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Pune Junction
पुणे जंक्शन रेल्वे स्थानक
Indian Railway Station
Pune railway station - Entrance.jpg
Location H. H. Prince Aga Khan Road, Pune.
Coordinates 18°31′44″N 73°52′27″E / 18.5289°N 73.8743°E / 18.5289; 73.8743Coordinates: 18°31′44″N 73°52′27″E / 18.5289°N 73.8743°E / 18.5289; 73.8743
Elevation 560.000 metres (1,837.270 ft)
Owned by Indian Railways
Line(s) Mumbai Dadar-Solapur line
Mumbai-Chennai line
Pune- Bengaluru
Platforms 6
Tracks 8
Connections 150 daily trains + 44 EMU services
Parking Yes; paid
Other information
Station code PUNE
Division(s) Pune
Fare zone Central Railway
Opened 27 July 1925
Rebuilt 10 March 1996
Electrified Yes
Passengers 150,000
Indian Railways, Pune Suburban Railway

Pune Junction railway station is the main railway head of Pune. It is a railway junction with on the Mumbai - Chennai railway line. It is also the origin of Pune - Bangalore railway line. All trains are operated by Indian Railways. Pune Railway Station serves as a stop for south bound trains from Mumbai, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan as the origin/destination for trains to north India. Pune is well linked to the entire country by this station. Also there is a project of running bullet train from Pune to Ahmedabad which will originate/terminate here. This is a major head for freight transport for Pune.

On 1 June every year celebration of birthday of Deccan Queen Express train takes place on this station. This station has got two footbridges. Plans are made to upgrade this station to world-class standard.[1]


The Mumbai - Pune railway line was completed in 1856 and Pune railway station was opened. This was the time when the first train ran from Pune railway station. The Pune - Miraj line was completed by 1886. Initially Pune - Miraj line was meter gauge track. The first express train ran in 1928 between Mumbai - Pune.

Suburban Trains[edit]

Further information: Pune Suburban Service

Pune's suburban service operate on 2 major routes, i.e. from Pune Junction to Lonavala and from Pune Junction to Talegaon. There are 3 trains which operate on Pune - Talegaon route while 15 trains operate on Pune - Lonavala route. Important stations on this route are Shivajinagar Station, Khadki Station, Pimpri Station, Chinchwad Station, Akurdi Station, Dehu Road Station, Talegaon Station and Lonavala Station. There are 8 passenger trains between Pune Junction to Daund section. These operate as suburban trains for this route. In this way the Pune to Daund section becomes the third route for suburban trains. The important haults on this route are Loni Station and Urali Station. Electrification works have begun on Pune - Daund section, after completion it is expected that the route will get regular suburban trains. The administration is now focusing to complete this work quickly.[2]

Pune – Lonavla
Pune Suburban Railway System
Pune Junction Mainline rail interchange BSicon LDER.svg Parking
Mutha River
Shivajinagar Bus interchange
Mula River
Dehu Road
Lonavla Mainline rail interchange Parking

Deccan Odyssey[edit]

See also: Deccan Odyssey

This is a tourist train operated by the Indian Railways. This train takes a tour of Maharashtra and Goa. Along its route it has Pune Junction as its stop.

Diesel Loco Shed[edit]

A diesel loco shed located near Ghorpadi railway station comes under the Pune Railway Division. It is one of the three diesel sheds belonging to Central railway and the largest of all of them.

Bullet Train plan[3][edit]

Further information: High-speed rail in India

Indian Railways are planning to start High-speed rail in India. Pune-Ahmedabad Bullet train[4] is one of these trains. This train will cover 533 km at an average speed of 350 km/h. This train will stop at Mumbai. Currently Pune-Ahmedabad section takes 10 hrs by rail. This distance will be covered in just 1 hrs 52 min with the introduction of this bullet train.[5] This train is expected to cover Pune to Mumbai in 40 min. It is expected that this route will have 26.6 million passengers by 2021.

Karnataka govt has planned to run bullet trains between Bangalore and Belgaum. If Pune Miraj rail line is converted to bullet train route and linked to Belgaum bullet train route then Pune Bangalore travel could happen in less than 5 hours and Pune Miraj could take just 1 hour. Currently Pune Bangalore travel via Sampark Kranti express takes almost 18 hours.

Proposed Plans[edit]

There are plans for increasing connection, upgrading the station and suburban railway and also to shift the freight depot to Mundwa to accommodate more freight trains.

