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Type Stew
Place of origin India and Bangladesh
Main ingredients Meat, lentils, spices
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Khichra or Khichda (Urdu: کھچڑا‎) is a variation of the dish Haleem, popular with Muslims of South Asia. Khichra is cooked all year and particularly during the holy month of Ramadaan. It is made up of beef, lentils and spices, slowly cooked to a thick paste.[1]

Haleem and khichra[edit]

In South Asia, both Haleem and Khichra are made with same ingredients. Haleem is cooked until the meat blends with the lentils. While in Khichra chunks of meat remains as cubes.[2][3]

Khichra and khichri[edit]

Khichra is similar to Haleem and is a meat dish. While Khichri is a vegetarian dish with rice and pulses or lentils.

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