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Hello, I am Nolelover
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Hi there! I'm Nolelover, and I'm much less active on the 'pedia than I used too. I currently attend Georgia State University, and that takes up all the time I have. In wiki-talk, I was/am a WikiGryphon with gnomeish tendencies. I used to focus on new page patrolling and some vandal-fighting. For a time, I helped out at AFC whenever possible; there's a constant flow and less pressure then NPP. Other then that, I bounced around and edit wherever I'm in the mood to go that day, whether it be wikification, articles for deletion or even actual content.

Article work

Both "Created" and "Improved" are in chronological order, with the earliest at the top.


  1. Mona Plummer Aquatic Center
  2. Greg Reid
  3. 2011 Florida Gators football team
  4. Florida State Seminoles football teams (1947 to 1975)
  5. All these (123456) were content forks from this. I wrote no actual new content.
  6. 1994 Cotton Bowl Classic was a recreation of a deleted copyvio.


Help on any of these (especially the top two) is greatly appreciated.

  1. The Doon School
  2. Muhammad Iqbal
  3. E. J. Manuel
  4. Hollywood Walk of Fame
  5. Perkins Opera House
  6. RuneScape
  7. Cubism


  1. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (with Vyeh, from C-class to GA, later referenced by the developers of Civilization: Beyond Earth)


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