  • To increase platforms from 6 to 9.
  • To modernize this station to international standard.
  • To increase one track between Pune and Lonavla and to increase frequency to 30 minutes in peak hours and 45 minutes in non peak hours.[11] (Survey accepted in budget 2011 - 12)
  • To construct separate terminal for suburban trains.[12]
  • To shift the freight depot (Maldhakka) to Mundhwa area to accommodate more freight trains.

New EMU Terminal[edit]

The new EMU terminal will be situated to the west of the existing station. It will have two lines and one platform. This Proposal includes:[13]

  • Extension of existing platforms to accommodate 24 coach train.
  • A new terminal for EMU to accommodate 15 coach train.
  • Three foot over-bridge to connect new terminal to other platforms.


Duronto Trains[edit]

Train Number Train Name Departure Arrival Ref
Days Timing Days Timing
12221 Pune Howrah Duronto Express
19:40 [1]
12222 Howrah - Pune Duronto Express
11:35 [2]
12263 Pune Nizamuddin Duronto Express
07:15 [3]
12264 Hazrat Nizamuddin Pune Duronto Express
07:00 [4]
12297 Ahmedabad Pune Duronto Express
07:00 [5]
12298 Pune Ahmedabad Duronto Express
06:15 [6]

Garib Rath/ Shatabdi/ Sampark Kranti Express Trains[edit]

Train Name Departure Days Arrival Days
Pune Secunderabad Shatabdi Express
Pune Nagpur Garib Rath Express
New Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) - Bangalore (Yeshwantpur) Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express
Chandigarh - Yeshwantpur Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express

NOTE: Days of Arrival/Departure are on Pune Junction.

Trains Originating/Terminating at Pune Junction[edit]

Express / Mails[edit]

Train Name Departure Days Arrival Days
Pune - Patna Express Daily Daily
Pune - Mumbai Deccan Queen Express Daily Daily
Pune - Mumbai Pragati Express Daily Daily
Pune - Mumbai Sinhagad Express Daily Daily
Pune - Mumbai Indrayani Express Daily Daily
Pune - Mumbai Deccan Express Daily Daily
Pune - Mumbai Intercity Express Daily Daily
Pune - Solapur Hutatma Express Daily Daily
Pune - Indore Express Tuesday, Friday, Saturday Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Pune - Nagpur Express Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Pune - Lucknow Express Friday Monday
Pune - Bilaspur Express Friday Friday
Pune - Howrah Azad Hind Express Daily Daily
Pune - Veraval Express Thursday Sunday
Pune - Bhuj Express Monday Thursday
Pune - Jodhpur Express Sunday Wednesday
Pune - Gorakhpur Express Thursday Monday
Pune - Darbhanga Express Wednesday Sunday
Pune - Bhubaneshwar Express Thursday Thursday
Pune - Ernakulam Express (Via Panvel) Wednesday, Sunday Wednesday, Saturday
Pune - Ernakulam Poorna express (Via Miraj) Saturday Wednesday
Pune - Jaipur Express Wednesday, Sunday Wednesday, Sunday
Pune - Varanasi (Manduadih) Gyan Ganga Express Monday Thursday
Pune - Jammu Tawi Jhelum Express Daily Daily
Pune - Ahmedabad Ahimsa Express Wednesday Friday
Pune - Hyderabad Express Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Pune Solapur Intercity Express Daily Daily
Pune Bhusaval Express (Via Nashik) Daily Daily
Hatia Pune Superfast Express Wednesday, Sunday Monday, Friday
Pune - Nanded Express (Via Manmad) Monday, Wednesday Monday, Wednesday
Pune - Nanded Express (Via Latur) Saturday Friday
Pune - Indore Express Tuesday, Friday, Saturday Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Pune - Amravati Express. Friday, Sunday Sunday, Tuesday
Pune - Gwalior Express. Monday Sunday

NOTE: Days of Arrival/Departure are on Pune Junction.


Train Name Departure Days Arrival Days
Pune - Karjat Passenger Daily Daily
Pune - Satara Daily Daily
Pune - Kolhapur Passenger Daily Daily
Pune - Solapur Passenger Daily Daily
Pune - Baramati Passenger Daily Daily
Pune - Baramati Passenger Daily Daily
Pune - Daund Passenger Daily Daily
Pune - Daund Fast Passenger Daily Daily
Pune - Daund Fast Passenger Daily Daily
Pune - Baramati Passenger Daily Daily
Pune - Manmad Passenger Daily Daily
Nizamabad - Pune Passenger Daily Daily

NOTE: Days of Arrival/Departure are on Pune Junction.

