatoes, coriander, Lemon wedge
  • Pav (Slice or Laadi)
Kolhapuri Misal Pav

The ingredients are arranged in multiple tier fashion and served.

  • The first ingredient to be served is matki or moth bean usal. Usal is sprouted beans cooked with tomatoes and onions. The nutritional value comes from the sprouted beans.
  • The second later is Batata bhaaji spread thin over the usal
  • The third layer is Chivda also spread thin over the Batata Bhaaji.
  • The fourth layer is a mixture of Onions, tomatoes, coriander and bthin Sev.
  • Tarri or Kat is added to fill up the bowl (more Tarri is served in a separate bowl)
  • Misal is served with sliced bread or a small loaf, in the dish misal-paw. The main part of the misal is the spicy curry, called tarry, kat.


  • The Kolhapuri version of misal does not contains pohe. Phadtare misal is famous in Kolhapur.
  • Mamledar Misal in Thane City and is usually more spicy.
  • Puneri Misal is another version. Katakir, Chulivarchi Misal (Karvenagar), Bedekar, Shri Krishna and Shree Upahar Gruh are amongst the more popular restaurants serving Puneri Misal.[1]
  • Dahi misal is also one of the widely eaten forms, where curd is added to enhance the taste.


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