Puri bhaji

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Puri Bhaji
Puri Bhajji in Mumbai Restaurant.JPG
Puri Bhaji, served with pickles in a restaurant.
Course Breakfast, Lunch, snack
Place of origin India
Main ingredients Puri, Aloo Bhaji
Variations Chole bhature
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fresh puries made at home

Puri bhaji (sometimes spelled poori bhaji) is a South Asian dish made up of puri and aloo (potato) bhajji. The Puris are made up of flat rounds of flour which are deep fried, served with a spiced potato dish which could be dry or curried.[1] It is a traditional breakfast dish in North India.[2] A lot of Indian households prefer puri bhaji and other traditional dishes over cereals for breakfast.[3][4] Some serve it for lunch along with condiments such as yogurt and salad.[5] In central India, puri bhaji is served as a street snack.[6] Puri bhaji is a vegetarian dish and is popular in India because it is relatively inexpensive and tasty.[citation needed] The dish is also served on railway platforms in India and Pakistan[7] and is served as a packed lunch on trains along with pickle.[8] The Puri bhajji are also served with halva.


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