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Location of Kerala in India.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Kerala:

Kerala21st biggest, 12th most populous, 13th highest and most literate of the 29 states of the democratic Republic of India. Kerala is ranked 9th in the country in tax revenue and GDP. Kerala has the highest life expectancy and female-to-male sex ratio. Kerala is also the most media exposed state.

General reference[edit]


Rankings (amongst India's states)[edit]


Geography of Kerala

Location of Kerala[edit]

Environment of Kerala[edit]

Environment of Kerala

Natural geographic features of Kerala[edit]

Coconut trees on the banks of the Kallar river

Administrative divisions[edit]


Population density of Kerala
Kerala's districts, shaded by population density (inhabitants per km2.

Kerala's districts, shaded by population density.
Source: (GOK 2001).
Districts of Kerala

Corporations, municipalities and taluks[edit]

Corporations, municipalities and taluks of Kerala

Municipal corporations[edit]




Demographics of Kerala
Economy of Kerala
Religions of Kerala

Government and politics of Kerala[edit]

The Kerala Legislative Assembly Building in Thiruvananthapuram

Government of Kerala

Branches of the government of Kerala[edit]

Government of Kerala

Executive branch of the government of Kerala[edit]

Legislative branch of the government of Kerala[edit]

Kerala Legislative Assembly

Judicial branch of the government of Kerala[edit]

Law and order in Kerala[edit]

Law of Kerala

History of Kerala[edit]

Dutch commander De Lannoy surrenders to Marthanda Varma at the Battle of Colachel. Depiction at Padmanabhapuram Palace

History of Kerala

History of Kerala, by period[edit]

Prehistoric Kerala[edit]

Ancient Kerala[edit]

Medieval Kerala[edit]

Colonial Kerala[edit]

Contemporary Kerala[edit]

History of Kerala, by region[edit]

Historical regions[edit]

History of Kerala, by cities[edit]

History of Kerala, by subject[edit]

Culture of Kerala[edit]

Kathakali Performance Close-up
A Kathakali artist
During Onam, Kerala's biggest celebration, Keralites create pookkalam (floral carpet) designs in front of their houses.

Culture of Kerala

Art in Kerala[edit]

Arts of Kerala

Cinema of Kerala[edit]

Cinema of Kerala

Dance of Kerala[edit]

Literature of Kerala[edit]

Music of Kerala[edit]

Music of Kerala

Theatre in Kerala[edit]

Theatre in Kerala

Festivals in Kerala[edit]

Language in Kerala[edit]

Languages of Kerala

People of Kerala[edit]

Religion in Kerala[edit]

Religion in Kerala

Sports in Kerala[edit]

Sports in Kerala

Symbols of Kerala[edit]

Symbols of Kerala


Munnar hill station in Idukki district

Tourism in Kerala

Economy and infrastructure of Kerala[edit]

Economy of Kerala

Education in Kerala[edit]

Education in Kerala

Health in Kerala[edit]

Health in Kerala

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