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Product typeWheat snack
Country Israel
Related brandsBamba
MarketsKosher foods

Bissli (Hebrew: בִּיסְלִי‬, Bisli) is an Israeli wheat snack produced by Nestle-owned Osem. Bissli is Osem's leading snack brand after Bamba.[1]

Over 4,000 tons of Bissli are produced each year in an array of shapes and flavors. Bissli is a crunchy snack that has been likened to fried pasta. The name is a combination of the Yiddish word Bis, meaning "bite", and the Hebrew word li, meaning "for me".[2]

The most popular flavors are "Grill" and "Barbecue".[1] Other flavors include onion, smoky, pizza, falafel, taco and hamburger.[2] Each flavor is shaped differently: the pizza flavored snacks are shaped like squares, the onion flavor like small hoops, and the smoky flavor like small hollow tubes.

Described by the manufacturer as a uniquely Israeli product, Bissli is produced in five factories around Israel. It was first sold in 1970.[2]


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