Local Trains[edit]

Local Trains operating from Pune

Pune Lonavala Local[edit]

  • This is a local EMU and operates daily between Pune and Lonavala.
  • This stops at all local stations between Pune and Lonavala.
  • There are 15 stops between Pune Railway station and Lonavala Railway Station.

Through Trains[edit]

Express / Mails[edit]

Train Name Departure Days Arrival Days
Kolhapur - Ahmedabad Express Sunday Monday
Mumbai - Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Express Daily Daily
Mumbai - Kolhapur Koyna Express Daily Daily
Mumbai - Kolhapur Sahyadri Express Daily Daily
Mumbai - Chennai Express Daily Daily
Mumbai - Chennai Mail Daily Daily
Mumbai - Solapur Siddheshwar Express Daily Daily
Mumbai - Hyderabad Express Daily Daily
Mumbai - Hyderabad Hussainsagar Express Daily Daily
Mumbai (Dadar) - Chennai (Egmore) Express Daily Daily
Mumbai - Bhubaneshwar Konark Express Daily Daily
Mumbai - Trivandrum Central - Kanyakumari Jayanti Janatha Express Daily Daily
Mumbai - Trivandrum Central Thiruvananthapuram Express Monday Sunday
Mumbai - Bangalore Udyan Express Daily Daily
Mumbai (Dadar) - Puducherry Chalukya Express Monday, Tuesday, Saturday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Mumbai (Dadar) - Tirunelveli Chalukya Express Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday
Mumbai (Dadar) - Mysore Sharavathi Express Friday Monday
Rajkot - Secundarabad Express Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
Rajkot - Coimbatore Express Sunday Saturday
Coimbatore - Mumbai (Kurla) Express Daily Daily
Jodhpur - Bangalore Express Friday, Sunday Tuesday, Thursday
Jodhpur - Bangalore (Yeshwantpur) Express Thursday Monday
Ajmer - Mysore Express Monday, Saturday Wednesday, Friday
Ajmer - Bangalore (Yeshwantpur) Garib Nawaz Express Tuesday Saturday
Gandhidham - Bangalore Express Wednesday Sunday
Mumbai (Kurla) - Madurai Express Friday Monday
Mumbai - Nagarcoil Express (Via Tirupati, Madurai) Tuesday, Saturday Monday, Friday
Mumbai - Nagarcoil Express (Via Erode, Ernakulam, Trivandrum Central) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
New Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) - Kolhapur Express Friday Tuesday
New Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) - Mysore Swarna Jayanti Express Tuesday Saturday
Bhavnagar - Kakinada Express Saturday Friday
Mumbai - Latur Express Daily Daily
Kolhapur - Dhanbad Deekshabhoomi Express Friday Wednesday
New Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) - Vasco Da Gamma Goa Express

New Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) - Hubli Express slip

Daily Daily
Kolhapur- Gondia Maharashtra Express

Kolhapur - Gorakhpur Express slip

Daily Daily
Porbander - Secundarabad Express. Tuesday Thursday
Ahmedabad - Bangalore (Yeshwantpur) A/C Express. Sunday Tuesday
Okha - Madurai Vivek Express.

Madurai - Dwarka Vivek Express.

Friday Tuesday

NOTE: Days of Arrival/Departure are on Pune Junction.


Train Name Down root Days Up root Days
Mumbai - Pandharpur Passenger Sunday, Friday, Saturday Sunday, Friday, Saturday
Mumbai - Bijapur Passenger Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Mumbai Shirdi Fast Passenger Daily Daily
Karjat - Daund Passenger

Karjat - Pune Passenger

Daily Daily
Baramati - Karjat Passenger

Pune - Karjat Passenger

Daily Daily

NOTE: Days of Arrival/Departure are on Pune Junction.

Maldhakka Goods Yard[edit]

Maldhakka is the freight depot of Pune Railway Station. All freight trains are loaded and unloaded at this depot. This consist of 2 railway shades. This has its entrance in the maldhakka chowk. A proposal is there to shift this depot to Mundhwa by civil bodies.

Platform 7[edit]

This was a platform in use for many years for Pune Suburban Service after opening of this station. But this platform was then merged into platform 1 due to inconvenience. This platform's beginning point was after platform 1. When the size of train was increased more than 15 boogies it became inconvenient to fit two trains. On the other hand, size of Suburban trains was also increased due to growing passengers. Hence this platform was merged in Platform 1.

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