Pongal (dish)

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Pongal Pot from Pongal
Course Breakfast
Place of origin India
Serving temperature Sweet: rice, milk, jaggery, coconut pieces or mung bean
Spicy: rice, pepper or tamarind
Main ingredients Rice
Variations Chakkara pongal, venn pongal, melagu pongal, puli pongal
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Pongal is a popular rice dish in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh , Telangana and Sri Lanka. In Tamil the root "pong" or in Telugu "pongu" means to " boil over" or "spill over".

There are two varieties of pongal, Chakkara Pongal which is a sweet, and Venn Pongal, made from clarified butter. The unqualified word pongal usually refers to spicy pongal, and is a common breakfast food in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The rice boiled with milk and jaggery during the Pongal festival is called Chakkara pongal - this is sweet pongal made specially in earthenware pots with a wood fire.

Types of pongal[edit]

Chakkara pongal[edit]

Chakkara pongal (literally sweet pongal) is generally prepared in temples as a prasadam, (an offering made to a deity). This type of pongal is also made during Pongal / Sankranti in Tamil Nadu , Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India.

Ingredients can include rice, coconut and mung bean. Sakarai pongal is traditionally sweetened with jaggery, which gives the pongal a brown colour, though it can be sweetened with white sugar instead.

Venn pongal[edit]

Venn (Old Tamil word for white) pongal is a popular dish in South Indian homes and is typically served as a special breakfast in parts of South India, especially Tamil Nadu , Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Pongal in Nagercovil, India

Melagu pongal[edit]

Melagu pongal is a spicy variant made with pepper, rice and moong daal.

Puli pongal[edit]

Puli pongal is a variant that is made with tamarind and boiled rice. It is not specifically associated with the Pongal festival and is often eaten for dinner.

Festive importance[edit]

Every January, Tamils and Telugus celebrate the harvest festival Thai Pongal / Sankranti during which Pongal is made.

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